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30 out of 31 people found the following review useful:

Best real-time strategy game ever!

Author: spelmm from Troy, NY
26 November 2000

StarCraft is a real-time strategy game (RTS) set in the early 26th century in the Koprulu Sector at the edge of our galaxy. The balance of power is a stake as three of the most powerful species in the Universe go head-to-head. The nomadic Terrans, brutal Zerg, and stalwart Protoss each seek the ultimate prize: survival of their species and domination of the galaxy. This game is truly a milestone in RTS development. The graphics are great, play control is intuitive, and the storyline is top notch. Blizzard Entertainment takes an interesting approach by telling the story from the perspective of each race in three separate acts. Thus, the events from Act I (Terrans) are then referred to from the other side in Act II (Zerg) and are acted upon. All in all, this game is worth its weight in gold!

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Addicting, entertaining...

Author: bjolley from USA
9 July 2001

This game is a riot! With a little practice, you can have hours and hours of fun. Build up an army and save the universe. Even if you've never tried a strategy-type game, this one is definitely worth your effort. You can play the provided missions, go one-on-one vs the computer or go online and play with friends or strangers.

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One of the finest computer games of all time...

Author: SnacksForAll from San Diego, CA
9 July 2000

At first I was skeptical -- one day my little brother came home with a copy of STARCRAFT -- and I dismissed it as another stupid fad my brother had bought into. Well, after a while, my brother somehow managed to introduce me to WARCRAFT, a game also from BLIZZARD, and I was hooked after almost a year of laughing it off. And STARCRAFT looked to contain more of the same strategic war gaming, so I tried it out. Wow.

STARCRAFT is by far a more intelligent game than its BLIZZARD predecessor WARCRAFT -- in both creative and technical terms. Unlike Warcraft, there is an actual plotline here, and it is wonderfully engaging -- you'll find yourself speeding through levels just to see the next story development -- and the action, interface, units (and overall game) are like nothing I've ever seen before, and make STARCRAFT superior to anything else in the field.

What I REALLY love about Starcraft though, is the 80s SciFi vibe that it creates. It really brings me back to all those "post-apocalyptic/alien war" science fiction films of the period. Upon playing Starcraft, you can't help but be reminded of ALIENS and the like.

My only complaints, however, are some absurdly difficult levels that can make the gaming process tedious and frustrating -- but don't let that stop you, all the other wonderful qualities more than redeem this (and you probably shouldn't take it from me -- as much as I love PC games, I've never been particularly good at them).

Go out and buy it. And pat yourself on the back for making such a wise decision. Have fun.

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Another GREAT game from Blizzard!

Author: vor57 from United States
2 April 2000

I first got hooked on StarCraft from my friend. The day after, I ran out and bought it. This game has a great story, great cinematics, and great units from all the races; Terran (Human), Protoss (Alien), and Zerg (bug-like critters).

If you like StarCraft, then I suggest getting the expansion (Brood War). I would be grateful if they came out with a second expansion.

I reccomend, again, that anyone who likes good graphics, real-time combat, great story lines, and sci-fi action get this game!

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Manages to out-do one of the most addictive games ever...

Author: syarrow from Toronto, Canada
9 August 2000

What seems like eons ago now, I used to invite myself over to my best friend's house at least twice a week just to play WarCraft. I was completely taken by the whole bird's-eye-view-real-time-war-strategy thing. I soon became a master of defensive formations. Then came Command & Conquer. It was ok, but somehow lacked the addictiveness for me (it also didn't help that it was nearly impossible to cheat!). After that, WarCraft 2, which seemed a little more cartoony than its predecessor, but was no less addictive, and the numerous new characters, including the one-of-a-kind heroes, were a very welcome change. What made it even better was the built-in map editor feature, and, more than the icing on the cake -something more like an entire new layer to the cake- the fact that it was the most fun, most addictive multiplayer game ever.

Then came StarCraft.

Where WarCraft 2 had two races to choose from, StarCraft has three. Where every WarCraft 2 character had its equivalent character in the other race, StarCraft's three races are so distinct and so painstakingly designed that it's practically impossible to draw any parallels whatsoever. Where WarCraft 2's storyline was excessively simple, and the Orc and Human campaigns were concurrent (that is, they're just two different perspectives on the same story, happening at the same time), StarCraft's storyline is as rich and detailed as a sci-fi novel, full of dissention, assassination, and alliances made and broken. Further, in StarCraft, the campaigns are meant to be played in a specific order, because they are not concurrent, but rather entirely different chapters in this wonderful complex story.

