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Boston Globe
Puts the fun back into going to Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. He said he'd be back, and he is.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Spottiswoode and Schwarzenegger deliver a clever and colorful conspiratorial thriller with high-energy action scenes, car crashes a go-go, spectacular technology and big explosions, packaged with ferocious glee and spoofing humor. Who could ask for more from Ah-nold?
This movie knows how to entertain.
Well worth the price of admission.
A fun ride. It's loud and obvious, but it's also the first high-tech, sci-fi thriller to think through some of the implications of cloning and capitalism.
Charlotte Observer
Offers high-speed helicopter chases, fireballing explosions, deadly laser guns, futuristic technology gone amok, multiple car crashes, two Arnold Schwarzeneggers for the price of one - almost everything except a plot that makes sense.
Chicago Tribune
Once Schwarzenegger got attached, the short-sighted, commercially minded forces took over; the man is desperate for a hit, so the movie dare not overestimate the audience's intelligence or tolerance for uneasily resolved dilemmas.
The movie isn't "Blade Runner," but it's got some provocative ideas about the implications of cloning in a market-driven, capitalist society.
Plays like something picked up at a vintage store; you can see all the greasy fingerprints from those who have handled it before.
Village Voice
Offers director Roger Spottiswoode a chance to have the worst actor in Beverly Hills play scenes with himself.

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