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Love is on a spiral

Author: jotix100 from New York
15 May 2005

"The Last Place on Earth" came as a total surprise. We took a chance with this indie film brilliantly directed by James Slocum who also wrote the screen play. Mr. Slocum achieves a small film that is a feast for the eyes as well as a story that we know can happen. The music score is by Eric Swanson. The thing that knocks the viewer out is the perfectly beautiful cinematography created by David Dechant; without a doubt, this film is gorgeous to watch because of all the natural settings that serve as background to the story. Also, the movie is greatly helped by the amazing editing of Frederich Wardell.

Mr. Slocum ought to be congratulated for not turning this film into a weep fest. Rob Baskin, the young man at the center of the story suffers a great loss when his mother dies. Her dying words seem prophetic for what Rob would experience after this tragedy. Taking some time off he runs into a young woman who is not afraid to give him a piece of her mind. Rob is taking time off from his boring bank job. Later, on the road, he meets Ann, the outspoken girl, and it turns out to be a match that will serve to liberate him from what he is doing in life in order to pursue his true call: music.

The film has such a sharp look, greatly helped by the vistas of the west one is taken to by Mr. Slocum in this voyage of discovery. Dana Ashbrook and Tisha Campbell play Rob and Ann two young Californians that fall in love. Phyllis Diller is seen briefly as the dying mother too sick, we know she will not survive. Also Billy Dee Williams has a small part as Ann's doctor. Brook Peters, another distinguished actor, plays Ann's father.

We shall be looking forward to other films by Mr. Slocum and wish him well in his future work.

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Sappy "Love" Story /Pre-Something New

Author: BkptScrtRvrsd from United States
31 March 2006

Okay I will admit this was a very sappy fairytale love story. But who ever read fairy tales and understand what the word "tales" mean can get through it. I have seen it twice - loved the food prepared for the catered affair, enjoy seeing some of the places I have traveled. If interracial couples bother you then do not WATCH. One thing I found different from my American-African + Anglo relationships is the lack of exchange of cultural differences. Which was strongly pointed out in the movie "Something New". Almost all Anglo males I have dated I had to school in the A-A culture nuances. I did not see that in this movie. But my absolute fav was hearing a song from 1984 of Pat Benatar's "We Belong". Brought back some heartfelt memories. Well, what can I say its not the best nor does it make my all time worse - "Bachelor Party" with Tom Hanks. I will admit I did cry at the end but I'm just a little sappy at the heart.

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This is a movie worth watching.

Author: maild-1 from Missouri
16 January 2006

I passed on watching this movie several times because I thought it might be depressing. When I did finally watch, I was pleasantly surprised. Although there are some sad moments, it is an uplifting film.

Rob Baskin is a man with lots of potential, but is a workaholic, conservative banker going through the motions of life. Ann is a free-spirited liberal caterer that brings out the best in Rob. Rob meets Ann while on a trip to scatter his mother's ashes and there is friction from the first meeting at a taco stand. When she has car trouble and he sees her on the side of the highway, he stops, not realizing it's that same person from the taco stand. Ann persuades Rob into giving her a ride and that's where the fun starts.

The characters are likable and the scenery is spectacular. You can't help but like these people and cheer for them.

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Utter waste of time...

Author: Kelli Kanz from United States
17 February 2006

This movie is a waste of a wonderful actress in Tisha Campbell. The characters are not given time to develop and therefore seem totally forced -- the main character (Dana Ashbrook) in particular made the story difficult to feel. I continued to watch hoping for some depth in a character that just lost his mother but... yea, nothing. The story line is predictable and there is no chemistry between the two at all. I have to disagree with the previous review and say that the film's score was melodramatic and overly sappy. Throw in awkward camera angles and distracting superimposed "dream-like" sequences and it just makes for a wholly unattractive film... I could go on & on but without spoiling it for those who still want to waste their time...I'll stop here. I'm not sure how this movie got such a high rating here but its definitely NOT worth the time.

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"Beautiful, like an old paperback romance novel"

Author: Adams ( from United States
21 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I found this to be a wonderfully sweet, romantic, yet somewhat sad movie. It was a movie about life and death; perhaps a tad unrealistic to some who may be a bit cynical, but if you have any depth or romance in your soul at all, then you would really enjoy this movie.

Yes, they met and fell in love rather quickly, but that can happen when going through what they were at the time, and also there is always just that chemistry factor that needs to be looked at. I felt that they complimented each other to a tee. Opposites attract and she was so full of life and spirit mentally, physically, and lovingly, whereas, he was more stuffy and quiet and kept to himself; emotions hidden deep within; afraid to identify with them or show them.

My parents met, fell in love, and married very quickly also, and like the couple in the movie, "The Last Place On Earth", they were complete opposites that brought out the best in each other. They were happily married for a little over 26 years until cancer ravaged my father, and my mother, along with us, their three children, watched him die. My mom stayed by my dad's side the entire time without even leaving the hospital room until I made her get something to eat. We were in the waiting room on the cancer floor when dad passed away finally (with my little brother by his side) and it's our feeling that he waited for mom to leave the room because he had told her that he didn't want her in the room when he took his last breath. That was back on New Year's Day of 1989. Then on December 11, 2001, after a very long illness with cancer, my two brother's and I lost mom (my best friend), and my little brother and I were there with her for her last breath.

