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Glad I'm a bloke

Author: naseby
7 May 2008

I have every respect for womanhood, but this part of it really does take the biscuit. Bad enough when the awful Kaye Adams (Surely 'Hayley' from Coronation Street's sister) was on it, it descended even further into the tripe stage with her departure (She's now taken to mentioning 'her baby' every five minutes when she guests on 'Countdown'). Awful over-the-top laughing at anything only slightly amusing, crap items about the 'ex' (incidentally, on that score, I agree with everyone who says McGiffin only got the job because of 'her' ex, Chris Evans) (wonder what took him so long?), wrinkles or 'the top I bought a Woolworth's' etc etc provides a dreadful hour on the telly. The programme makers ought to be ashamed of themselves, but of course even though it makes money for them, they probably can't stand it (Remember Gerald Ratner, anyone?)and head to the boozer whilst it's on. The quality dramas that used to be on in this slot with fine talent have been swapped for...this? I only gave it a 'one' because there isn't a minus - 1.

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total dross

Author: simoningram-1 from United Kingdom
14 February 2008

These women obviously share 1 brain cell between them. The whooping hysterical audience appear to have a seizure any time one of these morons attempts to say anything remotely funny.I think the one with the lampshade head used to be married to Chris Evans. We also have a footballers wife, a contestant from Im a Nobody Get Me Out Of Here, Celeb mum of the year (pans to take her son to a hooker on his sixteenth birthday)Coleen Nolan and of course the half man half woman singer from P&O Ferries.This all adds up to the biggest waste of time ever. I had planned on taking a couple of days off with the flu but this puppy had me back to work in a flash.

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Not very good at all...

Author: Outsiderfourlife from Jersey, Channel Islands
27 May 2005

Remember that episode of the Simpsons when the the family got cable TV? Marge and Homer were arguing about it, until Homer persuaded his wife by showing her "The Estrogen network", which was a network just for women. As he flicks the channel, it shows a women's talk show called "Afternoon Yak". A woman in the audience stands up and says "Men" and everyone on the show boos loudly. Loose women is the equivalent to this. Take a group of women with about half a talent between them (who'd have thought speaking to camera was so difficult?) and let them try to speak about current affairs. One of the women is only on this program because she's Chris Evans's ex wife. Another used to be on Brookside, then went on Celebrity Big Brother and is now either a singer of TV host. Another was (I think) on Pebble Mill years ago. Funny thing is, I can't remember any of their names. If you make the mistake of turning on your TV when this show is on, do yourself a favour and watch the news on BBC1 instead. You'll learn something new rather than feel your brain turn to mush.

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Sad Viewing

Author: stuartlathey from Hampshire, England
5 August 2004

This programme is all about a bunch of women who cannot find anything better to do than gossip for an hour about nothing interesting at all.

The studio audience seem to have been pumped full of laughing gas as they explode into laughter when anyone says anything. Carol McGiffin who on one hand takes every opportunity to slag off her ex-husband (luckily 'ex' for him, Chris Evans) obviously forgets that the only reason anyone at all knows her from Adam is the fact that she was once married to the poor sod.

The rest of the show is a hotch potch of sad people who must thank God every morning there is someone crazy enough to pay them for this codswallop.

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Surprised by other comments; I like it! :)

Author: Craig Hamrick from New York City
17 May 2005

I'm very surprised to read the only comments posted about this show are quite negative. I guess I'm not the typical target audience of the show: I'm a male New Yorker in my late 30s. I spent part of the summer of '04 in Ireland, and I really enjoyed getting a chance to sample the local programming, and this show was actually one of my favorites. It's sort of the British version of our "The View," which I don't particularly like.

(On "The View," the ladies are constantly trying to outshout each other; they fawn over some guests like giddy high school girls; and last year Star Jones went so overboard talking about her upcoming wedding you'd think she was the first person to ever get married.)

BUT, we're talking about "Loose Women" here, and I found it to be almost completely opposite of "The View." The main host kept things on track and helped the panel stay focused. She and her cohosts were witty, opinionated, and intelligent (mostly -- a slightly ditsy blonde showed up for a few of the episodes I caught). Even though a lot of the current events they were talking about were unfamiliar to me, they put an interesting spin on it all -- so it felt a little bit like eavesdropping on a smart group of ladies sitting at the next table in a foreign restaurant.

While the women did talk a bit about their personal lives, Ms. Jones and company could learn something about how to keep that in perspective. The format of the show (looking more "newsy" than not, with the ladies sitting at a traditional-style news desk, rather than in a faux living room) lends itself more to keeping things semi-professional.

Overall, I felt like I got an interesting glimpse at how a specific group of women felt about their lives, national current events, and the culture they live in. Maybe if I'd been watching for longer than a month, I would have gotten tired of it, but as it was I didn't, and I plan to tune in again next time I'm able. I wish an American cable system would pick this up -- or at least that highlights could be presented on DVD here. (Oxygen or Lifetime would get a much- needed does of international flavor -- replacing just an hour or two of exploitive content, like "Bliss" with this.)

