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There are a few butt cheeks that are shown during the Wild Women scene. Some women are show bathing in water with their backs showing.

A woman sits straddled atop a man. Only her bare back is shown as she sensually writhes and contorts her body for the man laying down. She then lays down on top of him and licks his chest up to his lips, biting his lip in a foreplay-ish manner. She then seemingly pours something from her mouth into a cup and then pours it onto the man's chest. She reveals his future is to be a king and then asks him about a necklace he was wearing in bed with them. He takes it off and drops it on a pile of clothes by the bed, implying they started to make love off-camera.

A drunk young man tells his father (a king) that he listened in on a conspiracy formed between his sister and Jason. He makes reference to the two conspiring while the two "made love like dogs cooing their treachery".

A man attempts to seduce a woman to join him in bed. She spurns the advance.

Minor blood. The bloodiest scene is when a man stays behind to protect the Argonauts escape. He is swarmed over by enemy soldiers repeatedly hacking and stabbing him.

A General fights against his King and loses when the King out-maneuvers him and cuts his cheek as a warning to all his remaining generals of what weakness will get them.

A four men enter a temple stocked with food. Starved from a sailing voyage without any provisions, two of the men eat at the table. A pair of Harpies (flying monsters) swoop down from the ceiling and attack them. One is carried off into the air while the other man sits ceaselessly terrified at the table as the other Harpy stood over him menacingly until it bites his face (briefly seen on camera). The remaining two men run off after seeing all of this.

A sailing crew searching for the Golden Fleece fights a dragon guarding the prize. At least two men are seen eaten by the dragon in non-gory fashion.

A woman deliberately cuts her arm with a knife to demonstrate how she can heal herself through the power of the Golden Fleece. Blood is briefly shown dripping from the wound before she heals herself with a potion.

An old man is stabbed by a downed soldier. Before he dies, Jason goes to him, trying to help. The old man has a minor trickle of blood on the side of his mouth.

1 Damn.

Jason and the Argonauts indulge in wine-drinking while in the company of the Amazon women. Jason is seemingly intoxicated to the point where he experiences hallucinations while watching firelight.

Jason later on in the last hour gets drunk on the night of his return home, when he falls into a melancholy over losing his mother. He sobers up by the next morning, determined to fulfil his mission.

The dragon sequence may be frightening to younger audiences. Strong maybe. The Harpies sequence may also be frightening as they are purposely hideous in appearance. They briefly are seen attacking two men at a dining table and later seen attacking Jason for a brief 5 minutes.

Most of the CG creatures are so blatantly CG rendered, it's unlikely to really scare anyone.

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