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Year: 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | unknown

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Episode #1.1

12 January 2000
Cannibals; the human lightning rod; Cody, the talking dog; nine-person human mobile; maggot therapy; woman with sacral agenesis; Etch-a-Sketch artist; the human owl; 18th century vampire protection kit.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
George Alomar ... Himself
Sandy Alomar ... Himself
Barry Brazell ... Himself - Stunt Coordinator
Allen Falkner ... Himself - Suspension Artist
Oliver Gilson ... Himself - Suspension Artist
Essie Hakim ... Herself - Suspension Artist
Thomas Hancock ... Himself - Patient
Chris Johnson ... Himself - Suspension Artist
Sue Johnson ... Herself - Nurse
Joe Laurello ... Himself - The Human Owl (archive footage)
Dean Ortner ... Himself - The Million Volt Man
David Siggins ... Himself
Luke Siggins ... Himself

Rose Siggins ... Herself
Stephen Thomas ... Himself - Maggot Therapist (as Dr. Stephen Thomas)
George Vlosich ... Himself (as George Vlosich III)

Season 1, Episode 2: Episode #1.2

A man born without lower legs runs with the aide of Flexfoot; The Lizard Man; Students at Iowa State University Etymology Club prepare various insect recipes; 1950s: From France, Indian Yogis; A pool trick shot artist teaches his dog to shoot pool; A man who has lost an eye to cancer does stunts with his empty eye socket; A woman wants to undergo foot binding; 1948: Mirin Dajo allows himself to be stabbed; A man attempts cut-away bungee jumping; A meteorite from Mars.
David Brown ... Himself - Tattoo Artist (as David 'Mad Pup' Brown)

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Kevin Carroll ... Himself
Mirin Dajo ... Herself (archive footage)
Carol Fassbinder ... Herself - Iowa State Student
Sandy Garcia ... Herself - Rudy's Mother
Rudy Garcia-Tolson ... Himself -
Larry Grindinger ... Himself (as Fast Larry Grindinger)
Beverly Jackson ... Herself - Foot Binding Expert
Ron Jones ... Himself - Bungee Jumper
John Leonetti ... Himself (as Dr. John Leonetti)
Nancy Luna ... Herself

Yulia Lilith Maceo (as Julia Dagovich)
Van Phillips ... Himself - Flexfoot Inventor
Scott Sabala ... Himself
Gretchen Schultz ... Herself - Iowa State Student
Erik 'Lizard Man' Sprague ... Himself
Tony Volpentest ... Himself
Don Watson ... Himself - Bungee America
Sara Welch ... Herself - WTEN

Season 1, Episode 3: Episode #1.3

26 January 2000
Weapons of the 21st Century; White sharks; microchip implanted in brain; human hair clothing; autism; musical instruments from junk; fireworks suit.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Bill Black ... Himself - Barber
Jean-Pierre Botha ... Himself - Shark Tickler
Wally Glenn ... Himself
Martin Guldbæk ... Himself - Diver
Andre Hartman ... Himself - Shark Tickler
Mary Ruth Haslam ... Herself - Friend
Julie Kramme ... Herself - Diver
Richard Londraville ... Himself (as Dr. Richard Londraville)
Jude O'Reilly ... Himself - Wally's Co-Worker
Fran Peek ... Himself
Kim Peek ... Himself
Tom Pinney ... Himself - Weapons Tester
Jean Steck ... Herself - Hair Spinner
Brianne Vogel ... Herself - Clothing Buyer
Kevin Warwick ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 4: Death Touch

2 February 2000
Geoff Smith, whose mother stayed buried alive for 101 days, attempts to stay buried for 147 days; A man writes the Lord's Prayer on a grain of rice twice; The World's Fastest Gun; 1934: Tiny Kline hangs by her teeth over TImes Square; A dog is reputed to be able to sniff cancer; The rifle fish spits water to knock bugs into the water; Komodo dragon researcher studies their immune systems; 3D performance artist; 1940: Lavardo, the Voodoo Torture King; A martial artist knocks people out with the "death touch;" Chastity belt.
Deborah Bordeaux ... Herself (as Dr.Deborah Bordeaux)

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Tom Cameron ... Himself - Martial Artist
John Coxhoad ... Himself - Geoff's Brother-in-Law
Stacy Lynn Dillow ... Herself - Performance Artist
Terry Fredeking ... Himself - Antibody Researcher
Spike Hughes ... Himself - Geoff's Boss
Tiny Kline ... Herself (archive footage)
Lavardo ... Himself (archive footage)
Edward Messer ... Himself - Tallahassee Police Department
Becky Munden ... Herself
Bob Munden ... Himself - Fast Draw
David Pay ... Himself - Rice Man
Duane Pickel ... Himself - Dog Trainer
Sean Rahner ... Himself - Paramedic (as Shawn Rahner)
Emma Smith ... Herself (archive footage)
Geoff Smith ... Himself - Buried in a Box
Matt Smith ... Himself - Geoff's Son
Nicholas Zebio ... Mugger

Season 1, Episode 5: Episode #1.5

9 February 2000
A man falls in his parents' flower garden and impales his neck on a spike supporting a plant; The Lightning Stalker; A man searches for the Ark of the Covenant; A woman undergoes numerous surgeries to resemble Nefertiti; 1936: Mr. Skeets gets married at age 90 to a 20-year-old; A tattoo artist makes postage-stamp sized tattoos of classic paintings; A collection of musical instruments made from matchsticks; A woman teaches parrots to identify objects by name; A man attempts to pull two fire trucks; 19th mask from Cameroon made from human skin.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Brandi Bonilla ... Herself - Tattoo Recipient
Kelli Boyd ... Herself - Orlando Science Center

Glen Campbell ... Himself
Elizabeth Christensen ... Herself
Roy Christensen ... Himself
Robert Cornuke ... Himself - BASE Institute (as Bob Cornuke)
Kevin Fast ... Himself (as Rev. Kevin Fast)
Sue Fast ... Herself
Steve Greisen ... Himself -
Anil Gupta ... Himself - Tattoo Artist
Tony Hall ... Himself - Matchstick Artist's Son
Graham Hancock ... Himself
Riaz Mohammed ... Himself (as Dr. Riaz Mohammed)
Neil Pearson ... Himself
Sheena Pearson ... Herself
Irene Pepperberg ... Herself (as Dr. Irene Pepperberg)

Steven Ritzi ... Himself - Stunt Coordinator (as Steve Ritzi)
David O. Stillings ... Himself - Lightning Stalker
Judy Stillings ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 6: The Torture King

16 February 2000
Snake venom milker; 1939: Sword swallower Edna Price swallows a neon tube; Toast art; Seven-year-old artist; The Torture King lies on a bed of nails with a car on top of him; The world's smartest dog; 18th century poacher trap.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Shannon Marie Codner ... Herself
Tim Cridland ... The Torture King

Maria Di Angelis ... Herself
Bill Haast ... Himself
Boots Harris ... Himself -
Gene Krivello ... Himself - Wadlow's Childhood Friend
Bruce Lurie ... Himself
Joseph Paone ... Himself (as Dr. Joseph Paone)
Dubrava Pocheptsov ... Herself
George Pocheptsov ... Himself
Edna Price ... Herself - Sword Swallower (archive footage)
Sharon Robinson ... Herself - Dog Owner
Bud Seitz ... Himself
Al Smith ... Himself (archive footage) (as Gov. Al Smith)
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself
Keith Stetler ... Himself - Paramedic
Robert Wadlow ... Himself (archive footage)
Frank Walter ... Himself - University of Arizona (as Dr. Frank Walter)
Mary Ann Warmack ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 7: Episode #1.7

23 February 2000
Body modification artist; Underground city in Australia; Bee venom therapy; A sheep thinks it's a dog; A man rides the world's smallest bicycle; In Nepal, Kumaris are revered until puberty; A man has a cannonball dropped on him and his hit by a wrecking ball; Cafe Noir serves customers in total darkness; A cook at a diner picks up a table with his teeth; Palau islanders eat bats at a restaurant; A restaurant in China that serves rats.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Mary Bean ... Herself
Deane Clee ... Herself - Underground City Resident
Todd Cloutier ... Restaurant Patron
Rena Fallin ... Herself
Elsa Gladwin ... Herself - Underground City Resident
Stuart Goodman ... Himself (as Dr. Stuart Goodman)
Jenny Gough ... Herself - Underground City Resident
Mark Harrison ... Himself - Underground City Resident
Bill Hunt ... Himself
Bobby Hunt ... Himself - Bicycle Rider
Tony Kajper ... Himself - Underground City Resident
Piet Lamont ... Himself - Underground City Resident
Jessica Leigh Millan ... Herself - Waitress
Fakir Musafar ... Himself - Body Modification Artist
Alexandre Priou ... Himself - Restaurant Patron
Michel Reilhac ... Himself - Restaurant Owner
John Richmond ... Himself
Ken Richmond ... Himself
Tonyaa Smith ... Herself
Christy Marie Spencer ... Herself - Waitress
Takis Stathoulis ... Himself - Frisco's Carhop Owner
Pete Tsarnas ... Himself - Cook
Pat Wagner ... Herself - Bee Venom User
Ray Wagner ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 8: Episode #1.8

1 March 2000
A martial arts instructor teaches his students to absorb powerful blows; Practioners of Thaipusam endure piercings as a show of faith; A three-year-old can identify cars by make and model; Psychiatric museum; 1957: An Indian man lies on crushed glass under a steam roller; A man makes a bear-proof suit; Blind bowler; A man who has eaten an airplane; Tibetan flute made from a femur.
Wes Bender ... Himself

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Bill Clark ... Himself
Cee Cee Clark ... Herself - Bowler
Scott Clark ... Himself - Psychiatric Museum Curator
Edward Flaherty ... Himself
George Glore ... Himself
Troy Hurtubise ... Himself
Donna Koon ... Herself
Drew Koon ... Himself - Car Prodigy
Randy Koon ... Himself
Michel Lotito ... Himself
Sherri MacGregor ... Herself - Martial Arts Student
Randy Marvel ... Himself - Martial Arts Student
Antonio May ... Himself - MMA Fighter
Bernard Monzol ... Himself (as Dr. Mernard Monzol)
Bradd Nichols ... Himself - Former Marine
Susie Paris ... Herself - Bowling Center Manager
Rich Piana ... Himself
Mary Sacharnoski ... Herself
Rod Sacharnoski ... Himself (as Dr. Rod Sacharnoski)
Ian Segal ... Himself - Paramedic
Steve Tilson ... Himself - Martial Arts Student
Mari Womack ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 9: Episode #1.9

8 March 2000
The Rollerman of Paris; Sewage diver; Leech therapy; An anthropologist has four-inch toenails; Honoré Fragonard's art; The Big Texan restaurant food challenge: Eat a 4½ pound steak in one hour; 1931: Bertie Tillman walks a tightrope 300 feet above the street; A man attempts to stack 10 bowling balls; A man with a three-story train set; A woman free dives over 100 feet; Fiji Mermaid.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Carlos Baca ... Himself - Big Texas Chef
Jean-Yves Blondeau ... Himself
Sharlene Cervik ... Herself
Matthew Concannon ... Himself (as Dr. Matthew Concannon)
Jeff Detten ... Himself - Big Texas Challenge Contestant
Michael Erinakes ... Himself - Jason's Boss
Kathy Hayes ... Herself (as Dr. Kathy Hayes)

Mehgan Heaney-Grier ... Herself
Heather Jones ... Herself - Jason's Girlfriend
David Kremer ... Himself - Bowling Ball Stacker
Malaika Latimer ... Herself
Carlene Lefevre ... Herself - Big Texas Challenge Contestant
Richard Lefevre ... Himself - Big Texas Challenge Contestant
Claes Lundgren ... Himself
Justin Page ... Himself - Leech Therapy Patient
Rachel Page ... Herself
Carl Peters ... Himself - Biopharm
Jason Smith ... Himself - Sewage Diver
Bertie Tillman ... Herself (archive footage)
Bruce Williams Zaccagnino ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 10: Episode #1.10

15 March 2000
Corset Women - Odd Couple - Fastest Brain - Baby Signing - Seat King - Induced Heart Attack - Rodeo Bull Survivor - Sleeping With Snakes.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Linda Acredolo ... Herself (as Dr. Linda Acredolo)
Donna Block ... Herself - Patient
Karissa Corday ... Herself
James Eads ... Himself
Andee Glass ... Herself
Susan Goodwyn ... Herself (as Dr. Susan Goodwyn)
Bob Gray ... Himself
Tuff Hedeman ... Himself (as Richard 'Tuff' Hedeman)
Fred Kahl ... Himself
Kiva Kahl ... Herself
Richard Nussbaum ... Himself (as Dr. Richard Nussbaum)
Barney Smith ... Himself
William H. Spencer III ... Himself (as Dr. William H. Spencer III)
Richard Thompson ... Himself - USC Neuroscience Program Director (as Dr. Richard Thompson)

