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Chicago Sun-Times
Parsimonious with its plot, which is revealed on a need-to-know basis. At first, we're not even sure who is who; dialogue is half-heard, references are unclear, the townspeople know things we discover only gradually.
Boston Globe
Stark, haunting, epic, and mournful, The Claim is a mountain of a film.
It overcomes some patchiness to turn into a rich emotional experience, ranging in degree from fire to ice.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Winterbottom also has the insight to share the novelist's suggestion that landscape can reflect and, to a degree, even shape character.
New York Daily News
Its sprawling canvas is mere backdrop for the most intimate of character studies -- a portrait of a man who chose material wealth and found emotional ruin.
Chicago Tribune
I liked The Claim -- as much for its stark visual beauty and impassioned performances as its intelligent script and willingness to probe the tragic side of life.
Rolling Stone
Draws an electric performance from Peter Mullan.
Entertainment Weekly
There's something almost too controlled, cerebral, and overdetermined about Winterbottom's Western notions.
USA Today
The actors seem as frozen as the landscape in this unsuccessful attempt at a grand and profound Western about the California Gold Rush.
Christian Science Monitor
Seems more clever than heartfelt, and whether you enjoy it may depend on how much you like Robert Altman's eccentric western "McCabe and Mrs. Miller," which it uncannily resembles.
Wall Street Journal
Comes to the screen missing subtle cues and crucial connections.

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