I suppose my point in writing about all of that, was to say that fast and true love can and does happen to the very lucky. And though he lost her in the end, in the short amount of time that they had together, she showed him so very much; how to live and enjoy life with all its natural glory, and how to let her go when it was her time. And he in turn, showed her all the love he'd had kept inside himself for his entire life.

Some may focus on the fact that the inter-racial issue wasn't really brought up in the film, but that's simply because love surpasses all ... it has no binds or restrictions. The movie's point was to show growth and understanding in life and death, not to dwell on the fact that one may be white and the other black. When true love is involved the color of one's skin does not come into play; not when there are so many other colors that the world has to offer, if we only open our eyes and minds to see it.

Dreams can and do come true, just not always in the manner in which we had hoped.

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Interracial Version Of Sweet November: Yet No Race Card was played

Author: Ian Bourne ( from Barbados, Caribbean
24 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie has more depth than the colours of the wind, to borrow from Vanessa Williams' song in "Pocahontas" another interracial love-story BTW...

Tisha Campbell is a would-be chef who turns out to be a former bank executive, she fights over a burrito with Dana Ashbrook, her car breaks down but all he sees is a cute tush bending over the engine and things move from there! They guest at a gay couple she's been friends with for years, including a one-eared dog who looks mostly Golden Retriever.

It seems Dana's character is on a mission to place his mother's ashes out in the wilds of America and Tisha's character shows him how to live and love and in so doing make her scared of her own passion.

His mother was a bit psychic and said he'd find his love in spirals - which can be taken to mean either Tisha's hairstyle of corkscrew natties or the spiral notebooks of all the songs he wrote over the years that the mother never got rid of and saved for Ashbrook.

What I like about this bittersweet romance is many aspects - the fact she is black and he is white is never touched on except in the joking part after they got married where he said he liked Brownies and she admitted she adored Twinkies; the raging passionate arguments the two have and the equally passionate forgivings are rather realistic for couples who care deeply for each other; her joy in living fighting the slow desperation of her dying of leukemia inspires him to chase his dream and quit being a lowly demoted teller - in fact, he excels as a musician, in the end singing the love he shared with her! She could have done like Charlize Theron who chased away Keanu Reeves in "Sweet November," but Tisha's character stood her ground and she learned more about living too by taking a very wild chance on love! This is a date movie where you carry Kleenex, but definitely look to get at least a deep smooch or two!

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A Good Story

Author: Reginald Stoker from Houston, TX USA
19 March 2006

My goodness " a crime against God, Man, and Nature" is a bit somewhat melodramatic. I just finished watching this movie and agree it was not Oscar caliber. I almost did not watch it due to not recognizing any of the names on the digital TV Guide, but I liked the description and was surprised when I saw Tisha Campbell who I have always liked. I wonder why she was not included in the TV Guide billing, oh well unimportant. I can see where this movie might resonate with some people, like me, who miss a good story telling in movies. I was pleased that this movie departed from the norm and did not try and make us all weepy about her illness. Instead it focused on the characters and their lives and how precious life is. Also, I felt the movie kind of reinforced the old adage "to thine own self be true." I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good little movie to watch instead of the blockbuster repeats that dominate most cable channels. If you keep on open mind and remember that this was an Independent Film you will enjoy it.

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A bittersweet love story, great scenery, interesting characters

Author: msrockforever from United States
18 March 2006

This movie is very well done, it is a bittersweet love story and the acting is superb. I thought it to be very artsy and tasteful as well as containing a subtle undercurrent of socio-political comment. Somewhat reminiscent of Love Story, but with great music!

A young banker loses his Mother, and on the way to scatter her ashes at her preferred location meets a woman whose car has broken down. She cons him into giving her a lift and they spar a bit, eventually falling in love. He ends up taking extra time off from work and gets demoted upon his return, and eventually gives up banking altogether to pursue a music career. There are surprise twists so I wouldn't want to say too much and spoil it for those who have not seen it. I would buy this movie as well as watch it again and I recommend it to anyone who has ever had a great love.

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The love story told by this movie is far better than the film itself.

Author: Jim Harris from Virginia, United States
9 February 2006

I just happened across this movie as it was beginning on one of the premium movie channels. I found the love story to be very good. It is one of those "surprise" stories in which seemingly incongruous strangers end up being lovers for life. There is tragedy in their lives, and it tests the depth of their love. While there is not gratuitous sexual content or nudity, it is certainly not prudish. It is worth seeing for the story, for the values it espouses, and for the fine acting of the two leads. It is distractingly filmed, however, with many double-exposures, which tend to seem "cute" or "contrived" and certainly are not in keeping with the movie's tone. I guess this is evidence that in many cases - if not most - the writer should probably not also be the producer, and definitely should not also be the director, as is the case here. I recommend this movie for anyone who likes a really good love story.

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Loving and Gentle Movie

Author: Aloneandatpeace from United States
26 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a great movie. I felt love flowing and the characters connected. The choice of actors in this movie was like magic. The cast connected which allowed the movie to have strong emotions. I would love to see it again and again. I love the part where her ashes were released back to earth. I love they way they loved each other. I sure hope it comes back on again tonight. I so love movies that connect the people, then the plot is easy to enjoy. I like feeling the emotions of people in the cast. This is a movie that I could have written or played a part of the cast. I love being in love and feeling love. Love is strong and love is powerful. To touch and to love to embrace is living.

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