The multiplayer aspect of StarCraft is the best part of all. StarCraft, like WarCraft 2, has a built-in map editor, although it is more difficult to use, simply because the game is more complex. Unlike WarCraft 2, StarCraft includes everything you need (except an internet connection) to join the exciting world of on-line StarCraft gaming on ''.

I first played StarCraft at another friend's house, from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. in the morning. Suffice to say I was too tired to figure out what was going on, and was baffled by all the complexities of the game. A week later I said 'Give me your copy of StarCraft so we can play online'. And the rest is history. Once again, just like with WarCraft and WarCraft 2, I'm not much good at strategic attack, but I've become an expert at defensive formations. Once again, I prefer to use humans - I suppose I understand their technology better than aliens or Orcs. Blizzard scored another winner with StarCraft, and as technology gets better and people's hard drives get bigger, many aspects of computer games improve accordingly: StarCraft has better sound, more in-game sounds, a longer storyline, better between-level graphics, more between-level videos, more characters, more races, more buildings to construct, more upgrades to make, etc.

In closing: buy this game. (And the Brood War expansion ... I don't know where I would be without my medics and my nukes!)

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18 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

What more would you want in an RTS?

Author: mattho from Melbourne, Australia
8 November 2000

Starcraft is a definite winner for one of the best RTS (real time strategy) games. Fantastic graphics and are put to scale; not like other try-hard games like Tiberian Sun (which I might add was released one year after yet it was worse!)

The storyline is fantastic, from the Zerg, to the Protoss and the Terran, it will keep you wanting to find out more as you complete missions. All units have at least three different sounds that are produced and the music is fantastic (eg. a different track for each race).


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THIS is a game!

Author: Anthony Einsel from Aiur
26 October 1999

Starcraft... the Best Real-Time Strategy game in the world. Centered around the Koprulu Sector, 3 races, the human Terrans, the bug Zerg, and the Alien Protoss, go head-to-head in triangle war for control of the galaxy. This story, employed by great voice-acting and Content.

Voice-Acting? It isn't like a professional voice acting guild BUT IT WORKS! The characters are brought to life before our very eyes. The noble Protoss Warriors Zeratul, Fenix, Tassadar, and Aldaris show knightship and honor like medieval times. The great Terran men like Admiral Gerard DuGalle, Captain James Raynor, and Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov give the feeling of human wrath on the sector. The Zerg... Only one person sums up the Zerg... Former Terran Warrior Kerrigan, now hte Queen of Blades. The Queen ***ch of the Universe. Very well played.

How about the creativity? TONS OF IT! Each race has a different strength or weakness. One may be technologically strong (Protoss) than the other. They may be physically strong (Zerg) than the other. Or others may be well-rounded (Terran). Each has a weapon of destruction. They have to use it well. Protoss has Dark Templar, who are great against any person, Terrans have Battlecruisers, that are all powerful, and the Zerg have their usual Strike Force of Hydralisks, ready to decimate a colony in no time flat.

To sum it up... Starcraft is A GREAT GAME! BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT! Also with the Brood War expansion set... I feel it's just part of the game. Now when you get it... You feel happy to say when your Ghost lauches a Nuke:

"You Call Down the Thunder... Now Reap the Whirlwind."


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The only RTS game I've ever liked

Author: PlayerSS from North Carolina
7 May 2006

I've never been a big RTS fan. In fact Starcraft and it's expansion have been the only two RTS games I've ever played. Having said that. Starcraft is the only RTS game I need to play. I have a feeling that most other RTS games would pale in comparison.

You get to play as three species. Terran are humans, Zerg which are ferocious "Alien" inspired creatures, and Protoss which are unique no mouthed aliens. Each species has their own ups and downs in combat, but that's what makes the game so diverse. Trying to build your base and protect it while building an army for war is a fun challenge.

The storyline is great. Really sets the mood that all three species are at each other's throats in one way or another. It's set up so that the player has to play an individual campaign of each species. With each species getting their own storyline that eventually brings everything full circle. If there's one thing I have to give this game above all else. It's a really difficult game in the later levels of each campaign.

In my opinion it still holds up today 8 years after it's creation. Great game. Good graphics. Intriguing storyline. A fun challenge. This game has a little bit for everybody if you're into RTS games.

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Great game, hours of fun, awesome sound.

Author: erslincoln from United States
10 July 2005

I love playing this game, and have for years. What I especially like about it, aside from its seamless gameplay, is the sound. All of the sound effects are very cool, very original, and the soundtrack is awesome. I'd love to get a CD cut that just had the soundtrack on it. I highly suggest this game to anyone who like strategy games, and particularly to those who have never tried one, but would like to. A CD version can be had very inexpensively now that the game is some years old. It has very cool characters which are informative enough without being intrusive. The gameplay is good or great in every aspect, and I expect I'll continue to play it for years to come.

