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Chicago Sun-Times
A well-crafted entertainment containing enough ideas to qualify it as science fiction and not just as a futurist thriller.
San Francisco Chronicle
This movie knows how to entertain.
Boston Globe
Puts the fun back into going to Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. He said he'd be back, and he is.
Mr. Showbiz
A clever but routine science fiction flick.
Entertainment Weekly
A bit of a clone itself, but it's got a crackerjack helicopter chase, a semblance of a script, and a sotto voce performance by Robert Duvall as a biotech genius who murmurs sweet nothings to his dying cloned wife.
Chicago Tribune
Once Schwarzenegger got attached, the short-sighted, commercially minded forces took over; the man is desperate for a hit, so the movie dare not overestimate the audience's intelligence or tolerance for uneasily resolved dilemmas.
New York Post
This otherwise undistinguished thriller about cloning is the most entertaining movie from the aging action star for some time.
USA Today
Edited like the world's most expensive car ad. The screen opens and closes like a nervous accordion, and the action shifts speeds like crazy.
Philadelphia Inquirer
There's no doubt that the formula for this kind of action film is showing its age.
New York Daily News
Like Schwarzenegger himself, it looks tired, and a little bored.
Rolling Stone
Offers action in the Arnold Schwarzenegger style. Well, not right away.

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