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Author: iamweasel_1999 from California
17 December 1999

I Am Weasel is perhaps one of the greatest cartoon shows of all time. The voice work from genius Charlie Adler on the characters I R Baboon and The Red Guy is terrific, and Micheal Dorn's voice is the perfect voice for Weasel. You would think the show would have sort of a "Pinky and the Brain" feel to it, because of the way the main characters are set up. Weasel is a highly intelligent Weasel, and Baboon is a complete childish oaf. However, the surrealistic and at times rude qualities of this show take it to a whole new level. You could let your kids watch it if you want, but there are many "adult" jokes and references, though they are not nearly as blatant as, say, South Park or the Simpsons. You have to watch the show to truly understand it. This is the second of Creator/Director/writer David Feiss' cartoons made for Hanna-Barberra/Cartoon Network, the first being of course, Cow and Chicken. If you like shows such as Ren and Stimpy, Cow and Chicken, or Rocko's Modern Life, you will surely love I Am Weasel.

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If not the Best, close to it.

Author: Starfighter John from United States
11 April 2007

I AM WEASEL is not as innocent as Cow and Chicken. It is more adult. As predictable as these characters are, just when it seems to get tedious, the plot takes an unexpected turn. This keeps things fresh. Weasel is the kind of character that is an over-achiever but rarely seems boring. Baboon will usually do the one thing you'd least expect and that keeps things from settling down for too long. Is it for the kids? Maybe, but not young ones. Adults will enjoy it though. Is there any chance that they will ever make new ones?

In all a cartoon that is innovative and fresh. Too bad that more weren't made.

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Great show!!!!!!!!!

Author: dakathebear from Nowhere
16 May 2006

I.M. Weasel is really funny cartoon. The characters comparison is great (An extra smart Weasel and idiotic Baboon). And the surrounding world (full of idiots) of I.M. Weasel is adding the style. The show would probably be nothing without The Red Guy who is the sickest in the cartoon. Charlie Adler is something special. That man makes I.R. Baboon much more funnier and The Red Guy much more crazier. I just wonder will David Feiss continue with new episodes.

Although Cow and Chicken and I.M. Weasel have almost the same cartoon crew, these two shows are much different from each other which proves David Feis's qualities

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A sick clone of Cow & Chicken? You must be joking...

Author: zerosoftwaregroup from Iasi, Romania
21 June 2003

The one (and only?) common thing is the Red Guy, probably the most notable character in cartoons history. Michael Dorn and Charlie Adler are truly a perfect pair of voices.

I just remember now IR & IM Weasel as viking warriors, ancient Rome gladiators, or Reg Guy making Lady Mariam or Caesar - I don't think this kind of humor is present elsewhere.

A definite five star for this show.

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Funny show with adult humour

Author: smetin from United Kingdom
27 April 2017

I loved this show as a kid. It was the classic set up of a smart character being thrown into crazy situations by a fool. It worked and it made me chuckle. I am sure it would not be allowed to air given the current standards for kids shows. The humour is just so foolish that it defines the television being referred to as "the idiot box". I recently rewatched this show at the age of 25 and have to admit that i still found it funny. The idiocy of the show was great, but I now realise there are so many dark undertones to the show. It is full of adult humour that I am sure my parents would have been laughing at whilst I watched this as a kid.

Some of the episodes I disagreed with, as they gave the wrong message. The prime example of this was the episode where Weasel makes friends with a banana who dies. How does he mourn this loss? By eating his friend in a pie. Not the best message. Another example was when Weasel is cast aside and he spirals into a depression where he is homeless and drinking eggs out of the shell to mimic alcoholism. Again, not the best idea for impressionable children. Aside from this, I had very little against this show and found it a great way to unwind after a long day.

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Even better than Cow and Chicken