Dita Von Teese ... Herself (as Dita)
Richard Zinkan ... Himself (as Dr. Richard Zinkan)

Season 1, Episode 11: Episode #1.11

22 March 2000
A man has root canal surgery with only hypnosis as anesthesia; A man who can turn his feet around backwards; Seeing-eye horse; 2000-lb. rubber-band ball; Microscopic sculptures; A blind golfer; A woman pulls six tons; Piranha expert; A Chilean actress lives in a glass house for two weeks; A man rummages through trash to save money; Cave jumping in Mexico; Alferd Packer's head.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Earl Bain ... Himself
John Bain ... Himself - Rubber Band Ball
Don Burleson ... Himself
Janet Burleson ... Herself
Karen Clark ... Herself - Seeing-Eye Horse Owner
Robert Fielding ... Himself (as Prof. Robert Fielding)
Nicholas Gistano ... Himself (as Dr. Nicholas Gistano)
Joseph H. Hunt ... Himself (as Dr. Joseph Hunt)
Moses Lanham ... Himself
Trey Lanham ... Himself
Lisa Machenberg ... Herself - Hypnotist
William Oxenham ... Himself - Blind Golfer (as Dr. William Oxenham)
Vladi Pesa ... Himself - Cave Jumper
Shannon Pole-Summers ... Herself
Shanti Provasoli ... Himself - Root Canal Patient
Robert L. Ripley ... Himself (archive footage)
David Schleser ... Himself - Aquatic Biologist

Carl Summers ... Himself
Daniella Tobar ... Herself
Willard Wiggins ... Himself - Sculptor

Season 1, Episode 12: Episode #1.12

29 March 2000
A man swims 150 feet under freezing water; Body farm; Spanish Inquisition spiked torture chair; Rat temple in India; Blind Jack Russell terrier has its own seeing eye dog; An artist carves tiny sheep and leaves them around the world; A performance artist swallows a chair leg; A woman with an incredible memory; A woman videotapes herself being hit by lightning; A Londoner does not use right turns when driving; A man with stretchy skin; Ivory Coast fertility statues.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Bill Bass ... Himself (as Dr. William Bass)
Lisa Benest ... Herself (as Dr. Lisa Benest)
Tatiana Cooley ... Herself
James Hartman ... Himself - Sheep Carver
Wim Hof ... Himself
Richard Jantz ... Himself
Jennifer Love ... Herself - Doctoral Student
Claes Lundgren ... Himself (as Dr. Claes Lundgren)
Louise Lynes ... Herself - London Driver
Tracy McCoy ... Herself - Lighting Videographer
Paul O'Flynn ... Himself (as Dr. Paul O'Flynn)
Jeff Peterson ... Himself - Hartman's Brother-in-Law
Amy Saunders ... Herself
Gary Turner ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 13: Episode #1.13

5 April 2000
A child in a Ugandan village is reputed to have been raised by monkeys; Ice Hotel; A man has open heart surgery by a doctor operating a robotic system; A 1200-foot gum wrapper chain; A skier falls over 800 feet down a mountain; Two women run a crime clean-up service; Sand Hogs worked 800 feet below the street level; A disabled veteran has a dog that helps him around; Volcano explorers; 1920s: A motorcycle is reputed to get 1000 miles on one tank of gas; A Qi-Jong master displays its healing powers; Trepanation device.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Garrett Bartelt ... Himself
Brad Berberich ... Himself - Sand Hog
Rosie Berberich ... Herself
Nina Bondarenko ... Herself
Ron Borst ... Himself
Theresa Borst ... Herself
Debby Cox ... Herself - Primatologist
Eric Dieterman ... Himself
Al Edmonson ... Himself - Ice Hotel Guest
Anne Edmonson ... Herself - Ice Hotel Guest
Pat Haney ... Himself
Stacey Haney ... Herself
Dennis Kilcoyne ... Himself (as Det. Dennis Kilcoyne)
Greg McCormick ... Himself - Sand Hog
Donna O'Meara ... Herself
Stephen James O'Meara ... Himself
Allen Parton ... Himself - Gulf War Veteran
Sandra Parton ... Herself
Zoe Parton ... Herself
John Penner ... Himself - Heart Surgery Patient
Chuck Richardson ... Himself - Videographer
Brad Risser ... Himself - Infrared Videographer
Milly Sebba ... Herself
John Ssebunya ... Himself
Olet Svanidze ... Himself (as Dr. Olet Svanidze)
Mark Szulgit ... Himself
Michael Upsher ... Himself (as Dr. Michael Upsher)
Molly Wasswa ... Herself
Paul Wasswa ... Himself
Master Zhou ... Himself - Qi Jong Master

Season 1, Episode 14: Episode #1.14

2 August 2000
Seven-year-old body builder; a man balances atop two chairs near the edge of a cliff; A counting dog;Phillipino villagers undergo crucifixion as as show of faith; A man marries a Barbie Doll, which he thinks is inhabited by his former fiancée; Frank 'Cannonball' Richards; the edge of a cliff; metal objects stick to a man's body; Bryan Ferguson, master arch; velociraptor skeleton.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Kursty Falconer ... Herself
Byron Ferguson ... Himself - Archer
Wanda Ferguson ... Herself
Frank Giardina ... Himself - Richard's Trainer
Danny Gomez ... Himself
Larry Gomez ... Himself
Henry's ... Himself
Michael Levy ... Himself (as Dr. Michael Levy)
Liew Thow Lin ... Himself - Magnetic Man
Don Rabska ... Himself - Archery Coach
Frank Richards ... Himself (archive footage) (as Frank 'Cannonball' Richards)
Richard Sandrak ... Himself
Dara Wimer ... Herself - Dog Owner
Gary Wimer ... Himself - Dog Owner

Season 1, Episode 15: Episode #1.15

9 August 2000
Enigma and Katzen; Blind man drives bicycle using echolocation; free diver dives into a sunken ship; water skier Banana George; remote village in Colombia travels across valley on zip line; participants in a Phuket,Thailand Taoist ritual endure piercings; poison dart frogs; Skydiving tennis; Contortionist couple attempt to squeeze into a 30" x 20" x 31" box; convicted murderer Joseph Paul Jernigan's body is donated to science; couple raise horse in a log cabin; in 1949, Charley Lupica stays on a pole for 117 days, waiting for the Cleveland Indians to get into first place; Buell Frazier's car, who have Lee Harvey Oswald a ride to the School Book Depository
George Blair ... Himself (as Banana George Blair)
Pepper Bonjour ... Herself - Pet Owner
Brian Bushway ... Himself - Bicyclist

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Ken Fiedler ... Himself - Veterinarian (as Dr. Ken Fiedler)
Valli Hathaway ... Herself - Skydiver
Jason Heider ... Himself - Skydiver
Katzen ... Herself
Daniel Kish ... Himself - Bicyclist (as Dan Kish)
Charley Lupica ... Himself - Pole Sitter (archive footage)
Juan Ruiz ... Himself - Bicyclist
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself - Contortionist
Sandra Streeter ... Herself
Tanya Streeter ... Herself
The Enigma ... Himself
Jackie Tresl ... Herself
Mark Tresl ... Himself
Otgo Waller ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 16: Episode #1.16

16 August 2000
An escape artist attempts an escape from a cage dropped from an airplane; The Museum of Mummies in Guanajuato, Mexico; Fire chaser; A Chinese grocer store with coaster carts; A kidney patient finds a donor on the Internet, whom she later marries; A dog rescues abandoned cats; 1958: A hula-hooping dog; A family of stilt-walkers; A woman paints with her breasts; Matt 'The Tube' Crowley; Mongolian torture box.
James F. Burke Jr. ... Himself (as Dr. James F. Burke Jr.)

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Woody Coker ... Himself
Matt 'The Tube' Crowley ... Himself (as Matt 'The Tube' Crowley)
Teresa Dravk ... Herself
Ian Fleming ... Himself - Cyclist
Robert Gallup ... Himself
Lewis Gelfant ... Himself - Veterinarian (as Dr. Lewis Gelfant)
Philip Gonzales ... Himself - Dog Owner

Harry Houdini ... Himself (archive footage)
Scott Meadows ... Himself - Fire Chaser
Mercedes Peters ... Herself
Angel Tolentino ... Herself
Ashley Wolf ... Herself
Ed Wolf ... Himself
Jordan Wolf ... Himself
Tony Wolf ... Himself
Travis Wolf ... Himself - Stilt Walker

Season 1, Episode 17: Episode #1.17

23 August 2000
A powerboat racer is trapped under water for four minutes; Clothing made from grass; Home on top of a bulldozer; Motorcycle accident; Villagers dine with deceased relatives; Trash can fashion; Pot-bellied pig saves owner suffering heart attack; Teen-aged Top Gun; Kayaking over a waterfall; 1962: The "Amphi," an amphibious car from Germany; An escape artist suspended beneath a crane attempts to escape from two straitjackets with a boa constrictor around his neck;

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Jo Altsman ... Herself - Pig Owner
Tao Berman ... Himself
Sarah Donohue ... Herself
Seth Enslow ... Himself
Edward Flaherty ... Himself - Segment Producer
Kristy Larsen ... Herself
Katrina Mumaw ... Herself
Edmond Nussbaumer ... Himself
Gene Pool ... Himself (as Gene Pool Harding)
Bill Shirk ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 18: Episode #1.18

6 September 2000
Vanuatu vine jumpers; 1932: Bea Kyle dives into a pool of flaming water; The von Hoffman Brothers have a fireworks duel; Anaconda researchers; World's fastest talker; Extreme unicyclist; Men with very long hair in China; Men who use homing pigeons to carry film to be processed; A Chinese man can throw needles through a class; 1938: The White family of West Virginia have 17 children; A man from the UK who has lost his sight in a car accident drives a race car; A couple attempt to drive up and down 70º hill; A camel bladder used to transport perfume.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host

Fran Capo ... Herself
Dave Costlow ... Himself - Rocky Mountain Adventures
Rusty Haight ... Himself
Shawn Hasty ... Himself
Tina Hasty ... Herself
Judy Hewitt ... Herself - Tina's Mother
Thomas Hoffman ... Himself - Rocky Mountain Adventures
Kris Holm ... Himself - Unicyclist
Ron Jones ... Himself - Bungee America
Bea Kyle ... Herself - High Diver (archive footage)
Michelle Meng ... Herself - Guide
Cheryl Moss ... Herself
Ken Moss ... Himself - Accident Victim
Renee Yvonne Owens ... Herself - Anaconda Researcher (as Renee Owens)
Jesús Rivas ... Himself - Anaconda Researcher (as Jesús A. Rivas)
Hu Sengla ... Himself
Jason Stevens ... Himself - Photographer and Guide
Brant von Hoffman ... Himself
Todd von Hoffman ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 19: Episode #1.19

30 August 2000
Body Painter; Beetle Mania; Crash Test Dummy; Sky Walker; Sweat Marathon; Snoring Man; Bamboo Ritual; Bullet Artist; Unbelievable Impalements; Fireworks.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Tracy Bayne ... Herself - Photographer
Mario Caligari ... Himself - Beetle Collector
Jay Cochrane ... Himself - Tightrope Walker
Joanne Gair ... Herself
Rusty Haight ... Himself - Collision Investigator
Michael Hirt ... Himself (as Dr. Michael Hirt)
Katri Kämäräinen ... Herself - Sauna Champ
Jennifer Mittler ... Herself
Stephanie Mittler ... Herself - Houndfish Impalement
Sarah Murdoch ... Herself (as Sarah O'Hare)
Sarah O'Hare ... Herself - Model
John Papsidero ... Himself (as Dr. John Papsidero)
John Satterwhite ... Himself - Sharpshooter
Karen Schaaf ... Herself
Argeno Eugene Selden ... Himself - Pole Performer (archive footage)
Julie Switzer
Mel Switzer ... Himself - Snorer

