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New York Post
"The Sixth Sense" was no fluke. Unbreakable, writer-director M. Night Shyamalan's dazzling reunion with Bruce Willis confirms he's one of the most brilliant filmmakers working today.
Portland Oregonian
An exquisitely crafted film filled with little shocks and deep echoes of humanity. It'll stick with you.
Rolling Stone
It's rare that a a movie leaves you pinned to your seat, wanting to see it again -- right now, this minute -- to work out the pieces of the puzzle. Unbreakable is one of those movies.
Unbreakable shows Shyamalan as a rapidly maturing filmmaker, taking risks and making them pay off.
Chicago Sun-Times
Even if the ending doesn't entirely succeed, it doesn't cheat, and it comes at the end of an uncommonly absorbing movie.
Charlotte Observer
Whatever he (Shyamalan) did, he shouldn't have tried to send the same lightning bolt down to Earth in the same place.
Even the surprise ending arrives with a thud and makes us wonder why Shyamalan didn't try something new instead of recycling his "Sixth Sense" recipe.
For its perilous ambitions, Unbreakable has to be admired, but any ending that succeeds only in pulling the rug out from under a credulous, trusting audience has to be laughed at and called out for the extravagant nonsense that it is.
A gloomy, preposterous psychological thriller.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
A potentially interesting idea deflated by the absurd proclamations of an arch screenplay and smothered under the ponderous gravity of M. Night Shyamalan's dreary direction.

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