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Amazing film!
Steve_H9 November 2003
I first saw this film when it showed on PBS here in the early 90's. I recently had the opportunity to see the film again. I have to say this is one of the most impressive documentaries I have ever seen. The filmmakers really told this story well on so many different levels. It seems like a simple enough storyline but it truly is very complicated.

I got a lot more out of seeing it this time - maybe because time has gone by I could put it into context better or maybe because I could see a lot of the little subtle nuances that are going on that I never noticed before. Highly recommend you watching this film if you get the chance. Very fun.
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A great documentary!
scottstamper16 November 2003
"Post No Bills" is an amazing project. I love documentaries that are shot over a period of time. Everyone should watch how Clay Walker films Conal over a period of years as his life unfolds. And to make it even better, it was shot on film and not video.

Conal's posters are known world wide. Just the other night I was watching "Menace II Society" and saw his artwork displayed in the background of scenes. Walker's film gave me a whole new perspective.
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