Season 1, Episode 20: Episode #1.20

13 September 2000
Traditional Samoan tattoos; Hissing cockroaches; 55-seat bicycle; An artificial indoor beach in Japan; A man attempts to limbo dance under a six-inch bar; The 'Invisibles,' panhandlers in India, put curses on people who do not donate; An entomologist analyzes bug splats on windshields; Chip art collector; A Dutchman becomes king of a village in Ghana; 1932: an 82-year-old sharpshooter; A snake charmer puts snakes in his nose and lets them come out his mouth; Phrenology machine.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Marjorie-Sue Alber ... Herself - Roger's Daughter
Ailani Alo ... Himself
Gary Ballack ... Himself (as Dr. Gary Ballack)
Michael Davidson ... Himself - Chip Art Collector
Ann-Marie Dumas ... Herself
Beth Dumas ... Herself
Junior Dumas ... Himself
Roger Dumas ... Himself - Bicycle Builder
Mary Hettinger ... Herself - Sharpshooter (archive footage)
Mark Hostetler ... Himself - Entomologist (as Dr. Mark Hostetler)
Willie McAllister ... Himself - Chip Designer
Hank Otte ... Himself
Matthew Pitts ... Himself - Surfer
Vita Tanielu ... Himself
Johnny Tong ... Himself - Snake Charmer
Saine Alo Vaii ... Herself (as Dr. Saine Alo Vaii)
Zephyrene Villaluz ... Himself (as Dr. Zephyrene Villaluz)
Dennis Walston ... Himself - Limbo Dancer

Season 1, Episode 21: Episode #1.21

20 September 2000
Two-legged dog; Civilian builds and launches a rocket 12 miles high; Pill-sized camera; Stainless steel hair; Double great white attack; Once a year, women villagers get to beat their husbands; Art with plastic explosives; North Korean basketball player; World's tallest man; Suitcase car; Robot chauffeur; Self-propelled lawnmower; Hight-tech batting helmet; Bear died by eating garbage
Shannon Ainslie ... Himself
Joe Aylward ... Himself

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Jack Donahue ... Himself - Coach
Maura Donahue ... Herself - Physical Therapist
Lorne Goldenberg ... Himself
Norman Lavin ... Himself (as Dr. Norman Lavin)
Ky Michaelson ... Himself
Michael Rhee ... Himself
Evelyn Rosenberg ... Herself
Gary Thom ... Himself - Agent
Robert Wadlow ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 1, Episode 22: Episode #1.22

27 September 2000
A six-year-old golfer shoots holes-in-one; Teenage boys in an Amazon River tribe get bitten by fire ants as a rite of passage; Emperor and desert hairy scorpions; A man who can unscramble long words in his head; Robotic bartender in London; 1936: A letter from 11-year-old Charles Schultz about his dog; A car powered by french fry grease; A man builds a house of cards that supports 1200 pounds; 1951: Australian schoolchildren learn to use a bull whip; Verdun residents continue to find unexploded ordnance; A Vienna, Austria, clothing retailer holds a streaking contest; A suspension artist is carried by helicopter over the Hollywood sign; Peter Kurten's head.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Bryan Berg ... Himself
Neil Bines ... Himself
Carol Campbell ... Herself - Joey's Mother

Jesse Capelli ... Herself (as Jennifer Leone)
Justin Carven ... Himself
Rob Cowley ... Himself - Historian
Edward Flaherty ... Himself
Matt Graham ... Himself - Scrabble Champ
Fabian Klass ... Himself - Verdun Resident
Doug Rue ... Himself
Jackson Rue ... Himself - Golfer
Janice Rue ... Herself
Steve Slape ... Himself - Mechanic
Joey Strange ... Himself
Mari Womack ... Herself
Skip Wrightson ... Himself

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Episode #2.1

10 January 2001
A man is stabbed in the head with a hunting knife; A crocodile doctor retrieves a monitoring device from monitoring; A 14-year-old who lost both legs in a train accident plays football and basketball; A dog treats cordless phones as though they were her puppies; A motorcyclist attempts a 360º flip; A performance artist eats earthworms during her show; Latex clothing; A slack-liner walks a rope 200 feet above the ground; 1930s mail order home electric shock therapy machine

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Michael Braddock ... Himself - Paramedic
Adam Britton ... Himself (as Dr. Adam Britton)
Darrin Carter ... Himself - Slackliner
Dana DeLara ... Herself
Brenda Fox ... Herself
Yana Galbshtein ... Herself

Carey Hart ... Himself
Tom Hart ... Himself - Carey's Father
Kathy Hector ... Herself
Michael Hill ... Himself - Patient
Wanda Hill ... Herself
Donald Jacobs ... Himself - Physics Professor (as Dr. Donald Jacobs)
Lorraine Martinex ... Herself
Willie McQueen ... Himself
Barry Oswick ... Himself - Slackline Rigger
Jerry Pena ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 2: Episode #2.2

17 January 2001
A man allows himself to be covered by 60,000 bees, with another 50 in his mouth; An Australian man preserves his father's tattoos; A swimming instructor uses a crocodile to get his swimmers to swim faster; A two-headed turtle; A man maintains a farm for mutant animals; A cat that lives in a tree has not come down for three years; A man squeezes through a tennis racket; A performance artist swallows a 23-inch sword; A man attempts to hand-walk up the World Trade Center; A man paints clothing on models; Civil War amputation kit.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Jeffrey Brennan ... Himself - Contortionist
Tim Connolly ... Himself - Funeral Director
Mark Davies ... Himself - Swimming Instructor
Megan Evans ... Herself - Sword Swallower
Norman Gary ... Himself (as Norman Gary PhD)
Jennifer J. Gehr ... Herself

Filippo Ioco ... Himself
John Jinkins ... Himself - Veterinarian
Mark Kenny ... Himself - Handwalker
Tracy McFarland ... Herself - Veterinarian
Charles McLain ... Himself - Cat Caretaker
Paul Springer ... Himself - Rancher
Jason Strother ... Himself - Paramedic
Carl Whittaker ... Himself - Tattoo Preserver

Season 2, Episode 3: Hanging Out

24 January 2001
A man loses his face when his nasal cavity is invaded by a flesh-eating fungus; A woman with some of the world's longest fingernails; A scorpion sculpture made from fingernail clippings; 1964: The Rocket Belt jet pack; A nine-year-old boy survives being shot in the heat with an arrow; The Punkin Chunkin' contest; A man creates a floating island from plastic bottles; A three-wheeled electric car; Maggot cheese; Qi-Gong practitioners in Taiwan attempt to pull a truck with ropes attached to their private parts; Bubble wrap clothing; A man attempts to jump out of one airplane and into another; Mike the Headless Chicken.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Harold Davidson ... Himself

Josh Davidson ... Himself
Molly Davidson ... Herself
Greg Gasson ... Himself
Masha Gekhtman ... Herself

Lamar Haywood ... Himself (as Nathaniel Lamar)
Steven Lynch ... Himself - Josh's Uncle
Clifford Poppens ... Himself (as Dr. Clifford Poppens)
Beverly Randolph ... Herself
Lee Redmond ... Herself
Chuck Ross ... Himself - Pilot
Richie Sowa ... Himself
Mark Tatum ... Himself
Nancy Tatum ... Herself
Michael Turner ... Himself (as Dr. Michael Turner)

Season 2, Episode 4: Episode #2.4

One-wheeled motorcycle; Jailbird rodeo poker at Angola State Prison; A woman uses cremains in her artwork; A man with an extra foot; A man with customized remote control gadgets in his house; A cat with no pelvis has a custom made wheelchair; Underwater cameramen photograph sharks without a shark cage; A woman is covered in broken glass; A man free climbs skyscrapers; A men develops a super bra for women to hide secret weapons; A white buffalo

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Clifford Bowman ... Himself - Inmate
Bettye Brokl ... Herself
Burl Cain ... Himself - Prison Warden

Harry Connick Jr. ... Himself
Shane Downe ... Himself - Underwater Photographer
Michelle Heuring ... Herself
Ed Jeszenka ... Himself - Veterinarian (as Dr. Ed Jeszenka)
John Jones ... Himself - Inmate
Harry Kersey ... Himself - Inmate
Jose Lopez ... Himself
Michael McDaniel ... Himself - Inmate
Kerry McLean ... Himself
Tara Mead ... Herself
Jonah Menard ... Himself - Inmate
Michael O'Shean ... Himself - Podiatrist (as Dr. Michael O'Shea)
Alain Robert ... Himself
Ben Skora ... Himself
Pete West ... Himself - Underwater Photographer

Season 2, Episode 5: Episode #2.5

7 February 2001
A man kisses cobras on their heads; A five-year-old runs around Lake Montebello; A man born with missing fingers has toes grafted onto his hand; 1960: Automated baby nursery; The world's best jump roper, The Rope Warrior; A man gets into a Plexiglass case with 1000 roaches; 1957: A Dalmatian gives birth to 17 puppies; In 2001, a Great Dane gives birth to 18 puppies; Back-up race car drivers; Sword performance artist; A marksman attempts to hit a target 3000 feet away; Cambodian villagers go to two bulls to be cured of their ailments; A man gets breast implants on a bet; 19th century coffin with a bell in case you woke up.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Michael Bohdan ... Himself
Steve Broome ... Himself - Racer
Eddie Butcher Jr. ... Himself - Coach
Beth Cates ... Herself
Gordon Cates ... Himself - Snake Handler
Anita Chow ... Herself
Brian Dobkins ... Himself - Flag Man
David Fisher ... Himself - The Rope Warrior
Dave Gullo ... Himself - Marksman
Anthony Jeter ... Himself
Kieonte Jeter ... Herself
Kyneshi Jeter ... Herself
Niru Parekh ... Himself (as Dr. Niru Parekh)
Carolyn Pringle ... Herself
Mark Pringle ... Himself - Transplant Patient
Jim Remsik Jr. ... Himself - Racer
Rick Verdon ... Himself - Racer
Brad Weston ... Himself - Sword Performance Artist
Brian Zembic ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 6: Episode #2.6

14 February 2001
A man has a microchip implanted to help use his legs; Blowgun expert; Cow jockey; Museum of Death; A skull supplier uses carrion beetles to clean them; 10-foot mustache; Conjoined twins; A man balances a bowling ball on his face; A man makes clothing out of books; Portable lie detector; Feeding barracudas and moray eels by hand; 19th century dental equipment

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Kaci Archer ... Herself
Kelly Archer ... Himself
Keri Archer ... Herself
Melissa Archer ... Herself
Mark Fahey ... Himself - Bowling Ball Man
James Dean Healy ... Himself - Museum of Death (as J.D. Healy)
Michael Janich ... Himself
Marc Merger ... Himself
Paul Miller ... Himself - Mustache Man
Hiroaki Oya ... Himself - Clothing Designer
Pierre Rabischong ... Himself (as Dr. Pierre Rabischong)
Hampton Rich ... Himself (as Dr. Hampton Rich)
Cathee Schultz ... Herself - Museum of Death
Annette Slate ... Herself
Spencer Slate ... Himself
Jay Villemarette ... Himself - Skull Supplier

Season 2, Episode 7: Episode #2.7

28 February 2001
A man finds he has been carrying a bullet in his skull for 25 years; eight-year-old motorcycle rider jumps over 10 cars; man makes sharks jump out of the water; Detroit Hair Grammies; sports playing dog; man makes scale model of the White House; a man pulls his friend on a skateboard across a bridge with hooks in his eye sockets; 73-year-old female body builder; a man walks atop a ferris wheel; 19th century thumb cuffs.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Colleen Fisher ... Herself - Bodybuilder
Jaime Garcia ... Himself - Ferris Wheel Walker
Chayne Hultgren ... Himself
Ralf Kiefner ... Himself - Marine Photographer
Robb Lapeen II ... Himself - Motorcycle Rider
Vidha Malhotra ... Himself (as Dr. Vidha Malhotra)
Adrian Milton ... Himself - Bullet Lodged in Scalp
Kelly Nelson ... Herself - Bodybuilder
John Zweifel ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 8: Episode #2.8

4 April 2001
A motorcycle stunt biker has to undergo reconstructive facial surgery after a stunt goes wrong; An adult actor with a condition called hypopituitarianism passes for a kid; Body piercings as a demonstration of faith; Camel races in Nevada; 1934: Chicago Snowbirds swim in a frozen river; A car with a stereo that reaches 162 decibels; A 47-year-old woman undergoes trepanation for treatment for chronic fatigue; Trained falcons used to scare away other birds at JFK airport; A skateboarder attempts a stunt after being dropped 40 feet from a helicopter; A musical group from Japan performs hanging by their ankles; A young woman is covered with leopard spot tattoos; Party favors based on a World War I mustard gas rattle.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Liza Anderson ... Herself - Publicist
Mario Bosco ... Himself
Beki Buelow ... Herself (as Beki B.)
Kevin Flanigan ... Himself - Neurologist
Laura Francouer ... Herself - Wildlife Biologist
Patrick Gates ... Himself - Car Owner
Joe Hedrick ... Himself
Betty Lyons ... Herself - Trepanation Recipient
Richard Paine ... Himself - Anthropologist
Blake Perlingieri ... Himself
Jennifer Reed ... Herself
Super Joe Reed ... Himself - Stunt Biker (as Joe Reed)
Stuart Rossell ... Himself - Falconer

