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A satisfying movie

Author: Gowri from USA
3 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think Sooryavansham is a really satisfying movie. It's one of the few new movies that I can stand to watch.

The acting by Amitabh in his dual role is superb...OUTSTANDING. I heard that he won a national award for this movie, just hope that's true.

The story is about Takhur Bhanu Pratab (Amitabh) and Heera (also Amitabh lol). Takhur Bhanu Pratab is quite cruel to Heera for some reasons that effect his "honor". Here's the background story:

Heera was not very bright in school in his younger days and was friends with Gauri. One day Gauri got hit by her teacher because she didn't do her homework. As a loyal friend, Heera hits the teacher and he and Gauri run away from the school building. All his books fall into the water, and soon his reputation along with Gauri is ruined. Takhur Bhanu Pratab always looks down on his son because of this. Gauri continues her education in another school but Heera never reads again.

Yeah, so that's his childhood life. But seeing Gauri a few times a week as he gets older causes him to fall in love with her. She acts like that too...but when she is notified that her marriage is being arranged with Heera she attempts to commit suicide, but is saved by Heera and Dharmendra (Anupam Kher). Heera doesn't understand, and she hard-heartedly tells him that she doesn't want to marry him because she will be ashamed to tell her friends that her husband is uneducated. Dharmendra is a little shocked too, asking her if she loved Heera. But she says yes...but humans love animals too and that doesn't mean anything.

Hurt enough, instead of making Gauri tell his father this, he does it himself...causing is father to dislike him even more.

So that's a background story. But now, after some years, Radha (Soundariya) starts loving Heera. After some reluctance, he loves her back. But Radha's mother doesn't want Heera to marry Radha. Thakur Bhanu Pratab tells Heera this, and says, "Isse(heera) puchiye, isse Radha chahiye ya baap."

So now Heera is in the dilemma of choosing between his father who degrades him for so long, or Radha who insists that she either wants to marry Heera or hang herself.

So right, I don't want to give away any spoilers. The movie for me was a little addicting, I watched it over and over. It is quite entertaining with some good comedy in the beginning...though I think you should avoid the whole lady conductor thing near the 3/4 point of the movie.

See it for Amitabh's versatility. I liked all of the songs and the background score was very nice. Anupam Kher and Khader Khar both were really funny, and Soundariya and Jay Sudha both did great jobs in their roles. The villain is kind of cheesy and doesn't speak his dialogues well, but who's looking at him?

Great for a new movie. I give it a 9 out of 10.

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great story

Author: geo1000saal ( from Pakistan
6 August 2005

Great Movie, specially in both characters of Amitabh, in a father and in a son, really great.

In reality how a father feels for a son, and a son what feels after being taunted by father, both characters are superb in the movie, and songs are also a plus point.

I appreciate the story writer and the directer for bringing this issue up on the screen. and acting of Amitabh, Kay Kenna.

The others also play nice roles, and they didn't bother the story.

A little comedy is essential in the story, so there is.

Amitabh as Heera, suits him. I would like to say all the fathers to see this movie.

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Great movie, Amitabh's performance deserves awards.

Author: MediaGuy-2
19 January 2000

This has to be the best Amitabh Bachchan film since his comeback. Amitabh's acting is superb in this film. The songs are not that great with exception to one (Koray Koray Sapne). These are the kind of films Amitabh should be choosing, the kind where his characters grow. If you have a chance to watch this movie, do it, because it is a great movie, with great dialogue. I give it an 8 out of 10.

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A nice drama

Author: ashish-kumarchaturvedi0 from India
25 November 2011

Movie is good ,satisfying,gives lighter moments,have some stupid but funny scenes.Ii is touchy and a good emotional drama.A good time pass for 186 minutes. It is the movie which shows a father -son relationship with some moral values.A illiterate person can be successful due to his qualities,his moral values and etc etc.. Amitabh is a legend and this movie is a good example of his high class acting.His role as a Hera is simple superb. It is much different from movies which show simple fight scenes, copied stories. Sooryavansham for everyone and not for a particular age-group. In my views this movie is at least one time watch.

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One of Bachchan's Best

Author: Liakot Ali from London
10 June 2006

Sooryavansham released at a time when Amitabh Bachchan made a series of Flops. Insaniyaat, mrityudaata, Major Saab, Lal Badshaah, Bade Miyan chote miyan and Kohraam were all duds in the box office. A percentage of the audience were not keen on his next release since all those flops in a row, coming from a Bollywood legend. The trailer of Sooryavansham didn't look too good, mainly because of the setting in a village and unknown actresses. This is the reason the movie did not do well financially. Majority of the people watched this on Video rather then Cinema. The reviews turned out to be Excellent. The film had a great storyline, great acting and nice music. Amitabh in a double role delivers yet another brilliant performance. The supporting cast were quite good especially Kader Khan and Anupom Kher, who gave us the comedy. Sooryavansham is a heart warming family movie, which you can enjoy watching with the family.

