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The Best !!!!!!

Author: ADRIAN EVERETT from Virginia Beach, Virginia
27 February 2003

ECW is the best wrestling company that ever existed. ECW delivered what was only being seen in The Carribean, Mexico, Japan, and South America, Hardcore Wrestling ! Paul Heyman a.k.a. "Paul E. Dangerously" took control of what used to be N.W.A. Eastern Championship Wrestling, turned it around 180 degrees, deleted old school tradition, and added more sex and violence. This made ECW number 1 on the Indie Wrestling Circuit. Local broadcasts in Philly led to disputes between ECW and The FCC. When ECW was off the air due to a lesbian kiss between Buelah and another ECW Female, ECW shopped around for air time. They tried everyone in Television and got turned down left and right. Vince McMahon of WWE was supposedly the reason why ECW was being turned down so much. TNN during it's last days as The Nashville Network gave ECW air time for only one hour on Friday Night but each show was 1 hour and edited very badly. Matches were short and brief and were over dominated by long inring shoots and backstage banter. Heyman knew that the end was coming and washed his hands of the whole thing and joined the competition in WWE. He was put into position as color commentator alongside Jim Ross because Jerry Lawler had quit due to his wife being fired. On the final ECW Show which was untelevised, all the stars came out carrying trash cans full of ice and beer and toasted the fans as way of saying Thanks for the ride, it was fun. A majority of ECW talent were snagged to WWE and the soon to die WCW. WCW was bought out by WWE and all those stars were immediately transferred to WWE. Some stars made it, some stars didn't, and some stars quit the business all together. There was a brief ECW reunification in WWE. During the live Atlanta Broadcast of WWE Raw, Paul Heyman admitted that a few Raws before in NYC at The Garden he let the stars of both WCW and ECW into the Garden and that ECW was back ! Not only that but Stephanie McMahon was the new "Owner" of ECW. Vince looked like he crapped his pants as WCW and ECW Stars rallied together and defeated WWE stars left and right in 2001. Eventually that died out in 2002 and ECW and WCW went dead finally. Every now and then when WWE rolls through Philly there is a quasi reunification of ECW and fans still chant the company letters for old time sake. Lately you can find stars like Sandman lurking around NWA-TNA and XPW. Actual ECW Ownership is still being disputed by the courts as Vince McMahon is trying to buy out what is left of the company.

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The Wrestling show that does it right

Author: hardcorejrh from NJ
19 May 2000

ECW never ceases to entertain. With brave heroes like Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Rob Van Dam, and New Jack battling evil villains like Justin Credible, Rhino, Jerry Lynn, and Angel, ECW is the ultimate source for wrestling fans. The violence it portrays and the wrestling it exhibits makes it second to none

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this is for children

Author: OzzyCash from Nashville, Tennessee
30 August 2000

LOL certainly not! This isn't your daddy's wrestling as Paul Heyman likes to say. Paul Heyman had a vision in 1993 to start a promotion more hardcore, more violent, more aggressive then the big two, WWF & WCW. ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling. Slowly he worked his way up to a weekly show in a big network, pay per views, action figures, and video games. The stars of ECW: Tommy Dreamer, New Jack, Spike Dudley, Rhino, Justin Credible, Kid Kash, Yoshiro Tajiri, and especially the most athletic wrestler of all time Rob Van Damm along with others make up the current ECW roster, but other wrestlers such as, Jericho, Benoit, Foley, Funk, Sid, Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, and even Stone Cold have wrestled in ECW. ECW lives up to it's name Extreme! Using tables, chairs, spilling bloods, cussing, using guitars, cheese graders, diving off balconies, it doesn't get anymore extreme than ECW!

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The real ECW!(The new One Excrement Chumpionsheet Wrestling doesn't count!)

Author: HermanSchafer from Valentine Nebraska
9 March 2008

Here are the Original ECW wrestlers I used to like.