Danny Way ... Himself - Skateboarder
Breana Wlodarczyk ... Herself - Body Piercer

Season 2, Episode 9: Episode #2.9

A crewman on an aircraft carrier is sucked into the engine of a fighter jet; A mechanical monster, Robosaurus, demolishes cars; A man creates the "Ultimate Taxi"; Suspension Artist creates the "Human Wishbone";A house cat 42 inches tall, weighing 36 pounds; A woman who lost both arms as the result of a childhood accident; Photographs of an armless, legless furniture maker; 1959: Typewriter artist; A man makes an electric suit; An artist creates art by regurgitating on a canvas; Thai villagers ring in the new year with a water fight; A man makes 3D casts of people's bodies; Combat toe rings.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Jon Barnes ... Himself - Ultimate Taxi
John David Bridges ... Himself
Tracie Bridget ... Herself
Michael Gainer ... Himself - Body Cast Maker
Barbara Guerra ... Herself (as Barb Guerra)
Mark Guerra ... Himself
Mark Hays ... Himself - Robosaurus Designer
Serena Hays ... Herself
Sandy Hogan ... Herself - Lance's Mother
Guillermo Medina ... Himself - Typewriter Artist (archive footage)
Linda O'Neil ... Herself - Model

Lance Ozanix ... Himself

Austin Richards ... Himself - Electric Suit
Ben Sherill ... Himself - Suspension Artist

Season 2, Episode 10: Episode #2.10

18 April 2001
A man sailing solo across the Atlantic has to operate on his own elbow; A man races a motorcycle backwards; A man water skis on his hands with a woman on his back; A biologist uses bugs, geckos, and frogs to control unwanted pests; Machine shop owner invents motorized in-line skates; Villagers in Northern Japan ride 13-ton logs down a hill; A Parisian restaurant caters to dogs; A man in Detton, Texas, has a 12-ton ball of barbed wire; A man takes a corn kernel into his nose and pops it out his tear duct; Lizard photographer; A road in France plays a tune when the driver goes the speed limit; A man attempts to pull a 32,000-pound truck; A mortician's cooling board.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Daniel Carlin ... Himself (as Daniel Carlin MD)
Tim Gendell ... Himself - Inline Skater
Henry Lizardlover ... Himself
J.C. Payne ... Himself - Barbed Wire Ball
Jody Payne ... Himself
Roger Riddell ... Himself
Martyn Robinson ... Himself
Jennifer Schwenk ... Herself - Water Skier
Mike Seipel ... Himself
John Shaw ... Himself - Performer
John Wooten ... Himself
Victor Yezikov ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 11: Episode #2.11

25 April 2001
A boater's face is rebuilt from a photograph after it had been smashed in a boating accident; Blind goalie; Netherlands peat bog mummies; Coffin furniture; Animal trainer; A cockatoo gets prosthetic legs; Hybrid monster truck; A man allows electricity to pass through his body as it powers appliances; A hula hooper attempts to whirl 82 at once; 1960: A car as one tire removed and is driven from Detroit to Chicago; The Cat Man; Lockjaw openers.
Dennis Avner ... Himself
Nigel Bam ... Himself - Boater

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Don J. Harris ... Himself - Veterinarian
Steve Haworth ... Himself - Body Modificaiton Artist
Bruno Isliker ... Himself - Animal Trainer
Steve Liggins ... Himself (as Dr. Steve Liggins)
Lori Lynn Lomeli ... Herself - Hula Hooper
Mario Ros ... Himself - Goalie
Claudia Saugg ... Herself - Animal Expert
Frank Schettini ... Himself
Mark Zeabin ... Himself - Furniture Maker

Season 2, Episode 12: Episode #2.12

11 July 2001
Homemade Jet; Quad Walker; Scuba Diving Dog; Well Racing; Tumor Woman; Flame-Throwing Car; Clothes Pin Man; Mile High Bungee; Tattoo Lady; 11 O'Clock Nudes.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Dave Barlia ... Himself
Bob Bishop ... Himself - Homemade Jet
John Chase ... Himself (as John Chase MD)
Porter Colley ... Herself - NF Patient
Dwayne Folsom ... Himself - Scuba-Diving Dog Owner
Diane Foster ... Herself
Julia Gnuse ... Herself
Roberto Ramirez ... Himself
Carmen Russo ... Herself
Victoria Sinclair ... Herself
Kevin Thackwell ... Himself - Clothespin Man
Holly Weston ... Herself

Season 2, Episode 13: Episode #2.13

18 July 2001
Pool table made from ice; Prosthetic lens enables blind man to see; Man makes motorized couches and bathrooms; Dog swallows 15-inch serrated knife; Egg parka jacket; Indonesian tribe keeps mummy of a tribal elder; Blind softball team; Man catches an egg with his mouth; Rocket-powered street luge; Clothing made from chocolate; Man attempts to have 10,000 women sit on his lap; Tramp chair

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Billy Copeland ... Himself
Arthur Cotliar ... Himself (as Dr. Arthur Cotliar)
Randy Finch ... Himself
Ed Furguson ... Himself - Paramedic
John Gardner ... Himself
Nelido Gil ... Himself - Sofball Team
Fernando Guzman ... Himself - Clothing Designer
Roscoe Jones ... Himself - Sofball Team
Tom Mason ... Himself - Street Luger
Derek Maxfield ... Himself
Dave Nakfoor ... Himself
Dorothy Nazaruk ... Herself
Wlodzimierz Nazaruk ... Himself
Victor Rosario ... Himself - Sofball Team

Season 2, Episode 14: Episode #2.14

25 July 2001
A man who who ingested cleaning fluid has to live without his esophagus; Valentino Scissorhands; In the Ethiopian Mursi village, women stretch their lips; A man eats bugs and worms; Freediver can hold his breath for five minutes; A town in Uruguay is besieged by waves of sea foam; A man sucks milk through his nose, and squirts it out his tear duct; Legless mountain climber; Clothing made from dog hair; A Cuban man has a face full of piercings; Mummified Egyptian cat
Luis Antonio Aguero Torregosa ... Himself

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Jim Cichon ... Himself
Timothy Huston ... Himself
Andy LeSauce ... Himself
Valentino LoSauro
Warren Macdonald ... Himself - Mountain Climber
Sidney Perkowitz ... Himself (as Dr. Sidney Perkowitz)
Jonas Scott ... Himself
Colette Wilson ... Herself - Clothing Designer
Dennis Wilson ... Himself (as Dennis Wilson PhD)

Season 2, Episode 15: Lightbulb Girl

24 October 2001
The Electric Gir; Man sits in a pen with 500 scorpions for 45 minutes; Impaled pizza driver; 1960: An inverted house in Fort Lauderdale; Black light tattoos; Law in Pocatello, Idaho: It's illegal to frown; Peruvian scissors dance; Capuccini Catacombs in Palermo, Sicily; Tree-climbing cocker spaniel; Cyclist rides a bicycle on the edge of a hotel five stories high; Bra artist; Kickboxing nuns; Ring with a miniature six-shooter.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
April Bias ... Herself
Ezra Bias ... Himself
Ryan Timothy Folse ... Himself - Animal Handler
Eder Franco ... Himself - Bicyclist
Jeffrey Hirschauer ... Himself
Melissa Johnson ... Herself - Embalmer
Greg Kulz ... Himself - Tattoo Artist
Cynder Moon ... Herself - Lightbulb Girl
Ron Nicolino ... Himself - Bra Artist
Russell Rogers ... Himself - Scorpion Charmer
Lois Vredevoogd ... Herself - Dog Owner

Season 2, Episode 16: Episode #2.16

8 August 2001
Rattlesnake Wrangler; C-Cell speeder; Anatomic Art; Credit Card Camera; Ice Golf; Lightbulb Changer; Finger Sacrifice; Knife In The Back; Super Dog; Belly Billboards; Tongue twister.

Dean Cain ... Himself
Ramon Bernhard ... Himself - Ice Golfer
Jackie Bibby ... Himself
Todd Calfee ... Himself - Belly Billboard Creator
Tisha Coffin ... Herself - Cheerleader

Shaun Cullen ... Himself - Ice Golfer
Robert Smythe Darby ... Himself
Ed Dempsey ... Himself - Car Designer
Tom Ferrell ... Himself
Annika Ostberg ... Herself
Shirley Petrich ... Herself
Chris Rhodes ... Himself - Tongue Twister
Alexander Rothacker ... Himself - Dog Owner
Patrick D. Rummerfield ... Himself (as Pat Rummerfield)
Tom Silliman ... Himself - Light Bulb Changer
Gunther von Hagens ... Himself (as Dr. Gunther von Hagens)

Season 2, Episode 17: Episode #2.17

15 August 2001
Car hopping; Parabungee jumping; A dentist performs a root canal on herself; A woman with a collection of 200,000 hubcaps; A restaurant in Beijing that serves live scorpions; Iditasport Extreme race; A man attempts to support half a ton while lying on a bed of barbed wire; A man surfs behind his motorbike while still driving it; A demolition crew demolishes a house using only their hands and feet; The woman with the world's longest legs; Witch catcher tool.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Michael Coutourier ... Himself - Snow Racer
Ben Couturier ... Himself - Snow Racer
Lisa Hall ... Herself
Cheryl Jones ... Herself
Greg Jones ... Himself - Parabungee Jumper
Brett Kopitz ... Himself - Car Hopper
Mina Kuchuk ... Herself - Root Canal
Wolfgang Manicke ... Himself
Mike McGee ... Himself - Parabungee Jumper
Tim McMahen ... Himself - Cameraman
Harley Newman ... Himself
Armando Nuñez ... Himself - Car Hopper
Lucy Pearson ... Herself - Hubcap Collector
Gary Rothwell ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 18: Episode #2.18

22 August 2001
Skydiving Marathon; Man With Half A Brain; Tree Cafe; Tumor Tribe; Toe Donation; Red Crab Invasion; Tough Guy Race; Bikini Meter Maids; Limbo skater; Jumbo jet emergency landing.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Khadija Ahmad ... Herself
James Apesos ... Himself
Ahad Israfil ... Himself
Bronco Lane ... Himself - Mountain Climber
Rhoda Selby ... Herself - Needle Finder (archive footage)
John Stokes ... Himself - Mountain Climber (as Brummie Stokes)
Douglas van Heerden ... Himself
Heather van Heerden
Mike Zang ... Himself - Skydiver
Trish Zang ... Herself

Season 2, Episode 19: Episode #2.19

29 August 2001
Ray's Hell; Chimney Sweep; Human Shish-Ka-Bob; Garbage Artist; Ostrich People; Blind Golfer; Floating Fish; Ear Bus; Hot Air Parachute; supermodel.
Ray Baumann ... Himself

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Worth Dalton ... Himself

Maria Di Angelis ... Herself
Kevin Duffy ... Himself - Anthropologist
Clare Graham ... Himself
Carlman Lang ... Himself - Renovation Worker
James Lee ... Himself - Natchez Coroner
Duncan Morgan ... Himself - Renovation Worker
Dave Morris ... Himself - Skydiver
Manjeet Singh ... Himself
Gina Sylvester ... Herself - Fish Owner

Season 2, Episode 20: The Torture King Revisited

28 November 2001
A baby has in utero surgery; A house is constructed in three hours, ten minutes; A man lands an airplane on a car; Turkish village uses water snakes to heal their illnesses; A man has a home built in an old railroad water tower; In Raleigh, NC, it is illegal to curse in front of the dead; A blackbird pecks at passersby;A man makes art out of scrap metal; A man born with no arms or legs plays sports; A man walks over 1200º metal plates; 1928 a Cuban man can pop his eyes; A man paints art on teeth; 250-pound flying saucer; A man photographs models underwater; 24-inch high car; Katar dagger

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
James Borkowski ... Himself
James Neal Borkowski ... Himself
Susan Borkowski ... Herself

Tera Cooley ... Herself
Tim Cridland ... Himself
Emmanuel de Reyghere ... Himself

Dr. Evermor ... Himself (as Tom Every)
Georgine Goldman ... Herself
Jimmy Goldman ... Himself
Ron Grant ... Himself - Dental Artist
Andy McCain ... Himself
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself
Tara Von Strasdas ... Herself
Jerry Wallace ... Himself - Water Tower Home
Perry Watkins ... Himself - Car Designer
Mark Yasenchak ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 21: Episode #2.21

