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Kim Kardashian Teaches a TV Host How to Balance a Glass on His Butt

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Kim Kardashian Teaches a TV Host How to Balance a Glass on His Butt
Kim Kardashian proved that, yes, she can really balance a Champagne glass on her butt like she did for her now-infamous Paper magazine photo shoot, and she's willing to share her secrets with the world. The reality star made an appearance on Australia's The Project on Tuesday to open up about her Internet-breaking stunt with photographer Jean-Paul Goude. After host Rove McManus asked Kim if the Champagne butt shot was photoshop, she clarified that it was indeed real and that her "back hurt for a week after the shoot" due to the intense pose. "It was definitely not comfortable, and things were falling all over the place," she added. Kim then agreed to show Rove, although she added that it might not work because he doesn't have "as big of a butt as I do." Watch the hilarious balancing act above and hear more from Kim about why she did the shoot.
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Global Force Wrestling Partners With Promotions In Australia And New Zealand

It’s been a little while since there was any major news regarding Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion, Global Force Wrestling. However, Gfw has been thrust back into the spotlight as of today after announcing yet another plethora of co-promotional partnerships.

Jarrett made headlines earlier this month when he joined New Japan’s Bullet Club. Gfw’s website and YouTube channel have promised exclusive footage of the shocking event soon — though that’s a different story for a different time.

For now, Jeff has turned his attention back to his burgeoning promotion, Global Force Wrestling. Today, Gfw announced partnerships with several wrestling promotions in Australia and New Zealand. The company’s worldwide reach continues to expand with this announcement, as Gfw has previously inked deals with New Japan, Aaa, Wwp in South Africa, and various European promotions.

The August 26th press release announced deals with Pwa Australia, WrestleClash,
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Rove’s Us game show axed

Riot, the improvised comedy series from Aussie comedian Rove McManus, has been axed after underwhelming ratings in the Us.

The show, which was co-produced by Rove.s buddy and fellow comedian Steve Carell, has been described as a mix between Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Wipeout and debuted last month on Fox TV to a meagre audience of 1.3 million.

The show was based on the based upon the Australian Slide Show television series, which was actually based on a French program Vendredi tout est permis ("On Fridays, Anything Goes with Arthur".)

Rove acted as host with the contestants comprising of a number of famous actors and comedians, including Carell himself.

Despite pulling some seriously impressive guests (Seinfeld.s George Alexander, Us comedians Andy Dick and Tom Green, to name a few) Riot was officially cancelled by Fox yesterday.
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Rove lends five voices to Cartoon Network’s first local show

Rove lends voice to Exchange Student Zero

Rove McManus is the lead voice actor on a new animation series – the first local production commissioned by the Cartoon Network.

Called Exchange Student Zero, the 70-minute production is produced by Bogan Entertainment and is followed up by a new fantasy card game Battle Day Zero on the network’s website.

McManus voices five characters within the film including school friends John and Max and Hiro – The Prince of Karuta, an anime character from within the card game, brought to life and passed off as an exchange student at school by John and Max.

Following Hiro’s arrival come less savoury characters of the game to terrorise the friends’ hometown of Perth.

McManus said: “Being part of an animation project like this is pure joy for me. Not only because I am such a fan of the art form but also there is
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Carrie Bickmore 'still in shock at Gold Logie nomination'

Carrie Bickmore has revealed that she still cannot believe that she has been nominated for a Gold Logie award. The Australian television presenter, who fronts The Project alongside Dave Hughes and Charlie Pickering, admitted that it feels "surreal" to receive a nod for the prestigious prize because she never thought she would be considered. Bickmore told the Sunday Herald Sun: "I used to sit next to [former colleague] Rove [McManus] and he would get up and get the Gold and I used to think that was such an honour. I never thought I'd ever get a nomination, so I'm just enjoying it." Other nominees for the Gold Logie include comedian Hamish Blake, breakfast TV presenter Karl Stefanovic, Spicks and Specks host Adam Hills, actress Asher Keddie and Home and Away's Esther Anderson. (more)
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Adam Hills: 'Julia Gillard loves 'Spicks and Specks'

Adam Hills has revealed that Julia Gillard is a fan of Spicks and Specks. The Australian comedian, who recently filmed the last episode of the comedy television show, said that the country's prime minister approached him on a flight and asked him for a backstage pass to the set. Hills told the Herald Sun: "She walked backstage and said, 'We haven't seen each other since that flight', and I said, 'I'm so sorry, I turned that into stand-up'. She said, 'Yes I know. You did it at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and on Rove as well'. Nothing gets past her." The star is currently touring the country with the Spicks and Speck-tacular tour alongside co-stars Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough and said that he is having a great time. "The amount of love coming from the audience is quite astounding," (more)
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Rove McManus to cover London 2012 Olympics for Foxtel

