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Alternate Versions

Available on DVD in both R and unrated versions. Unrated version features more nudity in the shower scene.
The DVD contains many deleted scenes on the "Road Kill" feature. Many of the scenes were extra scenes involving Tom Green that were cut out, including:
  • Barry showing a tree to the tour group and then arguing with one person about who the tour guide is.

  • Rubin making Dj scratching sounds at the party.

  • Barry talking to the tour group about giant futuristic cocoons on the campus, which he refuses the show when they ask. Also, when the overweight kid in back is shown, he is clearly played by another actor, and not by Ethan Suplee who plays him the rest of the movie.

  • Kyle is attacked by a weird guy (played by Jimmie Ray Weeks) outside the toilet of a gas station.

  • The "Wrong Tiffany" is humiliating a group of fresh girls of her fraternity, just before some girl announces her that Josh wants to see her.

  • The bus is spot by a trooper, Josh explains the reason of the trip and the trooper finally understand the situation.

  • Josh dreaming about Beth coming to his bed while he's at Barry's parents house. She asks to make another video, while a film crew shoots behind them. Josh then wakes up and goes in the bathroom, when Barry's grandmother walks in.

  • Rubin busting a beat on the bus, while Josh raps about Kyle.

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