12 September 2001
A woman attempts to pull a truck attached to hooks in her back; SCAD diving; Jewelry made from human bones; 1947: cellular rubber allows an egg to hit and bounce; A man from the UK drives a motorcycle despite having only one arm and one leg; Playing cards shown with real people's images; A man becomes an artist after a propeller strike hits his head; Indian villagers gulp guppies to treat their asthma; In Singapore, chewing gum is illegal; Human castles in Catalan, Spain; A man breeds one-pound Yorkshire terriers; Golfer on Stilts; Cockroach eater; Special rice wine containing mice used as an elixir.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Gene Bolles ... Himself
Maria Castillo ... Herself - Human Castle Participant
Brad Denton ... Himself - Golfer
Ken Edwards ... Himself
Abby Godfrey ... Herself - Model
Jenny Kindelspire ... Herself
Hilda Marshall ... Herself - Jewelry Designer
Tony O'Brien ... Himself - Motorcyle Rider
Dena Schlutz ... Herself
Ivan Schlutz ... Himself
Joe Tomlinson ... Himself - SCAD Diver

Season 2, Episode 22: Episode #2.22

19 September 2001
A man accidentally shoots a nail into his head; A secret house 30 feet below the Las Vegas Strip; 1963: gyrocopter boat plane; A BASE jumper crashes into a waterfall; World's fastest artist; Bolivian villagers dig up the dead to retrieve skulls to keep them well; Yamakasi run through France; Nepal polo game using elephants instead of horses; The Ice Man attempts to stay in a meat locker for an hour at -35ºF; A man street skis at 60 mph; Condemned prisoner 'El Fusilado' is shot eight times, but survives; A patient receives a bionic arm after losing one to cancer; Clothing made from jewelry; A Southern California town moons an Amtrak train once a year; Necklace from New Guinea made from larvae.
Campbell Aird ... Himself
Igor Bensen ... Himself (archive footage)

Traci Bingham ... Herself

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Jeb Corliss ... Himself - BASE Jumper
Chris Cowell ... Himself (as Dr. Chris Colwell)
Wim Hof ... Himself

Morris Katz ... Himself - Artist
Doug Lucht ... Himself
Alice Montez ... Herself
Simon Montez ... Himself - Nail Gun Accident
Chanel Paige ... Herself - Underground House Manager
Tanya Romandia ... Herself
Jeffrey Ryzak
Tina-Marie Stoker ... Herself
John van Schalkwyk ... Himself

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Episode #3.1

18 December 2002
A woman fires a bow and arrow with her feet while doing a handstand; The world's largest skateboard; A man removes prairie dogs with a suction hose; Men float away using 400 helium balloons; A Burmese Padaung woman removes her neck rings; Chimp martial artist; A man's finger is used for reconstructive surgery after penile cancer; A man swallows snakes, then regurgitates them; Helios Solar Wing propeller-driven aircraft flies at over 96,000 feet; The Cat Man has whiskers implanted; Balloon bikinis; Indians from Ecuador make a shrunken head and torso.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Dennis Avner ... Himself
Gay Balfour ... Himself
Jean-Charles Briand ... Himself
Steve Davis ... Himself - Balloonist
Claudia Gomez ... Herself - Archer
Mike Howard ... Himself - Balloonist
Lal Bahadur Jadugar
Ivan Kuzanov ... Himself (as Dr. Ivan Kuzanov)

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Carmen Presti ... Himself
Tod Swank ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 2: He'll Eat Anything

17 April 2002
A man eats fish eyeballs, roosters prides, bull pizzle, and other foods; A stunt driver slides on his belly while being dragged by a rocket car; A veterinarian puts portholes into cattle to examine stomach contents; 1953: A French car has 600 pounds of electronic equipment; A man redesigns his motorcycle into the Rocket Roadster; A Romanian villager licks peoples' eyeballs to remove foreign bodies; A skateboarding dog; A child is born with the heart outside the body; A contortionist folds himself into airplane carry-on luggage; A man attempts to spin 25 basketballs simultaneously; The world's most pierced woman; Self-defense underwear; Cameroon mask made with human skin covering.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host

Matthew Biancaniello ... Himself - Man Who'll Eat Anything
Courtney Cross ... Herself
Elaine Davidson ... Herself
Edward Depeters ... Himself - Veterinarian (as Dr. Edward Depeters)
Reno Jaton ... Himself
Michael Kettman ... Himself
Kerry McLean ... Himself
Claudi E. Orellana ... Herself (as Claudia Orellano)

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself
Christopher Wall ... Himself
Teresa Wall ... Herself

Season 3, Episode 3: Episode #3.3

23 January 2002
A man allows himself to have a cannon fired at his belly; Hollywood stunt man; A man builds his own submarine; Cow urine; Pet goose; A couple is married while suspended by piercings; A skater is pulled by a helicopter; Mermaid girl; Bee keeper turns bee swarm into a bee bikini; A girl in the UK finds a balloon from a girl with the same name; Mood car; Strip aerobics class; Sword made from a sawfish snout.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Dirk Auer ... Himself - Skater
Laura Buxton ... Herself
Carlos Cali ... Himself - Groom
Jeff Costa ... Himself - Aerobics Instructor
Norman Gary ... Himself
Kenneth Guidera ... Himself (as Dr. Kenneth Guidera)
Brayden Hawk ... Himself
Shannon Johnston ... Herself - Bride
Jane Kliven ... Herself
Deanna Oliver ... Herself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Ken Richmond ... Himself - Cannonball Man
R. David Smith ... Himself
Dan Steffen ... Himself - Goose Owner
Tiffany Yorks ... Herself

Season 3, Episode 4: Episode #3.4

30 January 2002
A woman has 750,000 volts go through her body; A man sits in a bathtub full of leeches; A man can not stop hiccuping; 1933: a bike with a bouncing seat to exercise muscles; a man makes a house out of cheese; A sheep with prosthetic back legs; A woman contracts a flesh-eating bacteria; A man pulls nails out of a board with his teeth; World's largest kite; A woman from the Dominican Republic has backwards facing knees; Clothing made from bicycle tires; Fijian armor made from coconut husks and human hair.

Dean Cain ... Himself
Diane Banks ... Herself (as Dr. Diane Banks)

Matthew Biancaniello ... Himself
Graham Blaser ... Himself - Sheep Owner
Cosimo Cavallaro ... Himself
Terry Cole ... Himself
Seth Dowell ... Himself - Hiccups
Slymenstra Hymen ... Herself (as Danielle Stampe)
Peter Lynn ... Himself
Cassi Moore ... Herself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Jesse Peterson ... Himself
Juana Rosario ... Herself
Christa de Leeuw van Weenen ... Herself

Season 3, Episode 5: Episode #3.5

6 February 2002
World's strongest man pound-for-pound; A man attempts to hitch a ride on a hammerhead; A man attempts to pop a wheelie at over 80 mph; 1955: Austrian inventor makes a pocket ski lift; Guinea worm infestation; Model of the Hindenburg and warships made from matchsticks; A goose with an injured beak receives a prosthetic; A model's face is rebuilt after a disfiguring car accident; A woman opens beer bottles with her teeth; A golf putter made from a bull's pizzle; A hairdresser cuts hair underwater; Red Rock, Nevada, is invaded by crickets every year; A one-legged hula dancer; A small spy camera from World War II.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host

David Alessi ... Himself (as Dr. David Alessi)

Louise Ashby ... Herself - Model
Sven Corville ... Himself
Maria Evans ... Herself - Goose Rescuer
Ed Hannaford ... Himself - Beak Designer
Henry Kawamoto ... Himself (as Dr. Henry Kawamoto)
Kamalu Kekahuna ... Herself
Lehua Kekahuna ... Herself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Manny Puig ... Himself
Bobby Root ... Himself
Ernesto Ruiz-Tiben ... Himself
Phil Warren ... Himself - Model Builder
Dara Young ... Herself - Beer Bottle Opener

Season 3, Episode 6: Episode #3.6

13 February 2002
A man pulls an SUV with his throat; Scorpion eater; A man makes a tree house out of his truck; Maine ski slope made from sewage; Clothing made from hair; A reporter who has prosthetic arms and legs; Scuba-diving cat; A man survives being impaled on rebar; A man slices an apple in his wife's mouth; One-man home-made submarine; The Leopard Man of Skye; Jewelry made from beetles; Mummified head from Turkey.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Gene Alba ... Himself - Scuba Cat Owner
Rene Avarenga ... Himself
John Beaupre ... Himself - Skier
Bébé the Circus Queen ... Herself (as Bebe Rose)
Jess Caigoy ... Himself
Vanessa Cromwell ... Herself - Snowboarder
Cheryl Fullerton ... Herself - Carrabassatt Valley Resident
Jean Hacklander ... Herself
Dale Heinzig ... Himself
Piers Hopkirk ... Himself
Anca Ioana ... Herself
Randall James ... Himself (as Dr. Randall James)
David Keith ... Himself - Carrabassatt Sanitary
Tom Leppard ... Himself
Mark Madson ... Himself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Duane Reynolds ... Himself - Rebar Impalement
Jim Rose ... Himself
Danielle Smith ... Herself - Duane's Girl Friend
Helen Smith ... Herself - Reporter
Bob Watts ... Himself - Orthopedic Specialist
Jeff White ... Himself - Mechanical Engineer

Season 3, Episode 7: Episode #3.7

20 February 2002
A man attempts to bend rebar against his neck, a doctor performs liposuction on himself; Recipient of a seeing-eye horse; Two-year-old skateboarder; Bone artwork; Boxer dog has long tongue; A woman missing half her arms and legs attempts to swim across Lake Erie; A villager in India picks up needles with his eyelids; Scuba-diving cat; A man is impaled on rebar; Pole-sitting competition in Hamburg, Germany; 1951 lumberjacks; magnet-powered flashlight; Body art; Cleavage jeans; Fijian tool used by cannibals

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Janet Burleson ... Herself
Paula Cobb ... Herself - Model
Lee Cooper ... Himself - Jeans Designer
Ashley Cowan ... Herself - Swimmer
Donald Hamby ... Himself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Dimitrije Panfilov ... Himself
Sarah Perry ... Herself - Artist
Dan Shaw ... Himself
Claudia Silva ... Herself
Laurie Troha Steinfeld ... Herself
Evan Wasser ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 8: Episode #3.8

12 June 2002
Globetrotters play against gymnasts wearing jumping shoes; A man loses his face in a bear attack; Coffin car; Man with a collection of 50,000 spiders; Whirling dervishes endure piercings as a show of faith; A town welcomes purple martins; A man is impaled by a pipe; A man lifts weights with strings attached to his eyelids; Mobile, Alabama, has a law against wearing stilettos; 1962 Andy Varipapa demonstrates trick shots; Paintings on human bodies; Fossilized whale vertebra; World's largest earlobes; Jesse James' gun

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Susan Barr ... Herself - J.L. Wade's Granddaughter
Emmette Flynn ... Himself (as Dr. Emmette Flynn)
Roger Fox ... Himself - Coffin Car
Jeff Jay ... Himself
Ron Koerth ... Himself
Chuck Kristensen ... Himself
Loes Mehlbaum ... Herself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Steve Pagan ... Himself - EMT
Monte Pierce ... Himself
Yevgeny Severin ... Himself
Didiayer Snyder ... Herself (as Didiayer Leworthy)
Andy Varipapa ... Himself
Wun Versher ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 9: Episode #3.9

6 March 2002
Suspension artists make a human mobile; Blind baseball team; A man makes a portrait of Dean using bubblegum; Hair temple in India; Art made from gum balls; 1946: portable fire escapes in Atlanta; A pet boa constrictor swallows a heating pad; A man loses an arm in a train accident; A pilot attempts an 11-G stunt; A company that sends cremated ashes into space; Sushi served on live models; A pet washing machine; A tree that has grown around a ram's horns.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Robert Albert ... Himself - Cremation Service Customer
Jack Baringer ... Himself - Cremation Service Customer

Teri Beasley ... Herself - Suspension Artist
Richard Brown ... Himself (as Dr. Rick Brown)
Tiffany Carney ... Herself - Pet Washer Viewer
Ian Coldiron ... Himself - Baseball Player
Dorota Crudziak ... Herself - Model
Andres Diaz ... Himself - Inventor
John Evans ... Himself
Allen Falkner ... Himself
Jim Gansberg ... Himself (as Dr. Jim Gansberg)
Bob Genest ... Himself - Cremation Service Customer
Ben Hsu ... Himself - Cleveland Snappers
Chris Leahy ... Himself - Food Service Owner
Eric Miller ... Himself - Cremation Service Customer
Karina Pineda ... Herself - Pet Owner
Greg Poe ... Himself - Pilot
Ron Probst ... Himself - Snake Owner
Franz Spohn ... Himself
Joey Strange ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 10: Episode #3.10

