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One of the worst of all time!
Hollywood22 March 2001
I cant believe I was dumb enough to sit through this! This has to be the worst movie Ive ever seen, even beating all of Chris Klein's disasters. It's a shame really, because the plot itself has a lot of potential - submerged aircrafts, navy operations etc - usually end up drawing good crowds but this one was just horrible. This is the first time Ive seen Nicole Eggert since Baywatch, and I cant believe she would take part in such a bad movie. She still looks pretty good but even eye candy could'nt save this one. If anyone's cable operator decides to show this one on a Sunday night - sue 'em!
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I wasted 94 minutes of my life...
WentOnA7772 February 2001
This movie was one of the worst I have ever seen (not including anything by or with Pauly Shore). I couldn't believe that a film could actually be THIS bad!

Coolio has to be the single worst actor (again, not including Pauly Shore) to ever "star" in a movie. The temptation to hit the STOP button during this movie was huge (in fact, if there was a THROW IN THE TRASH button on my VCR, I would have been inclined to press that).

Do yourself a favor, and do something more interesting than watch this movie, like watching the grass grow, or watching golf on TV.
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Stupid Yes.... but still fun!
clark200517 January 2010
Okay this isn't a great movie, but it is still fun to watch. The effects are bad and the old recycled footage doesn't work. But if you enjoy watching great character actors ham it up on screen, then you can enjoy this movie. Dennis Weaver, Fred Williamson, and the rest of the cast are all fun to watch and turn in good performances. I also enjoyed watching the very weak and predictable plot unfold on screen, because it is clear that no one involved in making this movie was trying to win an Oscar. Relax, turn of your brain and just enjoy it!

If you are like me and enjoy low budget movies then you should enjoy this one.
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This is a terrible movie that only gets worse and seems to never end.
PSmith54073 May 2002
This is a terrible movie that only gets worse and seems to never end. The acting was bad, the plot was worse, and the special effects seemed to have been created by a 5th grade science class. Dennis Weaver is such a great actor and should have never taken such a part. My advise, DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE!
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Homage to Airport 1977
imdb-9927 May 2001
"Submerged" is an updated remake of Universal's "Airport 1977." Although this is a Paramount release, "Submerged" uses the same model work, stock footage, and many key plot points from "Airport 1977" including the same rescue sequence. This version sensibly takes some of the story outside of the plane crash--the fatal flaw of the original. There are some good action chase scenes and some lively explosions. There are some other interesting additions, such as shark-infested waters and a pregnant woman in labor. The plane decor is interesting -- including a old western-style saloon bar. Aside from Dennis Weaver as Stevens, the acting is pretty wooden and uninteresting. Overall, "Submerged" is midly entertaining, on par with a good made-for-TV movie.
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It's more Crapmerged...
genxjeff1 December 2003
Okay, I just had to sound off on this one... Like a tremendous mental-gimp, I've just sat through this film in its entirety.

You'll note that the trivia section of IMDB points out that portions of the raising of the 747 were "borrowed" from Airport 1977. This really doesn't scratch the surface... Virtually all exterior shots of the plane skimming the ocean, landing in, sinking, and even the at-rest shots are borrowed from Airport '77. All of the "raising" shots are pulled from '77, including most of the interior flooding clips, with the exception of Dennis Weaver's drowning. I couldn't help but wonder if Olivia Dehavilland might come floating by at any moment, or maybe a "dead" Tom Sullivan. Another eye-roller: Dennis Weaver's name in this film is Stevens, which is to compensate for the fact that Airport '77's plane is owned by the Stevens Corporation (headed by Jimmie Stewart of course).

This is a veritable calvalcade of actors who don't work much, or at least haven't worked in a while, which might have been the first clue that it was going to be a real stinker.

I've rated this film a 2 - It's quite worthy of a "1", but if this film can't offer any other redeeming quality, at least somebody helped Coolio, Max Caulfield, Nicolle Eggert, and Dennis Weaver make their car payments that month!
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Could have been worse....
face_of_terror26 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Submerged" is definitely NOT "the worst movie ever". It does have its flaws, such as borrowed footage, crazy script and non-existent special effects (these are the worst), but it also has some good points too. The acting is surprisingly good, there are LOTS of familiar faces whom you probably know if u're a b-movie fan like me.

I was very glad to see Brent Huff playing one of the heroes, knowing him mostly for his 80's action films, and i must admit, he is not a bad actor at all. Fred Williamson, Maxwell Caulfield & Tim Thomerson get some limited screen time, but are believable in their parts. The "eye-candies" in this Fred Olen Ray movie are Yvette Nipar and Nicole Eggert, both looking very sexy and very mean. Michael Bailey Smith adds some muscle to the background as a Navy SEAL. Unfortunately the only cast member who (in my opinion) is completely out of place is Coolio. He doesn't act at all, talks like he didn't even read the script, and being a badass in the beginning of the movie, gets shot like a wimp a hour later. Not a good choice.

To sum this movie up - this is not such a bad choice for late night entertainment. If you can get over the special effects thing (so many guns, so much fire, and not a single wound on anyone), Coolio's annoying performance, and the recycled footage from Airport 77, you might like this no-brainer after all.
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One of the worst films from one of the worlds worst directors
HEFILM27 July 2005
There is part of one sequence where some water rushes into the sunken plane, everything else that happens in this movie is stock footage for Airport 77. You can even make out Jack Lemmon and Christopher Lee in some of the shots. A total rip off? Well almost by definition. There may be more stock footage in this film than in Plan 9 From Outer Space.

All the new material, actors sitting around in an airplane set talking, is bland and terrible on every level. Dennis Weaver is totally wasted in a career low movie, though that's true for everyone other than this films director Fred Olen Ray, who uses one of this many necessary fake names in order to keep working.

There is a level of scant professionalism that makes this film such a waste of time, it would actually be better if shot by someone with no technical knowledge at all, because Ray has just enough knowledge about how to put together a scene in the worst old school TV fashion that this film, like most of his films, is totally devoid of life. The worst kind of hack work. The worst kind of film. Boring.

This type of film is a waste of money, an affair where the crew on all levels are ghosts hoping to get whatever scant pay check they can and that no one will see or know they appeared/ participated in this rip off. There are so many people who want to make movies it's disgusting to see Ray burn up the money given to do nothing more but fill time.

His commentary track is interesting in that he has to start it by explaining that he is really Fred Ray as he isn't credited on the film itself. That tricked me into seeing it don't let it trick you.
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So many things wrong or bad with this movie
terrencecmay21 August 2001
Boring, ridicules and stupid "Submerged" is a waste of time. The shootouts were a joke, real people do not just stand out in the open with out any cover, hoping to get shot first! So many things wrong or bad, not worth the effort to list, except one major flaw. At 500 mph for 20 minutes = about 166 miles west of L.A. and the water is 100ft deep??? Even at that, none of the people would have survived the decompression from being subjected to 100ft of water pressure for more then 20 hours when they were brought up. Just a awful.
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It would have been good, if it was supposed to be a comedy.
sinisfun7 August 2002
The movie was your average low budget film. But the part that got me the most was the blatant scenes stolen from Airplane. It was so obvious it makes you wonder who they were trying to fool. Splicing scenes from a movie made in the 70's into a movie made today and trying to be taken seriously, is pathetic.
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