Rove McManus has reportedly agreed to front the London Olympic television coverage for Foxtel next year. The Australian chatshow host, who relocated to La with wife Tasma Walton in 2009 after quitting his Channel Ten series Rove, has pleased Foxtel bosses so much with his Us-based programme Rove La that they want him to play an important part in covering the 2012 Games. Foxtel boss Brian Walsh told the Herald Sun: "Rove will have an integral role in our Olympic games coverage which includes [his involvement in] the opening and closing ceremonies and he'll be appearing daily on our Olympics channels." (more)
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Kyle Sandilands blasts "s**t cable host" Rove McManus

Kyle Sandilands blasts
Kyle Sandilands has publicly slammed Rove McManus. The Australian radio and television personality, who used to be married to singer Tamara Jaber, revealed that his feud with TV presenter McManus was ignited when McManus mocked Jaber's music career. Sandilands said: "I'll tell you what happened... we used to go on Rove's show and like everyone else I thought he was nice. And when Tamara brought those songs out a few years ago and the newspapers started caning her and lying, saying I was the only person playing it... Rove jumped on the bandwagon and started to have a go. "So when he started sinking the boot in, I started hating him and then when Rove's wife [Belinda Emmett] passed away, he and I met up again and he said, 'I'm sorry, I understand, I shouldn't have gone there with the Tamara situation'. "Then two (more)
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McManus lands own chat show in Us

McManus lands own chat show in Us
Rove McManus has revealed that he will be returning to television. The Australian TV personality, who moved to the Us last year, is to host a new chatshow from Los Angeles for digital channel Foxtel. According to Aap, Rove La will be filmed in front of a live studio audience and will include various celebrity interviews in a one-hour weekly slot. McManus said: "While it has been great to rest, recharge and get to know La over the past (more)
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Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Are the Cutest Couple at Aussie Kids' Choice Awards

Just like Americans, it turned out Australians also love couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens who maintain a low profile when it comes to their romance. The pair, who began dating when they first filmed "High School Musical", was named the Cutest Couple at 2010 Australian Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

Efron and Hudgens fought off strong contender, one of most beloved couples, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Efron and Hudgens also beat out the likes of newly-married couple Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr as well as newly-reconciled pair Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus.

Moreover, YouTube sensation Justin Bieber landed Hottest Hottie nod at the event, which was held at the Sydney Entertainment Center on Friday October 8, leaving Taylor Lautner as well his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift and Australian native Rachael Finch empty handed.

Joining Efron and Hudgens as well as Bieber in the winner list was host of variety show "Rove", Rove McManus,
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Ask the Flying Monkey: Is It Okay to a Ask a Straight Guy, “Who Would You Go Gay For?”

This week! Is it okay to ask a straight guy, “Who would you go gay for?” How “real” is The Fabulous Beekman Boys? What’s up with the gay blood ban? How do you talk to conservatives about same-sex marriage?

Q: Here Down Under, we had a great TV personality Rove McManus who frequently asked the question “Who would you turn gay for?” to the celebrities like Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, and Anne Hathaway. But something didn’t quite sit 100% right about it with me. Is this type of question a further extension of the whole “bromance” phenomenon? Doesn’t this demean and trivialize the issue of gay identity? So I’m putting it to you O Great Winged One: how do you feel about the question? -- Papermoon a.k.a. Ste, Melbourne, Australia

A compilation of Rove MccManus putting various celebrities on the spot:

A: On one hand,
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I Love You Too: all you need is rom-com

Romantic comedies make money. Lots of it. So why isn’t Australia making more? Miguel Gonzalez spoke with the creators of I Love You Too, a comedy that will help fill that gap in the film market.

I Love You Too is comedian Peter Helliar’s big screen debut, produced by Princess PicturesLaura Waters (We Can Be Heroes, Summer Heights High) and Yael Bergman (Love and Other Catastrophes).

Helliar had worked with Waters in the pilot episode for Rove in 1999 and kept in touch with the producer.

Knowing he had a number of ideas for features, in 2002 Waters asked Helliar to choose one and start working on it. Due to other commitments, it took a while before that idea became a treatment and, finally, a film script.