20 March 2002
A man attempts to smash through 20 concrete slabs with his shoulder; A man attempts a 360º sandboarding backflip; Villagers in Thailand eat rats to reduce the population; Farmers make a six-acre Mona Lisa out of a corn field; A man makes a boat car; A man is impaled by a tree branch in an auto accident; A Gatling gun that shoots rubber bands; A man attempts to ride a bicycle across the United States on one wheel; A couple use only black and white colors; A 400-pound adult bison; Remote controlled surgery; 1950: In Europe, the 'Soccer Tactician' contraption is used for practice; A man who can pop his eyes; A woman who reads clients' behinds; Eye spikes torture device.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Samantha Amos ... Herself
Mark Bashore ... Himself (as Dr. Mark Bashore)
Steve Cotton ... Himself
Molly Devoss ... Herself
Steve Fritz ... Himself - Bison Owner
Joe Jones ... Himself - Eye Popper
Donnie Lee ... Himself
Johnnie Lee ... Himself
Jacques Maresco ... Himself (as Dr. Jacques Maresco)
Kurt Osburn ... Himself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Paul Pumphrey ... Himself
Will Sillin ... Himself
Bob Sokol ... Himself
Josh Tenge ... Himself
Charles Wagner (as Dr. Charles Wagner)
Mike Wissemann ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 11: Episode #3.11

27 March 2002
Double backflip bicyclist; Seven-year-old pool prodigy; Man modifies body in tribute to other cultures; Two-legged cat; Man makes his own dentures in his garage; Church in Czech Republic has artwork made from bones; Man extracts bee honey with his bare hands; A man survives for eight days trapped in a car; A man attempts to stuff 18 wieners in his mouth; 1958: Super station wagon features a working stove, boat, and tent house; A child in India is born with a tail; Ice sculpture; Helmet made from porcupine fish.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Ol Doinyo Laetoli Le Baaba ... Himself
Bernhard Kaczinksy ... Himself - Denture Maker
Cory Nastazio ... Himself (as Cory 'Nasty' Nastazio)
Jim Purol ... Himself
Scott Rella ... Himself
Landon Shuffett ... Himself
Peter Slavin ... Himself
Joe Spring ... Himself
Teresa Spring ... Herself
Tim Spring ... Himself
Susan Whitemore ... Herself - Veterinarian (as Dr. Susan Whitmore)

Season 3, Episode 12: Episode #3.12

3 April 2002
A man attempts to snatch an arrow out of the air; A skier attempts a twisting quadruple back flip; World's fastest artist; Surfboarding dog; A Chinese villager has a parasitic twin face on the right side of his head; Knife massage; An Indian man can write with his hands and feet at the same time; A man survives an internal decapitation; 1942: Robert Jones flies to New York in an ice cube; Update on the man without a face; Bikini skiing in Telluride, Colorado; A gun with an eight-foot barrel and two-inch bore for shooting down flocks of ducks.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host

Kelly Packard ... Herself

George Pan Andreas ... Himself - Massage Therapist (as George Pan)
Terry Bryan ... Himself - Arrow Catcher
Tapan Dey ... Himself
Gero Hilliger ... Himself
David Linley ... Himself - Internal Decapitation
Clifford Poppens ... Himself
Mark Tatum ... Himself
Nancy Tatum ... Herself

Season 3, Episode 13: The Wolf Boy Gets Married

18 September 2002
The Wolf Boy's baby; Man with 12 fingers; 1932: four-year-old Billy Crawford flies away in a helium balloon; The Regurgitator; Dodge Viper races an F16; Elvis Presley's blue suede shoes; A cat learns to eat with a fork; A woman catches alligators with her bare hands.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Larry Gomez ... Himself
Nadine Gomez ... Herself

Mehgan Heaney-Grier ... Herself
Herb Helbig ... Himself - Car Designer
Godfrey Hill ... Himself
Danny Lopez ... Himself
Faye Murrell ... Herself - Cat Owner

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Glen Richards ... Himself (as Capt. Glen 'Nugget' Richards)
Stevie Starr ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 14: Episode #3.14

17 July 2002
A man can turn his head 180º; Man builds a roller coaster in his back yard; A man who eats rotten and spoiled food; An Indian holy man buries his head in the sand for hours; A motorcycle rider attempts a 200-foot jump; 1966: nuns use scooters to move around a hospital; A man keeps his grandfather's frozen body; A beagle who walks on her front paws; Playmate Water Challenge; Claude de Lorraine's decomposed arm.

Dean Cain ... Himself
Aleksander Anohin ... Himself
Trygve Bauge ... Himself
Deanna Brooks ... Herself
Mike Brown ... Himself - Motocross Racer
Marc Cohen ... Himself (as Dr. Marc Cohen)
Danelle Folta ... Herself
John Ivers ... Himself - Roller Coaster
Nicole Leonard ... Herself - Daisy's Owner
John Livingston ... Himself (as Dr. John Livingston)

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Aajonus Vonderplanitz ... Himself
Jennifer Walcott ... Herself

Season 3, Episode 15: Episode #3.15

24 July 2002
A man water skis behind a seaplane; The Murthi brothers, who have microcephaly, in an Indian village are revered by the locals; A five-year-old yo-yo expert; 1962: A ten-ton scale model of the German cruise ship Bremen; A two-wheel motor-board; Anvil shooting; A man is so allergic to insect bites that he wears a bee suit when he goes outside; A man's dog dives to the bottom of a pool to retrieve toys; A young girl born without arms competes in martial arts; Indian devotees crawl 50 miles as a show of faith; A mummified falcon from Egypt; Electric clothing.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Gordy Anderson ... Himself - Pilot
David Blackwell ... Himself
Jim Blakey ... Himself - Yo-Yo Watcher
Neal Collier ... Himself
Delia Excell ... Herself
Diamond Excell ... Herself
Janet Hansen ... Herself - Clothing Designer
Matt Holk ... Himself - Dog Owner
Michael Kimoto ... Himself - Yo-Yo Watcher
Evan Nagao ... Himself
Priscilla Nagao ... Herself
Henry Schuitema ... Himself (as Dr. Henry Schuitema)
Mike Seipel ... Himself
Herbie Thompson ... Himself - Coach
Joseph Tornatore ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 16: Episode #3.16

31 July 2002
A woman hangs by her teeth in the 'Slide for Life;' Archive footage of Tiny Kline; A woman has 16 pet rats; Videos of developing sharks eating the eggs of their siblings; A man crashes in two aircraft in one day; Stilt-walking village in Thailand; Skateboarding chimp; A man loses eight fingers in an industrial accident; Body binding; American flag contact lens; 1962: Germans invent a remote-controlled boat to pull skiers; Suspension artists; A man sculpts with butter; Coke bottle and Lion shaped coffins

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Debbie Ducommun ... Herself
Harry Fishwig ... Himself
Desiree Gonzales ... Herself
Justin Kirkbride ... Himself
Tiny Kline ... Herself (archive footage)
Tavana Luvas ... Herself
Jim Nuñez ... Himself - Suspension Artist

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Jason Price ... Himself - Suspension Artist
Talia Sloboda ... Herself
Jim Victor ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 17: Episode #3.17

17 March 2002
Record card thrower; Armless cello player; A man makes furniture out of computer boxes; 1952: A man makes a car with a fuselage and propeller; Indian monks pull out their hair one by one; A girl with half a brain; A family lives with 9 pigs; A Nicaraguan man has the world's largest hand; A model is sculpted in chocolate; Harry Houdini's handcuff.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Lynne Catarro ... Herself
Jean Cherie ... Himself - Sculptor
Andrew Dusing ... Himself
John M. Freeman ... Himself (as Dr. John Freeman)
Frank Geukens ... Himself
Kawni Gilroy ... Herself
Tomas Gomez ... Himself

Harry Houdini ... Himself (archive footage)
Tad Lietz ... Himself
Mary Jane McHugh ... Herself - Principal

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Christina Santhouse ... Herself
Rick Smith Jr. ... Himself - Card Thrower
John Vincent ... Himself - Pig Owner
Lynne Vincent ... Herself - Pig Owner

Season 3, Episode 18: Episode #3.18

14 August 2002
A man eats food, then suctions back out his stomach contents; ice hotel update; A man makes clothing out of pennies; Indian villagers endure piercings as a show of faith; Family with chips implanted; Cow magnets; Fish dentist; A skydiver loses both legs in a skydiving accident; A man attempts to drive his jeep on water; 1932: Eric Dill plays his hands; A man has the body of his wife preserved in a room he built for her; Miami restaurant B.E.D. offers dinner in bed; Cockfighting spurs.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Steven Baker ... Himself - The Penny Man
Keith Bolton ... Himself - Applied Digital Solutions
Dana Bowman ... Himself
Jess Caigoy
Victor Casassola ... Himself - Chef
Cecil Dill ... Himself (archive footage)
Derek Jacobs ... Himself - Chip Family
Witek Mojsiewicz ... Himself
Gunnar Petersson ... Himself
Sarel Pretorius ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 19: Episode #3.19

A man holds the bungee cords for a jumper; A handicapped man attempts to walk with the aid of a computer; A wheelchair-bound man grabs onto buses to help speed him along; World's largest gnome collection; Villagers in India drink from human skulls to capture the spirits; A man has his arms ripped off in a farming accident; 1964: The Marsh Amphibian is designed to carry 1000 pounds across lakes, bogs, and sloughs; 17th century staff with the head of Pan; Pet rabbit likes to lie in a bucket of water; A man who is allergic to his own tears; Walk-in spray-on tan machine; 1930s Eye Normalizer gadget that was supposed to help correct vision.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Kelly Akers ... Herself - Bungee Jumper
Ron Broomfield ... Himself - Gnome Collector
Michelle Jessett ... Herself - Tear Allergy
Marc Merger ... Himself
Stephen Miller ... Himself - Bungee Cord Holder

Kelly Packard ... Herself
John Thompson ... Himself - Farming Accident
Roberto Triguero ... Himself - Fastest Wheelchair
Allen L. van Beek ... Himself (as Dr. Allen L. van Beek)
Ralph Venuto ... Himself - Hollywood Tans

Season 3, Episode 20: Episode #3.20

Stunt bicyclist; A soldier has an unexploded grenade removed from his leg; Chewing gum art work; A Rottweiler undergoes plastic surgery after he is shot in the face; In a Thai village, a drink is made with poisonous centipedes; A man who loses his legs when he is hit by a train becomes a ken-do master; A woman is scalped in a farming accident; 1949: boat jousting in France; Rocket-powered snow skis; A cat has a mouse as a companion; A man can turn his leg 180º after he breaks his leg; Iceland's Blue Lagoon, a lake made from power plant runoff; A scrimshaw human skeleton by James Durham

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Melanie Austen ... Herself - Catherine's Sister
Shirley Baker ... Herself - Henry's Mother
Kirsty Bayley ... Herself - Veterinarian
Catherine Bird ... Herself - Farm Accident
Bob Booth ... Himself - Dog Owner
Nick Edwards ... Himself (as Dr. Nick Edwards)
Terry Hatter ... Himself - Leg Twister
Karoly Kiss ... Himself
Jeff Lenosky ... Himself
Henry Smalls ... Himself
C.J. Turner ... Himself - Ski Designer (as CJ 'Turbo' Turner)

Season 3, Episode 21: Episode #3.21

A 79-year-old man attempts to set a free throw record; A wheelchair-bound man attempts to pull a bus 100 feet; A three-year-old geography prodigy; Catacombs of Paris; Cambodian villagers eat fried tarantulas; A couple lives with 350 birds; An Austrian police officer receives a double hand transplant after having both his hands blown off; 33 Indian soldiers attempt to get on one motorcycle; Camel nose plugs; A kangaroo survives having an arrow in her neck for three weeks; 1948: A California football coach invents the motorized tackle dummy; A woman who makes personalized sculptures; Annie Oakley.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Tom Amberry ... Himself
John Bradford ... Himself - Bird Owner
Mary Bradford ... Herself - Bird Owner
Bill Cartwright ... Himself - Basketball Coach
Johnson Chen ... Himself - Tech
Robin Cunningham ... Herself - Personalized Sculpture
Luan Degenaar ... Himself
Rolie Grabe ... Himself
Theodar Kelz ... Himself

Katie Lohmann ... Herself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Kristy Wu ... Herself

Season 3, Episode 22: Episode #3.22

16 September 2002
Buñol, Spain, Tomatina Festival; Shrunken head collector; Vintage diving equipment; Australian man makes a cowboy portrait covering four square kilometers in the Outback; Man races cable car up one of San Francisco's steepest hills; World's largest cigar; World's smallest woman; A collection of 14,000 bunnies; Luray Caverns organ; Man swallows dentures, but doesn't find out until two years later; Cat survives being shot by an arrow; 1948: a seven-month-old girl already knows how to swim; Extasky Airlines; A goat/sheep hybrid with four horns.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Ando ... Himself - Artist
Madge Bester ... Herself
David Breneman ... Himself
Ron Cash ... Himself - Extasky Airlines
Mary Dolan ... Herself - Cat Owner
Milton Dolan ... Himself - Cat Owner
Karen Fidell ... Herself - Veterinarian (as Dr. Karen Fidell)

