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Season 3

14 Sep. 1985
The Williamsburg Mystery
The team are in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia to help restore an old house. Spike ignoring his reading problem lands him in a mess of trouble when two crooks posing as Colonial soldiers raids a Colonial home for directions to a secret cave where a valuable diary is buried. Luckily, Spike makes it out okay, but he has to put his pride in check, while Mr. T and the team get to the bottom of this colossal Colonial caper.
21 Sep. 1985
Mission of Mercy
After a successful charity meet, Mr. T takes the team to the city of Samana to receive a cargo ship full of food, water and surplus aid to the village. Unfortunately, a crooked businessman named Saber hires mercenaries to hijack the ship and plan on selling the goods on the black market. Mr. T must now lead his team to find Saber and put him and his gang behind bars, and at the same time to teach the team about how situations in other countries are much different then where they live and rely on surviving in the desert.
28 Sep. 1985
The Mystery of the Open Crates
Heading back to Chicago, Mr. T visits an old friend named Jimmy Stone, the owner of a youth center. At the same time, Courtney visits the gym to hopefully train with gold medalist Sally Owen, which Courtney finds out is more interested in herself than others. Sally's actions would later get her barred for life, but the real big issue is a shady drug dealer named Speedy and his henchmen who plan on framing Jimmy in which to use the youth center for his drug operations. Jimmy helped T get out of a gang during his youth and it's up to T to help him stop Speedy before ...
5 Oct. 1985
The Playtown Mystery
Just because someone's young, it doesn't make them worthless nor unbelievable. Jeff and Woody know that for a fact now. Back then, while the team was having a free tour of the Play Town amusement park, Spike saw two of its mascots, Marvin Mouse and Dingy Dog, acting suspicious and no one wanted to believe him. In truth, they were career criminals dressed as mascots in order to retrieve gold bars from an active gold refinery in Play Town's Frontier Town section.
12 Oct. 1985
The Comeback Mystery
Heading back to New York City, the team does charity work and a new member of the team named Grant Kline has just signed up. Grant done athletic programs at the same high school as Jeff, but he has a falling out with his old friends, a group of bullies called the Chain Gang and their leader, Blade. They had Grant keep quiet about their activities or they will tell the police about his previous mistake of helping the Chain Gang steal a car, putting him in a precarious position. Mr. T hopes to help Grant erase his past and correct his mistakes in order to break the ...
19 Oct. 1985
The Cape Kennedy Caper
The team visits the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Robin brought her camera to take pictures for her school which Woody tries to take without permission. Suddenly, Robin sees two spies trying to take a photo from inside the shuttle. The spies have been hired by terrorists to blow up the shuttle as soon as it reaches orbit. Unfortunately for Robin, she got captured, and it's up to Mr. T and the team to stop the launch, save Robin and bring the spies to justice in this mystery of a final frontier.

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