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Excellent game... must-play for any fan of real-time strategy gaming

Author: abgkasjlkasjla from Denmark
1 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've honestly never been much of a fan of RTS(Real Time Strategy) games... I generally find them to be uneventful and unimaginative, most of the time. The better part of them are essentially the same, when you break them down to basic elements: Build up a base, collect credits through some kind of natural(or unnatural) mineral, build an army and defeat the opponent who has more or less the same type(s) of army/units/buildings as you. Well, this one is something else... here, you have three species... each unique. That's different technologies, units, strengths and weaknesses. There's a larger-than-usual single player part that has 10 missions per race. Most of them are fun, and they grow more challenging, so you won't tire of it before you're done, either. Music is fitting(and it's even differentiated for the three, as is the color scheme and HUD design). The game-play is among the best that the RTS genre has to offer; it's quite open-ended, allowing you to experiment to find out what works best for you. There are an awful lot of drastically different units and abilities for the three races. I have to admit, I've experienced several RTS games which unfortunately have one inferior army, which can only defeat the other army through means of drastically superior numbers. The model this utilizes has been used other times(since), recently in the Generals game in the C&C series. The graphics are excellent, and still hold up well today. The animations are smooth and positively bursting with detail. For better or for worse, compared to, say, the Command & Conquer franchise, this allows more for a higher number of bases... as soon as you can build, you can pretty much build yourself a new base. Also, I would say that this is a game where you have to expect that you may need to spend time finding yourself more minerals... or making what you get last a while. Take note, those used to there being credits aplenty throughout the RTS titles they play, as I can't off-hand think of another game that isn't pretty much like that. There is a limitation on how many units any player(human or computer-controlled) can control(clearly shown, in any given level), which rules out the often applied strategy(for other RTS titles) of just attacking the enemy with a swarm of powerful units, and necessitates proper strategy. The game also has a magnificent story(and well-told(partially through rather marvelous voice-acting, and some through beautifully animated video sequences), complete with three perspectives, and well-written characters). Usually, when playing single player in a RTS game, you have to lead the army you've chosen to victory... the campaigns contradict each other, or simply don't relate to one another. In this game, you lead each of the three races through the three parts. This way, you feel like a much bigger part; you're the one fighting the hardest battles of the war, and making the biggest difference in the plot. Each race has a final mission where they have to destroy an enormously important, heavily defended building, making for an awesome ending to that part of the game. Of course, once you've beaten the single player portion of the game, you'll want something else to entertain you... so there's multi-player, which can be played both over the Internet and over LAN. There are several different modes of multi-player, allowing for many hours spent without it getting boring. The multi-player is also reliable, with no errors during play. And if you tire of that, there's even a level editor. No, in fact it's a *campaign* editor. You can make entire series with this tool, and it's about as easy to use and packed with features as such editors get. Believe me, I've been making levels(well, trying to) for several years, and this is one of the best, most compact, and most easy-to-figure-out editor I've tried(others include the ones for Max Payne(which allows for much greater freedom, but doesn't allow much easy tweaking, and the interface of which more or less immediately weeds out all but the most well-versed in computers) and Heroes of Might and Magic III). You can make extensively programmed levels and completely redefine the game-play. Even if you don't fancy yourself a creative type, this is to your advantage if you get this; there are tons of websites with new levels, custom-made, for more or less any purpose(single-player, multi-player, various separate ones, etc.), and all you need to do is download and put the file in the map folder. It does not get much easier. Heck, you can even download more tools to customize, if you want to do something that the regular editor, that comes with the game, won't let you(though there is precious little that fits into that category... it's incredibly open and, as stated earlier, jam-packed with features). The interface is better than that of contemporary titles. This is undoubtedly one the best RTS games out there... but there are a few minor complaints. Some of the programming does leave a little to be desired... at times units go the long way around obstacles, sometimes they don't go exactly where you tell them to, just somewhere in close proximity, and finally, there are examples of units 'acting up' as a side-effect of certain magic/special abilities. Also, though the games does have a number of in-game tips, it can be fiendishly hard, and there's only one instructional tutorial, and it doesn't cover much. Finally, the three races don't have equally interesting story-lines, and they have to be beaten in the preset order, so if you're stuck on a dull and/or hard mission with an uninspired one, there's really nothing to do, except to just do your best to get through it and hope for the next one to be more interesting. Of course, that is a minor complaint. All in all, the game is an accomplishment. I recommend this to any fan of RTS games, and most gamers and sci-fi fans in general. 8/10

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