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Best Bachchan Movie in Years

Author: Bludhound
26 December 1999

Though a flawed film. This movie is the best Bachchan film in years, with the Big B giving a restrained performance. The comedy sequences are out of place, with little relevance to the plot. It's a shame that this movie flopped. Die hard Big B fans will enjoy this film

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Amitabh's bad days

Author: silvan-desouza from India
18 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In 1990s, it was a bad time for Amitabh Bachchan, he quit films for some time post 1992(though Insaniyat a delayed film released in 1994) and was forced to comeback in 1997 with Mrithyudatta and several flops like Major saab, Lal Baadshah.etc Even though Amitabh was in his 50s he still was forced to play young lead and dance around trees though in some films he played his age but there were flops and badly made films. Sooryavansham has him play father-son something he played before with elan in Desh Premee, Mahaan, Aakhree Raasta.etc The film is a remake of tamil film Sooryavansham and it shows throughout that it's a south remake. Be it the stupid comedy, the larger then life songs or the action scenes The film has a good plot though outdated, yet the father-son friction is well handled, the romance too is good except it's hard to digest Amitabh romancing the younger heroines. The marriage escape scene is too outlandish though the drama in second half is better yet several times the director opts for over the top melodrama and stupidity in the name of comedy

Direction is not too great, Music has a south Indian touch, Dil mere and Khore Khore are good songs

Amitabh Bachchan plays both the roles well but his age shows especially in the son role. Jayasudha and Soundarya(voices dubbed by Rekha) are okay, Rachana is okay too Anupam Kher and Kader Khan annoy with their comedy Bindu and Shivaji Satham are typecast and look odd playing older roles to much older Bachchan. Mukesh Rishi is as usual, Rajesh Khattar and rest are adequate

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Another good film that could have been better.

Author: Dave Abbott from Tucson, Az
3 September 2003

Amitabh is the main reason I am giving this movie a 7. He is quite convincing in the roles of both father and son. Some of the plot lines, though, are not as convincing, especially towards the end. I concur completely with another reviewer who felt that the comedy attempts were unnecessary and want to add that the comedic music cues were grating and distracting. I came very close to fast forwarding during these sequences. The subtitles were also very hard to follow, primarily because they were so small and because of their fancy font.

The acting was good throughout, especially by Amitabh and all the female characters. The music was OK and some of the songs were quite memorable. I still cannot understand, though, why so many Bollywood films do not have subtitles for the songs. The film quality is not what one would expect from some of the more recent Bollywood films, blurry and choppy at times -- at least on my DVD.

Technically, the DVD had other problems -- while the various features went from top to bottom, one had to press the right key to go from top to bottom. Also, two thirds of the way through, the subtitles stopped and I had to return to the chapter and start the subtitles again.

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Very paternalistic

Author: aditya11 from United States
7 August 2010

Most glaring drawback is failure to acknowledge the real heroes.

In the speech he did not mention Radha even once. Nor did he mention Kadar Khan's character who loaned him money to buy his first bus. He also failed to Anupam Kher's character who had been his best friend and even introduced him to Radha.

There are serious lapses in story. 1. Radha is shown very rude in the first encounter but then becomes

crazy about him. 2. It is unbelievable that she would give up to even appear for IAS since that was her only ambition. 3. It is never disclosed that his father had become sick due eating food

but still whole crowd knew it already.

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It's Not Sooryavansham, It's SooryavanSHAME !

Author: ahmed elshikh ( from Egypt
21 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought back then, as a die hard fan of (Amitabh Bachchan), that after years of ordinary movies or flops, moreover the unexpected retirement, that the big B would come back to the old glory. But movie after another made me sick as well as confused !

Why (Mrityudaata – 1997)?, why (Bade Miyan Chote Miyan - 1998)?, and why oh why (Sooryavansham - 1999)??!, is it vanity?.. The matter of : I'm the big star so any thing I may do will be just magic?, or did the writers and the directors whom made the fine days' diamonds gone away?, or did all his counsels become that idiot?

I don't know, but what I do know very much is that those movies aren't worth watching, moreover very provocative if you're a fan of (Amitabh) or not !

In here, it's the formula that gave success to so many movies in the Indian cinema BEFORE. Yet the time has changed, or the themes had been done weakly and wearily, or it's just the little bits of everything, actually the repeated everything, of what we already experienced, however they were in better condition previously. Whatever the reasons were, it's impossible not to call it : silly !

Well, (Amitabh) was 57 years old, and he was that young lover who rebelled against his father ??, the actress whom supposed to perform his love is way much younger (she can be his daughter instead for god's sake !), the comedy is forced and unnecessary, the last fight was unbelievably bad and exaggerated.

Sorrowfully there are scenes that made me laugh in the wrong place : (Amitabh) attacking the wedding of his girl by motorcycle then nobody heard anything upstairs ?, his girl talking about him proudly in front of her friends and how he looked ludicrous while it, his son is peeing over the dam into the water, and of course the last fight where the father who was close to dead turned suddenly into one crazy healthy Bruce Lee !???

Among a lot of things, I hated the main poster. It's fake, whereas it makes you think it's something like a spy movie, or about a conflict between man and god, or anything distances you from feeling how soap-operatic this melodrama was.

Try to tell the story of this movie to a friend in some hot day; it will cool it off for sure. I did it once, and it really made our day.

I don't want to go further, so briefly and fairly : I was watching a classic Indian movie's ghost.

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