1.Rob Van Dam: He once wrestled Rhino with a broken left leg! To me he is The Whole F'N Show!

2.Cactus Jack: Greatest hardcore wrestler of all time! He had insane matches against Terry Funk, The Sandman, Sabu, and many more! As crippled as Mick Foley is now, I would still buy a ticket to watch him wrestle!(Not in the WWE.)

3.The Sandman: I loved it when he used his Singapore Cane on his opponents! He has wrestled in brutal Tables Ladders and Chairs and Hardcore matches! Later he joined the other ECW which he got fired after arguing with road agent from RAW Ricky"The Dragon"Steamboat.(I wouldn't watch Steamboat wrestle even if you gave me a ticket!)

4. Ian Rotten: Who can forget "The Barbed Wire Baseball Bat" match and the cringing "Taipei Death Match" against Axl Rotten!

5. Axl Rotten: See above and he was cool when he no-showed in the new ECW because I bet he was aware that he would be in the losing end of dark and squash matches!(I would buy a ticket to watch the Rottens wrestle!)

6. Justin Credible: He has wrestled in "First Blood", and "Stairway To Hell" matches. I thought he was a cool wrestler but WWE and the other ECW had him lose matches all the time including Kurt Angle beating him in seconds!

7. Mikey Whipwreck: For a little guy he sure was a great wrestler!

8. Sabu He has wrestled in more hardcore matches than I can name. In the new ECW they had him lose more matches than I feel he should.

9: C.W. Anderson: He was so good in acting like Arn Anderson's brother that I was convinced that they were related!(They weren't) He also is a talented wrestler who is now retired.(Too bad because I would pay to see him wrestle!)

10: New Jack: There's a crazy wrestler who jumped from a balcony on another wrestler who was lying on a table. (Mustafa Saed his tag team partner is cool too!)

11.Rhino: As far as I am concerned Rhino was the final ECW World and Television champion as of January 7, 2001 and any other shows after this does not count in my eyes!

12.Roadkill: I liked this guy, especially when he is with his tag team partner Danny Doring.(They were the last tag team champs in our ECW!) Roadkill was recently released from the WWE which I hope a promoter gives him a chance to tag with Doring again!

13.E.Z Money: I like this hardcore acrobat!

14.Mike Awesome:(RIP) I can never forget how he Awesome Bombed Masato Tanaka and I,m surprised that Tanaka's still alive.

15. Scott Anton. As hardcore as they come!

16. Lance Storm. This hardcore superstar is great! WWE also had Storm lose way more matches than he should have!

Todays ECW is a developmental league for the WWE because when a WWE mid carder is sent to the new ECW, they make that person a star.(Big Daddy V, who squashed Tommy Dreamer is a good example.)

Speaking of Dreamer, all the other originals,Stevie Richards, Balls Mahoney and Little Guido(Nunzio) are just enhancement talent for the WWE of today and Little Guido has been in a couple of squash matches.

No us hardcore fans will not watch the new crap because of Joey Stles and Tazz announcing no way! I am a fan of CZW now. (Combat Zone Wrestling)

I would rather buy the original ECW in the video store than to go to the WWEs version of ECW live for free and I am serious!

Long live EC Fn W!

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This was a great ECW Show!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
28 October 2003

The ECW show back in the mid 90s around 1995 was one heck of a wrestling program! I loved the WWF and WCW at the time but this ECW show was a great source when the big two weren't on! It had some excellent & classic moments! I loved it when the Sandman was with Woman and Public Enemy had their bloody battles! One classic moment was when Rocco Rock was in the wheel chair and he got slammed against the guardrail! The stuff with Sabu was neat! I really compare this show to today's WWE (WWF) & in My opinion WWE's programs doesn't come close this classic ECW show! If you are able to view ECW from this time do so as it was awesome & plus I strongly recommend it!!

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The most Hardcore, Extreme and Entertaining wrestling Ever!

