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Dino-Saucers! Dino-RRific

Author: GTBadCat31 from United States
30 May 2006

As a kid Dinosaucers was the ultimate high! I'm 24 years old now and I have no idea what year I came across this show. The year reads 1987 on IMDb, but if I watched this show at the age of 5, and it stuck with me all these years, then Dinosaucers has to be the greatest show of all time.

From what I remember the show is based on a group of "space" dinosaurs who come to earth somehow and meet with teenagers. There were two factions of dino's. The good dino's were represented with blue colors, the bad dino's with red colors. IMDb's plot outline states that the good dino's were represented by Herbivores. I'm no dino expert, but the leader of the good dino's was an Allosauras who is considered a relative of the T-Rex.

The good guy's consisted of the aforementioned Allo, a Triceratops, Brontosauras, an Ichyasauras (dolphin like dino), and some female bird who I remember having a crush on. The dolphin and the bird had a thing for each other if I remember correctly.

The Bad dino's consisted of a T-Rex, A triceratops creature that had spikes all along his head (being a former huge dino buff, its sad I cant remember what the species is and I refuse to google I also forget what the bronto equivalent was but he had a crest on his head. I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two dino's on the good side and a bunch of the bad side. Oh well.

My favorite part of the show was when they would hit this button they had on their space suits in order to turn into their ancient form of dinosaurs. They would be just as huge as their ancestors and they would use this power sparingly as I recall being disappointed for many an episode.

My favorite episode and maybe the only I remember cuz I used to have it on VHS waaaay back in the day is the one where they for some reason play a baseball game. Good vs. Bad obviously, its kinda funny thinking about it now. Their supposed to be battling over the world, yet they have time for friendly game of baseball.

A Great show, Great memories (that are fading…c'mon VHS episodes where are you!)

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As great as it was 20 years ago...

Author: FightOwensFight from Miami Beach, Florida
23 May 2009

'Dinosaucers' was my favorite 80's Saturday morning cartoon as a child... I recently got my hands on a rare collection of the complete season and it took me right back to those hours and hours I spent with my face 6 inches from the television screen every Satruday morning. Yes, 'Dinosaucers' is everything I remembered it to be. Everything from the rings, to Aloe, the big bad Bossosaur, and even the 'Dic' finale (that was featured at the end of most 80's cartoons) took me straight back to the 80's and rekindled the little kid in me.

If you are able to find a rare collection and you were a fan of the show as the child, pick it up, watch it for yourself, and even try it out on your own kids. 'Dinosaucers' is definitely a timeless classic and like most cartoons from the 80's, blows away all the current crap you see on t.v today.

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Dinosaucers is a classic!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
3 February 2004

A long time ago whenever Dinosaucers was on TV I would watch it! I love the animated shows back in the 80s and this was very good and funny. The characters were cool looking and this different dinosaur cartoon always had a good story! This is really a classic show of the 80s! If anyone ever comes across it on TV or video get it! I strongly recommend it!

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Good Stomping Fun

Author: hellraiser7 from United States
10 June 2015

As a kid sci-fi was always my thing and I was also into Dinosaurs, both of these elements always captured my imagination. Combining both of these things together make it even broader. This is another under the radar gem and another childhood relic of mine.

I'll admit the idea is really daft and yet cool at the same time, Dinosaurs in Space. I really like the idea and it's part of why I love the animation genre because of the freedom to utilize colorful and creative ideas. You could say it's a bit like "Transformers" since both plot lines are uncannily similar since it's about alien beings come to earth to use it to save their home planet or conquer, only here instead of robots it's dinosaurs, which makes it unique.

I really like both the Dinosaucers and Tyranos, both factions consist of a diverse cast of dinos, each with different persona's and abilities. One cool ability of there's is to change into their ancestral counterparts whom are the giant sized dinos we know and love, which is cool only disappointment is they never used it often enough in the show.

My favorite character is Gengis Rex whom I think is an underrated animated villain. His character is both cool and hilarious at the same time, from how over the top he is in his aggressive attitude toward everyone. How much of a hard time he gives his flunkie right hand man Enkilo much as Megatron rags down on Starscream in "Transformers". The best think about him is how much he is just constantly scheming to both take out the Dinosaucers and to conquer Earth, from trying to steel technology and resources to typical getting rich quick schemes.

Even the human characters the secret scouts are solid/decent. One good thing about them is that they all are actually useful, which was something Transformers G1 lacked in their human characters so this is a plus. We see the secret scouts have those rings of power which enhance their physical abilities, to simply acting as mentor figures for the dinos.

Which makes sense because the dinos are aliens, they don't know about our culture and customs. In a way this also makes the show sort of an alien visitation comedy which is cool and correlates with the popularity of the TV show "Alf" for it's time. It's just always fun and funny seeing each of the dinos trying to orient themselves with the kind of things we take for granted, even like a bit of the verbal humor which is actually kinda clever.

There are some good and fun episodes. I really like the ones where each faction is learning about Earth sports. Two of my favorite for it are the Baseball and Football episode which were a lot of fun, cmon your seeing Dinosaurs play sports not something you see everyday. And one favorite of my is "Sabertooth and Consequences" where both the Dinosaucers and Tyranos have to team up to stop Space Pirates from pillaging the Earth, it's always cool and fun seeing both good guys and bad guys team up, it's a good message in putting aside differences to stop a common threat and also seems like both factions could've been friends if only they weren't on other sides of the fence.

The only real problem with the show is the Dinosaucers and Tyranos don't really get to kick enough ass with each other. Let alone the Dinosaucers don't really get to deal with any life threatening crisis and Tyranos don't get to do enough damage. This is a mild disappoint to me because I was expecting more action, the dinos to use their vehicles, technology, weapons and abilities against one another. But due to the fun comedy and characters carrying out the show, I can't complain too much.

This is another show I wouldn't mind a revival to, it could take a more serious and dark direction, where we would actually see both faction engage in combat more let alone use some vehicles. Have a little more depth into the dinosaurs, from what's going on in their home planet and make them the ancient astronauts whom have visited earth before. Include some of the newly discovered dinos in the roster of both factions or have genetic engineered dino. I don't know, all the same the thought of a revival should be considered.

Dinosaucers is good stomping fun, like any dinosaur is worth seeing.

Rating: 3 stars

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