According to Waters, the message that drove Helliar to write the story and guided every draft was “tell people that you love them”, and from that premise,
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In full: Logies 2010 - The Winners

In full: Logies 2010 - The Winners
Gold Logie

Ray Meagher (Home and Away) - Winner!

Esther Anderson (Home and Away)

Wil Anderson (The Gruen Transfer)

Rebecca Gibney (Packed To The Rafters)

Adam Hills (Spicks And Specks)

Paul McDermott (Good News Week)

Rove McManus (Rove)

Shaun Micallef (Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation) Most Popular Actor

Hugh Sheridan (Packed To The Rafters) - Winner!

Luke Jacobz (Home and Away)

Todd Lasance (Home and Away)

Ray Meagher (Home and Away)

Erik Thomson (Packed To The Rafters) Most Popular Actress

Rebecca Gibney - (Packed To The Rafters) - Winner!

Esther Anderson (Home and Away)

Rebecca Breeds (Home and Away)

Jessica Marais (Packed To The Rafters)

Jessica Tovey (Home and Away) Most Popular Presenter

Shaun Micallef (Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation) - Winner!

Natalie (more)
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McManus aims for Us TV career

McManus aims for Us TV career
Rove McManus has decided to pursue a career in American television, reports have claimed. The award-winning Australian presenter, who is married to actress Tasma Walton, announced on Sunday that he would not be returning for another series of his talkshow Rove. A spokeswoman for McManus told The Daily Telegraph about the potential Us projects: "Everything is up for grabs." Prime Minister (more)
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'Rove' to receive image overhaul

'Rove' to receive image overhaul
Australian chatshow Rove is receiving a major overhaul that may turn it into a Hey Hey It's Saturday-style variety series. The programme, which is hosted by Rove McManus, was aired last night for the last time before the cast goes on holiday and should return next year. A spokesperson for Channel Ten told The Sunday Telegraph: "Rove will be back on Ten in 2010. Things will be different and, (more)
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Video Interview with Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen's Isabel Lucas

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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen co-star Isabel Lucas was interviewed by Rove McManus for Australian television.

"Isabel Lucas interview on Rove (live in studio with Rove McManus) promoting her new movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Includes: Transformers audition in a car, running in high heels (bonus: Ross Noble & Lily Allen demonstrate) plus would she pose nude for charity?

Official Rove site -

Broadcast date: 14 June, 2009 - Episode 18 of 2009 

Read more
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We Heart Helliar

Announced back in December 2008 as receiving backing from Screen Australia (, I Love You Too has started shooting in Melbourne. The debut screenplay from TV favourite Peter Helliar (Rove) is produced by Princess Pictures (the company behind the ABC success stories We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High) and has the distribution backing of Roadshow. Described as a ‘romantic comedy about a commitment-phobic man-about-town and a gifted New Age dwarf on a quest to win the women they love', Helliar wrote the film to resonate with a broad cross section of audiences.
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Video: Zac Efron on Being Admired by Moms and Grandmas

Zac Efron's fans are not merely teen or young people, but also mothers and grandmothers. Stopping by Australian Logie award-winning talk show "Rove" during a promotional tour for his latest flick "17 Again," the heartthrob opens up about how it feels being admired by people of a much older generation.

"The moms get absolutely crazy. That's the funniest part," Zac tells talk show host Rove McManus. "Inevitably if someone is grabbing you too hard, or won't let go, it's not a young fan. It's a mom or grandma!"

Wearing a blue t-shirt matched with jeans and a pair of white sneakers, Zac Efron is all smile during the taping of the show. Beside talking about his big screen flick, the 21-year-old actor also addresses on him attending the 81st Annual Academy Awards on February 22 and him being snapped visiting sex stores with on-and-off-screen girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.
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Straight Men Kissing

In real life, straight men don’t kiss each other all that often — not counting a certain game of Truth or Dare I participated in back in college.

But in movies and on TV? Straight men seem to kiss each other fairly often. Thing is, it’s rarely for romantic reasons.

So why do they kiss, if not for romance? Interestingly, they seem to find almost every reason under the sun - some good, some bad and some just plain weird. Here are 12 of them graded by adding a score for sexiness plus a score for freshness minus a score for gay panic equaling an Hot Kiss Rating.

Christopher Meloni/Lee Tergesen GLAAD Awards Kiss

Actors Christopher Meloni and Lee Tergesen gave the audience exactly what it wanted at the 2000 GLAAD Media Awards, kissing each other the way their Oz characters, boyfriends Chris Keller and Tobias Beecher, might have kissed.
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