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Alternate Versions

To attract a teen audience, this movie was edited from an "R" rating. Among the things cut were gore, language and sexuality.
The Video and DVD releases include the unedited "R" rated version (called 'the Killer Cut'), featuring:
  • A different opening to the movie. This establishes how the scarred and masked men are killers. They attack a girl named Kathy who leaves a party. She has the same symbol that is stamped onto her hand as Cassie and the others. The killers grab her, throw her to the ground, tape her mouth shut, and then slit her wrists, squeezing the blood out of the cut.

  • A briefly shown scene of a girl with a see-through top at the Rave party. The brief sex scene between Cassie and Sean is stronger. It shows her remove her top(facing away from the camera).

  • The lesbian scene between Annabel and Raven is stronger too. They are shown kissing more graphically (licking each others tongues), and then Annabel rips open Raven's shirt which shows her breasts to the camera. Annabel then very briefly caresses Raven's breasts before running away.

  • Cassie opens up a locker to find that her dinosaur that she grabbed in the beginning has been decapitated with blood all over the inside of the locker and on the dinosaur's head and body.

  • The scene where Cassie is chased by the killer has more blood. After she has smashed the light bulb over the killers' head and gotten grabbed by him again, she plunges the light bulb through his stomach and it shows it come out the other side. Lots of blood then pours out of the tube onto the ground.

  • The scene where Cassie dreams that the drill goes near her head has been made longer. It actually shows the drill go into her head, which causes blood to come out.

  • The scene where Annabel and Raven are in the bathroom at the Rave has more to it. When Cassie enters the bathroom, a guy runs out of the stall where Cassie and Raven are. Then when Cassie looks around the corner to see whats gong on in the stall, Annabel is standing up with her legs spread to Raven. Raven brings her head back from being close to between Annabel's legs, and says "love these unisex bathrooms".

  • 4 uses of the word "fuck": (2 from Annabel in the bar, 1 from Cassie in the bar, 1 from Matt inside a car, outside of the Rave).

  • An alternate ending in which Cassie wakes up besides Sean and sits up in bed, grabbing her chest/neck and gasping for breath. Sean then sits up and asks her "That dream again?" to which she nods yes.

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