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Boston Globe
A civilized delight.
Entertainment Weekly
Jaoui handles her crowd of vivid characters so naturally, and shoots her scenes so unobtrusively, that the diagrammatic cleverness of the plot never overwhelms the intelligence of the observations.
Chicago Tribune
The storytelling is episodic, and the film takes a little while to get going, but it hits its stride.
Wall Street Journal
A wonderfully generous spirit. It's a film about cultural yearning and fearless love.
Chicago Sun-Times
One of the delights of The Taste of Others is that it is so smart and wears its intelligence lightly. Films about taste are not often made by Hollywood, perhaps because it would so severely limit the box office to require the audience to have any.
San Francisco Chronicle
Wonderfully original comedy.
Philadelphia Inquirer
For everyone who has ever asked, "What on earth do they see in each other?"
New York Daily News
A charming little valentine to the mysteries of attraction.
Christian Science Monitor
Why does affection sometimes grow between people who seem to have little or nothing in common? That's the tantalizing question running through this capably acted comedy-drama
Miami Herald
Nothing overly dramatic happens during the course of The Taste of Others but the characters prove to be engaging and their quite real human emotions are enough to carry it.
New York Post
A tad slow by American standards, but so extremely well-acted and emotionally truthful, it's right up there with "In the Mood for Love" as prime romantic fare for the Valentine's Day weekend.

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