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The Twei'lik women on Tatooine sometimes flirt with the player when walked up to.

Beyond that, nothing else.

Mild violence; you can kill people but with no or very little blood or gore, although there are moments where the action ramps up and the violence becomes more intense.

When you fall into, are run over, or get chopped up by spinning roders, the animation accompanying it is quite graphic, though not in gory detail.

The boss battles become very intense and challenging, requiring the player to stay focused and improvise with puzzle-solving all the while the enemies attack.

There is an option on the main menu (using a specific cheat) to unlock all missions, invincibility, and an entire roster of weapons to use at the players disposal; including blasters, thermal detonators, and heat-seaking missle launchers. The player has the "option" to kill the innocent A.I. throughout the game.

A few bits of name-calling, but nothing outside the realm of any other Star Wars game.

On the outskirts of Tatooine, certain traders will offer the player a chance to buy some "dweezle and pallae" - a form of suggestive drugs.

Some of the traders deep in the underground of Mos Espa are shown either drinking or drunk.

Bartenders offer you a drink.

Darth Maul can be very scary and menacing for young audiences, esp his intimidating appearance and

The player has the "option" of killing all of the A.I. in the game, including men, women and children, resulting in hordes of people attacking you in defense. A dark, and quite morbid approach, but more or less played for laughs.

The failure of certain puzzles result in the players falling to their death.

John Williams' terrific musical score makes the action throughout the game much more intense (esp with 'Dual of the Fates').

Recommended Rating - T for Violence, Suggestive Content


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