Candace Frazee ... Herself
Steve Lubanski ... Himself
Eddy Matzger ... Himself

Kelly Packard ... Herself

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Episode #4.1

8 January 2003
A man attempts to stuff nine Madagascar cockroaches in his mouth; Speed stacking; 1964: A portable helicopter is flown at Eglin Air Force Base; A 15-year-old girl has a three-pound hair ball removed from her stomach; Conjoined twins; Surfing cat; Bikini trading cards; African judgment chair from Ghana.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Auri Allen ... Himself

Kobe Bryant ... Himself
Pam Burford ... Herself
Kirna Devi ... Herself
Bob Fox ... Himself
Brennan Fox ... Himself
Emily Fox ... Herself

Robert Horry ... Himself
John LaMedica ... Himself
Mark Madsen ... Himself
Rebecca Mary ... Herself

Candice Michelle ... Herself

Shaquille O'Neal ... Himself
George Schappell ... Herself (as Reba Schappell)
Lori Schappell ... Herself

Amber Smith ... Herself
Bill Tidwell ... Himself

Nikki Ziering ... Herself (as Nikki Schieler Ziering)

Season 4, Episode 2: Episode #4.2

15 January 2003
A man attempts to break 1500 boards; A man makes a monorail in his back yard; In Greensburg, Indiana, a tree grows out of a church's clock tower; In a Nigerian village, women are fed to become fat before they get married; A woman's skin turns gray after having taken colloidal silver as a child; An alligator dies after having eaten 200 golf balls; The FLIP ship; A motorcycle rider hops onto another motorcycle and back to his while they are still in motion; A gorilla has cataract surgery; 1956: early personal watercraft known as the Skimmer; A man with a large foot from gigantism; A couple makes clothing from bison hair; Underwater models; An elephant foot humidor from the 1930s.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Jose Ariana ... Himself - Gigantism Patient
Braedon Black ... Himself - Motorcycle Rider
Alicia Bradford ... Herself - Underwater Model
Rolando Cadena ... Himself (as Dr. Rolando Cadena)
Gene Chandler ... Himself - Tree Trimmer
Courtney Cross ... Herself - Underwater Model
Michael Davis ... Himself - Motorcycle Rider
Melanie Gage ... Herself - Zoo Employee
Don Huffman ... Himself - Buffalo Owner
Ruth Huffman ... Herself - Buffalo Owner
Rosemary Jacobs ... Herself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Kim Pedersen ... Himself - Monorail Maker
Sharon Redrobe ... Herself - Veterinarian
Mike Reeves ... Himself - Board Breaker

Season 4, Episode 3: Episode #4.3

An escape artist attempts to escape from being tied up by the man with the world's largest biceps; A man attempts to drive his snowmobile over the water; Motorized snowboard; Indian villagers rub themselves with the ashes of the dead after bathing in the Ganges; Two people attempt to climb a 7000-foot peak using stilts; An Indian girl is scalped by a Ferris Wheel; Doggles, goggles for dogs; 1945: Army artists make an 80-foot by 60-foot map of Tokyo; An elephant has part of his tusk removed and replaced with stainless steel crowns; A man builds a flying car; Nude house painter; Robert Wadlow's shoe.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Michael Griffin ... Himself - Escape Artist
Ryan Hamilton ... Himself - Stilt Walker
Roopavani Jaggannathan ... Herself
Lexi Karason ... Himself
Nicole Moore ... Herself (as Nicole)
Les O'Brien ... Himself - Elephant Keeper

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Ed Sweeney ... Himself
Sandra Sweeney ... Herself
Colin Tschida ... Himself - Stilt Walker
Gregg Valentino ... Himself
Robert Wadlow ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 4, Episode 4: Episode #4.4

29 January 2003
A man attempts to jump over cars in a motorcycle while driving backwards; Cambodian natives collect land mines; A seven-year-old kid can lift twice his body weight; A horse is fitted with a prosthetic leg; An armless woman sews with her mount; A woman is stretched from 4'7" to 5'; World's smallest book; 1945: British test a floating airstrip;Cat woman returns; A woman poses with snakes; A lock of Marilyn Monroe's hair.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Joann Campo ... Herself
Josh Campo ... Himself
Todd Campo ... Himself
Michael Cater ... Himself (as Dr. Michael Cater)
Chris Coles ... Himself - Veterinarian
Maria Gara ... Herself

Marilyn Monroe ... Herself (archive footage)
Jan Munz ... Herself - Horse Owner

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Emma Richards
Irene Richards ... Herself
Roger Riddell ... Himself
Bob Watts ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 5: Episode #4.5

5 February 2003
The Human Cannonball returns after a devastating injury; A woman has her dead pets mounted; A couple build a miniature model of their hometown; A minister transports coffins by motorcycle; An Indian teen is only two feet tall; A man is impaled by a 2x4; A dog identified by microchip is found 1000 miles away from its home; A man with an inflatable forehead; A human-sized dryer; A man paints on dead bats.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Jerome Abramovitch ... Himself
Angela Casillas ... Herself - Taxidermy Customer
Codi Davis ... Herself - Dog Owner
Santoshi Kumari ... Herself - Small Girl
Ryan Lane ... Himself
Peter Lee ... Himself - Model Builder
Sally Lee ... Herself - Model Builder
Bambi Lesne ... Herself - Dog Owner
Phil Mallory ... Himself (as Dr. Phillip Mallory)

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Enrique Ramos ... Himself - Bat Painter
Tia Resleure ... Herself

Paul Sinclair ... Himself (as Rev. Paul Sinclair)
Brian Trin ... Himself - Dryer Designer
Ermes Zamperla ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 6: Episode #4.6

12 February 2003
A man attempts eating 1000 worms in one hour; Basketball juggler; A man does artwork with a typewriter; A British man builds an town based on the American Old West; A man has not sat down in three years because of his bad back; A woman in Africa has reconstructive surgery after her face is attacked by Noma; 1951: Itralian fire-fighting team from Rome; Products made from toad leather; A man develops software that keeps his cat out if tries to carry in prey; A woman paints outfits on women's bodies; A skull from a Peruvian tribe, elongated from head binding.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Joanne Gair ... Herself
Mark Hogg ... Himself
Mihai Jarpen ... Himself
Cassie Lane ... Herself - Model
Leighton McCrary ... Himself - Coach
Joseph Odhiambo ... Himself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Steve Smart ... Himself - Old West Town
Boris Tsikanovsky ... Himself
Guruprasad Vanalkar ... Himself
Madina Yusuf ... Herself

Season 4, Episode 7: Episode #4.7

19 February 2003
A man water skis barefoot while simultaneously driving his boat; a woman lies on a bed of only four nails while her assistant stands on her; A man celebrates Christmas every day of the year; Balloon artist make a sculpture using 40,000 balloons; Bird's nest soup; Flame haircut; A woman with hands, but no arms; 1967: telephone workers in Berlin unearth an unexploded two-ton bomb from World War II; A pig farmer wears a pig mask when he feeds; A dog gets braces; A man gets tattoos; Leopard Larry; A makeup artist paints artwork on human bodies; A teapot made from a skull.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Tony Castro ... Himself - Water Skier
Adriana Curtis ... Herself
Anna Kinison ... Herself
Leopard Larry ... Himself
Carol Leonard ... Herself - Dog Owner
Chandra Mayer ... Herself - Paramedic
Larry Moss ... Himself - Balloon Artist

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Andy Park ... Himself
Pietro Santoro ... Himself
Royal Sorell ... Himself - Balloon Artist
Michael R. Thomas ... Himself

Jack Valenti ... Himself - Customer

Season 4, Episode 8: Episode #4.8

26 February 2003
Belly Button Bottle Opener; Frisbee Ashes; Matchstick Apartment; Lingerie Shark Dive; Senior Skier; Bone Furniture; Hardware Store Brace; Plane Crasher; Mini Moo; Fastest Barber; Paintball Catcher; Dog Armor; Showgirls.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Jackie Botha ... Herself
Joel Freeborn ... Himself - Bottle Opener
Farina Headrick ... Herself
Gary Headrick ... Himself
Istvan Kalincsak ... Himself
Anthony Kelly ... Himself - Paintball Catcher
Vanna Lace ... Herself
Trevor Mitchell ... Himself - Barber
Mary Murphy ... Herself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Dustin Pillard ... Himself - Cattle Breeder
Tommy Walker ... Himself - Former Flying Tiger (archive footage)
Stuart Young ... Himself - Apert Syndrome

Season 4, Episode 9: Episode #4.9

5 March 2003
Foilboarding; A blind skier; Underwater bicycle; Villagers in India dig up corpses of ancestors and dine on them; The world's fastest hands; Romans recreate gladiator battles; Medical cupping; 1967: Police demonstrate and anti-mob weapon called the 'Instant Banana Peel," a powder that gets slick when water is added; A man pulls the Ripley's tour bus 30 feet; A tortoise is given a wheel to replace an amputated leg; The checkered man; A woman attempts a parasailing record; Crocodile teeth dentures.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Bob Arno ... Himself
Bart Bunting ... Himself - Skier
Kelly Bunting ... Himself
Robert Bunting ... Himself
Simon England ... Himself - Wheel Designer
Burton Goldberg ... Himself - Cupping Patient
Matt Gone ... Himself

Laird John Hamilton ... Himself

David H. Kalama Jr. ... Himself - Surfer
Wolfgang Kulow ... Himself
Kim Lyons ... Herself - Parasailing Model

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Tim Shalhoub ... Himself - Las Vegas Police Department (as Sgt. Tim Shalhoub)
Mari Womack ... Herself
John Wooten ... Himself - Pulls Tour Bus

Season 4, Episode 10: Episode #4.10

12 March 2003
A man sets up a chain reaction crossbow stunt; A man attempts a 360º in a snowmobile. A man makes artwork out of toast; A dog and her puppies are rescued from a burning house; A woman decorates rooms with garbage; Doctors leave a 13-inch retractor in a patient after abdominal surgery; 1967: Inflatable windshield; A doctor makes a computer that gives artificial sight to the blind; A man invents an inflatable surfboard; A preserved baby pig from the 1930s has a snout like an elephant.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host

Kelly Packard ... Herself - Field Correspondent
Maurice Bennett ... Himself
Donald Church ... Himself
Gala Church ... Herself
William Dobelle ... Himself (as Dr. William Dobelle)
Tom Drechsler ... Himself - Room Makeover
Donavon Frankenreiter ... Himself
Keith E. Liberman ... Himself (as Dr. Keith E. Liberman)
Jim Rippey ... Himself
Carol Tanzi ... Herself
Jim Weir ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 11: Episode #4.11

19 March 2003
The world's largest rubber band ball is dropped from an airplane; 300 skydivers make the world's largest formation; A man attempts to climb the CN Tower in a wheelchair; Canal vaulting in The Netherlands; A man walks on 60-foot stilts; Double decker, 21-seat tricycle; Inline skaters skate nude for a photo op in San Francisco;

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Jeff Adams ... Himself - CN Tower Climber
Bryan Burke ... Himself - Skydiving Coordinator
Roger Dumas ... Himself
Liz Evans ... Herself
Tony Evans ... Himself - Rubberband Ball
Jack Gescheidt ... Himself
Jeff Jay ... Himself - Stilt Walker
Edward Rohwedder ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 12: Season Premiere!

