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  • Ajit Singh (Dharmendra) learns that his parents and younger sibling's death was due to a ruthless bandit massacring them in cold blood. Taking an oath that he will get revenge Ajit Singh ventures out to find the bandit Bharat Thakur (Ajit). However being wanted by the police for accidentally stealing goods Ajit goes into hiding and ends up witnessing a bloodbath shoot-out between the bandits and the police. The police were on their way to set up a police station in the rural town of which Bharat Thakur has control under in order to bring law and order for the people there. However Bharat has come to know of this plan and as a result all the policemen die in the shoot-out. After seeing this Ajit decides to pretend to be a policeman and carry out their mission. When he arrives at the village all he finds are village people who are too scared to face the bandits. Ajit Singh now faces the task of training them up in order to make his mission work - will he ever fulfill his 'pratiggya' against Bharat?

    - Written by gavin@sunny_deol2009@yahoo.com
  • Ajit lives with his widowed mother and drives a truck for a living. Before passing away, his mother tells him that his biological parents, a brother, and a sister were killed by a bandit named Bharat Thakur, and he makes a pledge to avenge their deaths in Dinapur. On the run from the police himself, he comes to the assistance of a dying Police Inspector D'Souza, takes on the guise of Inspector Inderjit Singh, converts an illicit liquor den into a makeshift police station, recruits uncouth residents as policemen, and falls in love with the local belle, Radha. He does not know that the authorities have deputed a real Police Inspector by the name of Abhijit Singh perhaps to apprehend him; that Radha is the niece of Bharat; and that he may have spies in his motley crew of policemen.

    - Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)
  • Truck driver Ajit Singh find out from his foster mother before her death how his biological family were mercilessly massacre by a bandit named Bharat Thakur. He then takes a pledge to avenge their death and travel to Dinapur village where Bharat is holed up; en-route he comes to the assistance of a half-dead police inspector who was ambushed by Bharat. Once in the village he decides to impersonate the inspector and converts a liquor den into a police station. He then seeks assistance from some rowdy male villagers by making them police officers so that he can easily target Bharat and his gang.

    - Written by gavin (racktoo@hotmail.com)
  • Ajit Singh a truck driver learns from his dying adoptive mother that he is the only surviving son of a honest cop Inspector Davinder Singh who was killed by a bandit Bharat Thakur.Ajit swears to revenge on Bharat Thakur on his way to Dinpur to find Bharat Thakur he meets a grievously injured cop Inspector Dsouza who was on his way to Dinpur to set up a police station but he and his men were attacked by Bharat Thakur and his men killing his team and injuring him badly.Inspector Dsouza succubus to his wounds.Ajit now poses as a cop leaves to Dinpur with machine guns and grenade to set up the police station where he trains villagers to fight against Bharat Thakur with his love Radha while Bharat Thakur has spy in his village Chandi who provides every movement of villagers to him.

    - Written by alex.mjacko@gmail.com


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