Author: adaceg (
27 July 2001

This is what its all about, major risks, super bumps and quality wrestling, This is entertaining to the last second including great wrestlers and hardcore. This federation now ceases to exist and if officially bankrupt. It was good while it lasted and will still live in the memory of many Wrestling fans!

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The wrestling company that could

Author: alex mann from United Kingdom
11 July 2006

E-C-Dub E-C-Dub E-C-Dub still fills my head everyday when i think of wrestling and rebelling. When there needed to be a change in wrestling it didn't come easy it came because of cw forcing it down the throats of sports entertainment ecw brought hardcore wrestling to the USA but most importantly ecw brought WRESTLING back to a major audience it changed the face of the wrestling industry not by doing what was popular but by rebelling against what sports entertainment said they needed to do but by sticking the ecw middle finger up and saying the industry needs to change and were going to do it our way now just watch us. ECW will never die as long as Paul E heyman the man who was responsible for ecw has anything to do with it and not Vincent Kennedy McMahon. THANK YOU PAUL THANK YOU PAUL THANK YOU PAUL


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Watch It Grow

Author: Timothy_Walton from Canada
8 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Eastern Championship Wrestling made the move to SportsChannel Philadelphia in April 1993, having been broadcast on a local UHF station before that. From its new home on SportsChannel, the show would gain syndication in many more markets throughout the United States.

This series is for the dedicated ECW fan. The early episodes were standard local promotion wrestling for its day - a few has-been veterans working the indy circuit with a group of local guys wrestling for the love (and beer money) of it. Within a couple months the changes begin, first with the arrival of Paul Heyman playing his Paul E. Dangerously character while becoming an associate producer behind the scenes.

Eddie Gilbert is the booker when the series begins, so much of the show is focused on the stable he builds, Hotstuff International; yes, he spelt it Hotstuff.

Several of ECW's long-term personnel are there from the start - refs John Finegan and Jim Molineaux, ring announcer Bob Artese, and wrestlers J.T. Smith and The Sandman, thought The Sandman has a surfer gimmick and J.T. Smith hasn't yet become The Italian Stallion.

The main enjoyment I found in these early shows is watching the debut of the hallmarks for which ECW became famous - chairshots, drink containers as weapons, action outside the ring that sometimes spills into the crowd, high-flying moves from the ring to ringside, balcony dives, and fan signs. And that's just in the first dozen episodes.

I'm working my way through the episodes from the start, and the quality improves as it goes, so it's hard to give an overall rating. I expect it will be up to 7/10 within the first three months, having started at 2/10.

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Ahead of it's time!

Author: syxxpac78 from United States
29 September 2008

ECW was once an alternative for WWE & WCW fan in the mid 90's that wanted less "gimmicky" wrestling w/ more violence/ T & A/ outrageous storyline, etc! Before ECW was broadcast nationally on TNN, you had to look hard to find this show which was shot in a crummy arena in Philadelphia and obviously did not have much of a budget for television production. I started watching it via tapes and discovered it was being broadcast on a Spanish TV station @ 1:00am Friday nights, but it was worth it. Such an innovative, violent style of wrestling that was upfront and in your face. There was nothing "over the line" in ECW's heyday whether it be barbed wire instead of wrestling ropes, excessive blood, partial nudity, excessive swearing, etc! It was not for everyone, but for someone that was a teenager at the time it was right up my alley and eventually paved the way that WWE still follows in some respects to this day, albeit watered down. If you have a chance to watch this someday it will be worth your while.

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Extreme Championship Wrestling!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
28 October 2003

This ECW show on TNN was very good and very extreme but very different compared to the shows ECW had in the mid nighties. It always had great matches however. I loved it when New Jack would get his things like guitars, staple guns, and even sickles! It was really cool when the Baldies were on especially with Vic Grimes! If you can see the shows and get the videos do it because I recommend it!

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