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Season 1

3 Jan. 1995
Niels has school holiday and have to work on his father's pension. Kund has received a reply to a contact ad, and an old lady moves into the attic. Niels answering a mysterious phone call and a man leaves his sandals on the stairs.
10 Jan. 1995
Mathias has slept with Vibse since Sasha has been in the city. Mathias find sandals on the stairs and Lars are strange when he sees them. Knud becomes too restless and tells little about Sandal-Jørgensen. Sandal-Jørgensen comes to the house and entering through Clara's window. Knud takes to town to raise money for Sandal-Jorgensen, while Lars is hiding.
24 Jan. 1995
Bills piling up because the residents do not pay rent on time, and Sandal-Jørgensen operates terror on the Lars who can not concentrate on reading exam. Vibse get advice about Lars from Sanne. Knud threatened to give the guest house to Sandal-Jørgensen if he can not raise the money, so Niels promises to raise money from Clara's suitcase.
31 Jan. 1995
Niels discovers Sandal-Jørgensen in the kitchen one morning and they talk about Niels' mom. Knud trying to do well with Jane again, while Mogens threatens Sanne taking Mathias from her. Mogens scared however Sandal-Jørgensen. Lars becomes a student and Sandal-Jørgensen enjoys life with Clara. It is Midsummer night and when Niels will steal Clara's money, Sandal-Jørgensen surprise him .
7 Feb. 1995
Fredag aften/lørdag
Sandal-Jørgensen threatens Niels, so he tell about the money in the suitcase when Clara suddenly appear. As Mogens will abduct Mathias threatened him again by Sandal-Jorgensen but ends up driving him down. Niels helps Vibse with her painting exhibition and Maj-Britt is jealous. Sandal-Jørgensen suggests Knud proposes Clara to death and they're even, but Clara has listened and pushes Sandal-Jørgensen down the stairs. He is hidden in a coffin and Vibse can keep private viewing.
14 Feb. 1995
Lørdag nat
Niels and Knud digging a grave for Sandal-Jørgensen in the garden but is disturbed by Mathias. Sandal-Jørgensen is not dead and threatens with a poison arrow because he will still have Clara's money. Lars and Vibse had a fun night out, when Jane locks herself in with Knud's key. Lars will call the police but ends up beating Sandal-Jorgensen in the head and stab him with his own poison arrow so he dies.
21 Feb. 1995
Jane will call the police, but ends up helping to put Sandal-Jørgensen in the basement. Mogens see him and think he has killed him. Clara will commit suicide but rescued by Maj-Britt. Sandal-Jørgensen buried in the garden and Clara share his money with the other residents. Finally, Niels come on holiday with Maj-Britt.

 Season 1 

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