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I don't like it...

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
15 April 2010

Now this has no intention of upsetting any of those who like this show, but I don't like it. It isn't because I hate any of the women or anything but I don't like the format. I do admit I am the sort of person who does find daytime TV bland, with the exception of the educational children's programmes I used to watch. I will give credit though and say that it is not as bad as some of the confrontational shows airing, and I like Denise Welch and Jane McDonald, but this is quite faint praise. Firstly, I don't like the layout of the show. I like a show that talks about current affairs, life in general and several issues that are worth discussing but it is the way the women interact that bothers me. They talk over one another and contradict each other, and maybe I am being a killjoy but I find that incredibly rude. Secondly, is it just me or does anybody else find the audience incredibly annoying? I know Jeremy Kyle, Maury and Jerry Springer have annoying audiences who prejudge and swear at the guests, but the audience is like being present in a very loud audience for an entertainment show like American Idol or The X Factor. Thirdly, while I like Denise and Jane who both have likable and big personalities, I am starting to find Colleen bland and I have never liked Carol, though I can't put my finger on why that is. Fourthly, the pacing, very uneven at times, there are parts when it drags. Fifthly, I don't like the theme tune of the show, I find it somewhat generic. Sixthly, some of the guests, Kaye Adams was bossy and annoying, there was a man who has a prejudice against "fat people"(I wish people would stop going on about weight, I mean it is important to be healthy, but judging someone by their height, weight and looks rather than their talents and achievements is becoming a tired out cliché), and Lesley Garrett is a lovely singer and has an exuberant personality but she was far too nice for this show. Overall, I don't like it, quite frankly I find it bland and boring. Sorry! 3/10 Bethany Cox

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One of the worst talk shows

Author: Andrew from Essex
24 April 2017

This is a dreadful daytime television show that's not worthy of being on ITV1. Most of the presenters are awful and most of what they talk about isn't worth saying. Complaining about men, gossiping, boasting about themselves and going on and on about things that aren't important.

The title is grossly misleading. The presenters aren't slutty and the show isn't about casual sex.

The only reason that I haven't given it 1 out of 10 is that it occasionally has good guests.

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Fake applause with stupid Amercanesque whooping

Author: rpeverall from SE England
9 November 2016

This show is really tripe! To generate the over the top laughter and even more annoying whooping a flunky stands to the side of the audience and waves at them to mindlessly laugh and whoop at every sentence from the latest selection from brain of Britain(failed)celebs. Although basically moronic the show might be approaching interesting but with all the US stile whooping my instinct is to kick my TV screen in. However I am forced to keep my TV on for the duration as my wife having been to the show and seeing the fake flunky in action seems to find the rubbish offered interested Get this rubbish off the air! Viewing a test card for an hour would be better viewing and a quieter with superior i quality

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Not for me

Author: Just-Being-Me from United Kingdom
4 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well what can i say... i wouldn't miss it if it was never on TV again, in fact i personally would prefer if it wasn't on TV again or if it was on a channel that i don't watch... it is not so much the actual programme but the people on it, the people on it are not funny at all and i don't see why the audience laugh every 2 minutes. I don't want to seem mean to the women on it, they are who they are but i just don't think TV is their strong point, and jokes are definitely not their strong point.

They always try too hard to make the audience laugh and appear dumb and i personally think the show would be better with different people. The women make themselves look dumb by trying to act / sound smart when it is clear they haven't got a clue what they are on about.

I think it deserves a 1 / 10 at least for effort i guess, but personally this show isn't for me but i am sure some will like it.

and before i end this review i would like to say something to the comment from @JASON EVANS - you are a sexist, it is clear to see i just thought i would mention a few things.. remember it is a woman that brought you into this world, if it wasn't for a woman you wouldn't be here, no man would and when you insult or should i say TRY to insult women just think you are insulting your mum, daughter, sister etc brainy and you shouldn't be mad at all women just because they never go near you

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Sequel to "Loose Schoolgirls"

Author: gut-6 from Brisbane, Australia
18 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed this sequel to "Loose Schoolgirls", but not as much as the original. The girls have graduated from Saint Ool's Catholic Girls School and are now at Caldwell University. Strangely, Father Hedgehog has also left the school and gone with them as their chaplain, and not surprisingly he is as strict and depraved as ever. The scene in the college's automobile workshop with Diggler's hermaphroditic grandmother has to be seen to be believed - they actually manage to use up an entire 4L bottle of motor oil just during the backwood section. Compared with its predecessor, director St Aubin plays up the comedy aspects. I was rolling on the floor laughing and pleasuring myself in the section where Fatima goes down on the crucified pig. The bit where Patrice bites off Miranda's nipples because she thought they were Smarties was also very funny. All in all, while not as good as the original, I have to say that Jemma Clarxxxon and Trixxxi Vixxxen look as enticing as ever, and I'll certainly be checking out their other films.

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