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
30 March 2014

That is not to knock Cow and Chicken because that is still a great show, but I've always had a preference for I Am Weasel. While Cow and Chicken may be more accessible to a younger audience, having more innocence, I Am Weasel takes everything that was so good about Cow and Chicken's humour- admittedly though a kind of humour that is not everybody's cup of tea- and does so in a way that will appeal to pretty much anybody regardless of age. I Am Weasel definitely could have lasted longer than it did, but there is very little to complain about the show providing that you don't have a problem with the humour. The animation is in a very similar style to Cow and Chicken in terms of colours and drawing style- one that is unlike what has been seen before or since in a way- with the character designs matching their personalities perfectly and the colours while not as colourful as other cartoons tasteful and distinctive. The music is quirky and dynamic with a theme tune that has no problem in being memorable not to mention listenable, not a favourite of mine but a long way from irritating. The writing is very clever and almost always hilarious, the very unique humour is random and can get rude but never in an offensive way and there is evidence of heart- even when it doesn't have the same level of innocence as Cow and Chicken- without being too sugary. The dialogue is brilliant and there are a number of lines that are some of the quotable of any Cartoon Network show. The stories and ideas of the show just fly by pace-wise without being rushed, none of them are predictable with the unexpected turns in the writing making things fresh and the references are ones that adults will get with no problem and don't come off as blatant. The dynamic/relationships between the characters are another component that I Am Weasel does so well, the polar opposite personality idea is not much new but is that really an issue, not to me. And the characters themselves are pretty iconic for Cartoon Network, especially the Red Guy, who is hilariously gross and crazy. While IM Weasel is the most likable and cleverest character, the polar opposite of IR Baboon who is a still endearing character but is one so stupid that he makes Pinky from Pinky and the Brain seem like Einstein. Michael Dorn does a wonderful job as Weasel but Charlie Adler(one of the most prolific contemporary voice actors and a talented one) is even better, Baboon and Red Guy are perhaps funnier and more colourful characters and that is largely thanks to Adler. To conclude, not one of Cartoon Network's best ever shows but a truly excellent one and, because the show is rarely talked about now it seems, it does deserve to be better known than it is. 9/10 Bethany Cox

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Author: RTZ38 from Brazil
28 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I Am Weasel is a wonderful show. The best Cartoon Network series ever, in my opinion.

The characters are awesome. I.M. Weasel is the best in everything he does. He is highly intelligent, much talented, proficient in various professions, and the one who everybody admires. I.R. Baboon is his exact opposite: he is stupid, ugly, has almost no talent, and is the one who everybody hates. Both characters makes the show funny, mainly for I.R. The Red Guy is also an essential element to make the series better than it is.

Concluding, I Am Weasel is a great cartoon, and is really much better than its sister show, Cow and Chicken.

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The Spin-off is better than the original

Author: mperez-03480 from Mexico City, Mexico
9 May 2016

When I saw a premiere of another show for part of David Feiss, i was excited, but is not a simple show, is a Spin-off of his last Show "Cow and Chicken", it came of random shorts of his mini adventures, and it was great, but turn to a show of eleven minutes per episode it's different.

The Characters could be sometimes hilarious, sometimes incredible, sometimes bad, I.M. Weasel is a famous, heroic, eloquent, highly intelligent, and many-talented weasel and I.R. Baboon, an ugly and idiotic baboon who is envious of Weasel's success and constantly tries to be better than him.

The animation is the same of Cow and Chicken, not original

Sometimes the plot could get some repetitive, but is still hilarious, at least it's better than cow and Chicken.


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Love That Weasel!

Author: Kristie Ann Webb from Bastrop, Louisiana
13 November 2011

I first watched this show 14 years ago, but I wasn't crazy about it until this year. Actually, the last time I've watched it was 1999, until my folks moved to another town in Texas. Now in Louisiana, when I've watched it on Boomerang, I fell in love with him. He's totally handsome, his voice moves me, he's very smart, and the best part, he has extreme passions toward women. I should have liked him when he was brand new. I said it because Cartoon Network rarely mentions the show anymore. . I wish I created the show or bought rights to it. If I did buy rights to this show, I would give it more action, comedy, romance, drama, adventure, and musical, I'd cut back with the butt shots. I'd give the Red Guy the Ax and replace him with a decent villain, and importantly, I'd allow Weasel to stick with one girlfriend. Unfortunately, that may never happen (Heck I wish it did). I'm so gonna miss that Weasel. R.I.P. I.M. Weaeel 1997- 2000.

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Not bad at all.

Author: dootuss from PA
16 January 2002

While certainly not the best "Cartoon Cartoon", but it isn't bad either. It's a pretty good show that has its moments. The intellctual I.M Weasel, and the incredibly stupid I.R. Babboon are funny characters, as is the Red Guy (who also appears on Cow and Chicken). This show is quite similar to Pinky and the Brain since one character is smart, and one is an idiot. While not as good as Cow and Chicken (David Feis's first cartoon to grace television), it's still worth checking out.

After all, there isn't another show that has the main character scream out "I AM WEASEL"!!!!!

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