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San Francisco Chronicle
Qualifies as director Giuseppe Tornatore's second full-fledged masterpiece. His first: "Cinema Paradiso."
Malena the film is as beautiful and seductive as its heroine, with its ravishing Lajos Koltai cinematography and sweepingly romantic Ennio Morricone score.
Gives audiences something more than just a heart-stopping beauty to contemplate.
Rolling Stone
Nothing new here except model-turned-actress Bellucci. To call her noteworthy would be an understatement.
Entertainment Weekly
You wish that Malena's inner life had been given as much accent as her outer charms.
New York Daily News
If Mussolini had a Monica Bellucci to inspire his troops, we might still be trying to take Palermo.
Chicago Tribune
No period of Italian history has produced more great movies than the WWII years . But, Malena romanticizes and even sentimentalizes those years.
Christian Science Monitor
Striking photography, period detail, screen-filling crowd scenes, and veteran composer Morricone's score make this one worth seeing, but the sheer nastiness of the town's people drags it down.
New York Post
Too often seems like a slightly silly film.
USA Today
There's definitely some paradiso in watching Malena walking, but not enough to sustain almost two hours of cinema.
Chicago Sun-Times
There is noting quite so awkward as a film that is one thing while it pretends to be another.
Mr. Showbiz
Giuseppe Tornatore has long been a master of cheap sentiment ("Cinema Paradiso," " The Legend of 1900"), but his latest film is his most shallow, reprehensible exercise in nostalgia to date.

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