6 August 2003
A man attempts to ride down volcano Cerro Negro in Nicaragua; Seven-year-old piano prodigy; 1945: sleds made from torpedo casings pulled by a tank; An Indian man fills his eyes with sand; A man develops a huge sore on his belly after being bitten by a cobra; Board-breaking contest; V10 engine motorcycle; Naked Nuews; Body of a man killed by tuberculosis preserved in arsenic

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Eric Barone ... Himself - Bicycle Racer

Angelica Bridges ... Herself - Judge
Shawn Cabey ... Himself

Tisha Campbell-Martin ... Herself
Al Cruz ... Himself
Danielle Delaney ... Herself - Referee
Whitney Gray ... Herself

Noah Gray-Cabey ... Himself
Jim Guercio ... Himself - Board Breaker (as Big Jim Guercio)
Hari Kumar ... Himself (as Dr. Hari Kumar)
Mike Miller ... Himself - Board Breaker (as Mike 'The Forehead' Miller)
Raul Santos ... Himself
Mike Simonsen ... Himself - Former Los Angeles Police Officer
Victoria Sinclair ... Herself
Lucas Tyler ... Himself
David Weathers ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 13: Episode #4.13

13 August 2003
A skateboarder attempts a 360 loop with an 8-foot section of board missing; four-year-old political whiz; Thai villagers harvest buffalo dung to eat the beetles inside; 11-year-old Patrick German receives the Van Ness procedure to deal with his cancerous leg; A man's dog is shot while defending him; A man makes a car mounted with 2000 cameras and light meters; 1967: Russell Winn develops the electric bike; Fossilized dinosaur eggs

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Tiffany Balusek ... Herself - Rattlesnake Tub
Jackie Bibby ... Himself - Rattlesnake Tub

Harrod Blank ... Himself - The Flasher

Bob Burnquist ... Himself
Dazza Del Rio ... Herself - Referee
Marvin German ... Himself
Patrick German ... Himself
Kenneth Jaffe ... Himself (as Dr. Kenneth Jaffe)
Abby Julo ... Herself
Brianna Julo ... Herself
Mark Julo ... Himself
John Schonefeld ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 14: Episode #4.14

20 August 2003
A pilot attempts to make an airplane stand still vertically; 14-year-old wakeboarder; Man joins the Sour Toe Cocktail Club with his own toe; A boomerang expert attempts to slice an egg off his own head; A Vietnam who has lost his legs to a land mine attempts to run the Los Angeles Marathon; A dog that has been run over by car, and shot by a policeman, miraculously survives; Slam dunk competition; Backpack with airbags for avalanche survival; 1952: Howard Hughes' 14-ton helicopter; Indian pacifist Mahesh Yadav makes images of world leaders using his own blood.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Alain Anderson ... Himself - Slam Dunk Competitor
Justin Bailey ... Himself - Slam Dunk Competitor
Kirby Chambliss ... Himself
Jesus El-Lazard ... Himself - Slam Dunk Competitor
Mike Ferraro ... Himself - Phil's Coach
Joseph Gibby ... Himself - Slam Dunk Competitor
Herb Hennigan ... Himself - Frisbee-Catching Dog Owner
Eddie Johnson ... Himself - Slam Dunk Competitor
Kirk Johnson ... Himself - Slam Dunk Competitor
Louetta Mallard ... Herself - Dog Owner
Greg Mueller ... Himself - Slam Dunk Competitor
Barnaby Ruhe ... Himself - Boomerang Expert
Darin Shapiro ... Himself
Teryl Smith ... Himself - Slam Dunk Competitor
Michele Soven ... Herself
Phillip Soven ... Himself (as Phil 'Froggy' Soven)
Tammy Vallejos ... Herself - Referee
Dick van Nostrand ... Himself - Hotel Owner
Steve White ... Himself - Sourtoe Cocktail Club Member
Bob Wieland ... Himself - Land Mine Survivor
Jacquelyn Wieland ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 15: Episode #4.15

27 August 2003
A mountain boarder attempts a 360 over a pit of alligators; A 15-year-old attempts to sail the Atlantic Ocean alone; Eight-year-old children in Rajastan, Indian, are married; A woman attempts to blow the world's largest bubble gum bubble with her nose; A man has undergone nine surgeries to look like Michael Jackson; A golden retriever that can hold five tennis balls in his mouth; 1967: World's fastest helicopter; Hot dog eating contest; Fossilized whale eardrum.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Boyd Bulot ... Himself - Ripley's Challenge Hot Dog Eating Contestant
Dolores Clover ... Herself
Jan Clover ... Himself
Sebastian Clover ... Himself - Young Sailor
Emmanuel de Reyghere ... Himself - Michael Jackson Look-Alike
Bart Decoopman ... Himself (as Dr. Bart Decoopman)
Jennifer Driver ... Herself - Ripley's Challenge Referee
Jason Lee ... Himself - Mountain Boarder
Joe Menchetti ... Himself - Ripley's Challenge Hot Dog Eating Contestant
Lauren Miller ... Herself - Dog Owner
Joyce Samuels ... Herself - Bubble Gum Nose Blower
Kristie Samuels ... Herself

Season 4, Episode 16: Car-Launched Airplane

3 September 2003
Pocket bike speed record attempt; A 16-year-old girl covers herself with bees; Two women compete in a nose tug of war; A man paraglides with his wife dangling beneath him; Girl with Goldenhar Syndrome receives a prosthetic jaw; Frisbee-catching dog; A farm in Robson Valley, British Columbia, is blanketed by spiderwebs covering 60 acres; Pool challenge; 1945: three-wheeled car; A portrait of Osama bin-Laden made from dryer lint.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Johnny Archer ... Himself - Pool Challenge

Louise Ashby ... Herself
Jeremy Jones ... Himself - Pool Challenge
Mandy Kemp ... Herself
Becky Lanktree ... Herself - Mandy's Mother
Jonathan Law ... Himself - Pocket Bike Rider
Michelle Layton ... Herself - Paraglider
Zene Nail ... Herself - Dog Owner
Tim Nelson ... Himself - Paraglider

April Scott ... Herself - Referee
Jay Selznick ... Himself (as Jay Selznick DMD)
Mallika Seth ... Herself

Season 4, Episode 17: Episode #4.17

24 September 2003
Man walks a plank from one balloon to another; Child supermodel; World's largest lasso; women bind their wrists to appease rain gods;8 1/2 month's pregnant woman is impaled;fly-powered airplane; sand castles; twin picture television; skateboarding distance attempt; 18th century Chinese exorcism dagger

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Mike Howard ... Himself
Dan Mink ... Himself
Kimberly Mink ... Herself

Kelly Packard ... Herself

Rodney Peete ... Himself
Matt Beard Pictures ... Himself (as Matt Beard)

Michael Richards ... Himself

Holly Robinson Peete ... Herself
Tammy Rudd ... Herself - Dog Owner

Sinbad ... Himself
Gerren Taylor ... Herself

Danny Way ... Himself
Jessie Wickham ... Herself
Lucinda Wierenga ... Herself

Season 4, Episode 18: Episode #4.18

17 September 2003
Two contestants compete to get the most scorpions in their mouths; The Human Crazy Straw; 10-year-old competitive surfer; World's longest origami animal; Indian villagers who give birth in tree platforms to protect themselves against rampaging elephants; A Cuban refugee receives a donor heart that is too small; 1967: Japanese twin picture TV sets show the same program on back-to-back screens; sewing basket made from an armadillo shell; Three-legged black leopard; 19th century cane with a gun.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Megan Abubo ... Herself - Surfer
Joseph Bauerlein ... Himself (as Joseph Bauerlein)
Castillo Campos ... Himself - Heart Recipient (as Castelio Campos)
Tim David ... Himself - Scorpion Contest

Derek Hoffmann ... Himself - Surfer
Julio Martinez ... Himself - Scorpion Contest
George McArthur ... Himself - Human Crazy Straw
Carissa Moore ... Herself
Chris Moore ... Himself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Michiko Pumpian ... Herself
Flora Serrano ... Herself - Castelio's Wife
Debra Warrick ... Herself

Season 4, Episode 19: Episode #4.19

10 September 2003
A man attempts to spend 24 hours under water; A six-year-old skateboarding prodigy; Man with Proteus Syndrome has large feet; Three-year-old snake handler; 1958: A motorcycle attempts to climb a 70º slope in Modesto, California; A man hangs between two airplanes flying at 5000 feet; Bellview restaurant in Germany has menus painted on wait staffers' bodies; Japanese long-tailed rooster.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Jennifer Brusco ... Herself
Mickey Brusco ... Himself
Mitchie Brusco ... Himself - Skateboarder
Mike Dentith ... Himself - Pilot
Josh Humphrey ... Himself - Safety Diver
Andy MacDonald ... Himself
Gordon McGuire ... Himself - Proteus Syndrome

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Roman Piska ... Himself
Yves Rossi ... Himself
Gloria Stakemiller ... Herself - Gordon's Mother
Mark Webber ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 20: Episode #4.20

1 October 2003
A man attempts a double back flip on his motorcycle; Child baseball prodigy; A man rides a nine-foot unicycle while jumping rope; Peruvian village build on an island made of reeds; A woman with a collection of 6000 tops; A South African woman delivers a baby from an ectopic pregnancy; A woman trains her pet goat to walk a 10-foot-high tightrope; A man develops an inflatable church with inflatable organ, alter, and pews; An escape artist attempts an escape from a straitjacket suspended beneath a balloon; Painstation video game; A dog is treated after swallowing a tennis ball; Restaurant serves 'Buffet in the Buff'; 18th century musket with a battle ax head.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Mark Andrews ... Himself (as Mark 'The Chicken Man' Andrews)
Gary Arabia ... Himself - Restaurant Owner
Cindy Burnett ... Herself - Veterinarian
Ncise Cwayita ... Herself
Nhlahla Cwayita ... Herself
Tom Glavine ... Himself
Scott Hammell ... Himself
Bruce Howard ... Himself (as Dr. Bruce Howard)

Anthony Ippolito ... Himself
Lorraine Ippolito ... Herself
Chaz Marquette ... Himself - Unicycle Rider
Mike Metzger ... Himself
Volker Morawe ... Himself

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Tilman Reiff ... Himself
Judith Schulz ... Herself

Season 4, Episode 21: Episode #4.21

8 October 2003
Two men compete to see who can break the most baseball bats; A man makes a portrait of Dean with 40,000 Lego blocks; A 14-year-old rock climber attempts to scale El Capitan; A 13-year-old boy in India has insects flying out of a sore in his groin; A pony the size of a dog; 1964: boat surfing in San Francicso Bay; An Indian woman has a surgical clamp left in her body for 21 years; A dentist has a collection of over 800 toothpaste tubes; Two brothers make a 2700-pount rubber band ball; Underwater artist; Tibetan drum made from a human skull;

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Shawn Allen ... Herself - Tori's Mother
Steve Allen ... Himself - Tori's Father
Tori Allen ... Herself
Steve Carrier ... Himself - Bat Competition
Frank Cleveland ... Himself - Rock Climber
Chandan Goswami ... Himself - Insect Infestation
Mike Greenwalt ... Himself - Rock Climber
Eric Harshbarger ... Himself - Lego Artist
Herman King ... Himself - Bat Competition
Billy Kishek ... Himself - Rubber Band Ball
Sammy Kishek ... Himself - Rubber Band Ball

Diane Klimaszewski ... Herself

Elaine Klimaszewski ... Herself
Val Kolpakov ... Himself - Dentist (as Dr. Val Kolpakov)
Malvina ... Herself - Underwater Artist

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Tim Richey ... Himself - Tori's Coach
Julia Smillie ... Herself - Pony Owner

Season 4, Episode 22: Episode #4.22

15 October 2003
Two women compete in an underwater breath-holding competition; A teenager reputed to be eight feet tall; 1950: Louella Gallagher tosses knives around her children; South Pacific Islanders practice head binding; An acupuncturist who does his job with a blowgun; A woman falls out her window and is impaled on a fence; The Disaster Cafe in Spain simulates earthquakes; A man attempts to glide over the English Channel using a specialized suit after being dropped from 30,000 feet; A puppy with no front legs is adopted; A woman who makes artwork out of sonograms; caffeinated soap; A man who has lost his hands in an accident receives the Krukenberg procedure, turning his two forearm bones into pincers; Bikini Meter Maids update; Maori tribes crocodile claw rattle used in tribal ceremonies.

Dean Cain ... Himself - Host
Roberta Aitchison ... Herself
Katjuschka Altmann ... Herself

Felix Baumgartner ... Himself
Mandy-Rae Cruikshank ... Herself
Danielle Dauenhauer ... Herself
Breanna Deakes ... Herself - Bikini Meter Maid
Louella Gallagher ... Herself (archive footage)
Gavin Hill ... Himself
Masahiko Hiroda ... Himself - Acupuncturist
Denise Jordan ... Herself - Sonogram Recipient
Justin Jordan ... Himself - Sonogram Recipient

Kelly Packard ... Herself
Vika Sopol ... Himself
Jude Stringfellow ... Himself
Laura Stringfellow ... Herself
Jessica Wilson ... Herself
Lisa Wood ... Herself - Sonogram Artist

Unknown Season

The Wolf People

29 November 2003

Jesus Aceves ... Chuy The Wolf Boy
Lilia Luisa Aceves ... Lili The Wolf Girl
Manuel Diaz Acevez ... The Wolf Man

Diego Barquinero ... Interpreter
Danny Gomez ... Wolf Brother
Larry Gomez ... Wolf Brother
Nadine Gomez ... Larry's Wife
Belem Gonzales ... Beba the Little Wolf Girl
Ana González ... Herself

Episode dated 24 October 2003

24 October 2003

Katie Lohmann ... Herself

Ed Wasser ... Himself

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