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Flawed but fun entertainment!

Author: aloep from Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
5 August 2004

A remake of Bloodfist IV: Die Trying was something I wasn't particularly thrilled about. Die Trying was OK, but nothing more than just a standard action B-movie. The script is basically the same, in Bloodfist IV: Die Trying, Don "The Dragon" Wilson ended up with a box of chocolates containing nuclear detonators which ended up getting his daughter kidnapped. This time it's a 6 pack of Beamish beer again containing nuclear detonators but this time his girlfriend who he met on the internet (who isn't very attractive I'll add) is kidnapped. Several scenes are almost entirely repeated from Die Trying, although much of the scenes are written from scratch and the Irish locations make the film more pleasing on the eye and more visually interesting to watch.

The location however, is almost the only thing Irish in this movie as nearly all the dialogue is American. For example, they use terms like "son of a bitch", "ma'am", "gasoline" and more. These are all terms which aren't generally used in both the UK and Ireland. I can only assume this is because it's only really aimed at American audiences, as it currently has no UK release on DVD or VHS. Also, an American accent answers a call for help. Other errors include, during a car chase scene at the docks, we see a Rover 400 series Police car in pursuit of Don's car, but the car that crashes is a late 80's/early 90's Ford Sierra Sapphire.

Putting those aside, Moving Target is a whole lot of fun. For a Corman production, the production values are somewhat decent and the fight scenes and gunplay look good, not overdoing slow motion but using it at the right time. More importantly, the film makes great use of the locations, with nothing being faked. Bloodfist VIII: Hard Way Out was also filmed in Ireland interestingly, and this certainly makes better use of the locations and more importantly, the action scenes look a whole lot better. The cast generally give acceptable B-movie performances, and I doubt anybody watching this will be expecting anything more. It moves very quickly, fortunately little time is spent on the relationship between Wilson's character and his internet love interest and the action scenes happen relatively often and at well paced intervals.

Overall, for a Corman movie Moving Target fairs surprisingly well. It moves fast, is visually pleasing and most importantly fun to watch. If you've seen Bloodfist IV you know what to expect really, and may want to skip this one. If you've seen this, then I definitely advise you to skip Bloodfist IV as it's very similar, only slower and less interesting due to the residential Los Angeles location. If you're expecting anything close to reality, look elsewhere. However, for cheesy escapist entertainment, this fits the bill perfectly.

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Even if you're not a Don "the Dragon" Wilson fan, you'll like this.

Author: jakesvideo ( from Fairbanks, Alaska
20 December 2002

Moving Target moves from beginning to end. A refreshing change of scene takes us to Ireland, where "Ray" (the Dragon) is reduced to a Yank and outnumbered 20 to 1. But with all the odds against him, he hammers and naively blunders his way through to the end. It would be unfair to reveal the exact outcome of his struggle to disarm a shipment of detonators; especially since half of the movie quiz is who are the bad guys, or are there any good guys? Thumbs up for a great performance and the flashy martial arts that keeps Don "the" Dragon Wilson fans coming back for more.

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Best "Worst" movie ever!

Author: thorchild from Minnesota
30 March 2011

This is the best "worst" movie ever made. It is so bad that it is hilarious to watch. Don "the dragon" Wilson (haha) meets a red headed Irish lady on the internet, then he travels to Ireland to meet her. When they meet, "The dragon" is head over heels for her despite the fact that she is homely as can be! but yet they flaunt her around like she is hot stuff. Its funny cause I have no sympathy for her when she gets kidnapped. Later in the movie he meets her best friend and she tries to help him find her. I couldn't help but think "forget about the red head lady and hook up with the much better looking friend. And there's a scene where he even has a chance to. but he stays true to his ugly Irish ginger woman. I cant figure out why they gave the damsel in distress role to such a goofy looking lady? you almost want her to not get rescued. Anyways, the story is horrible and acting is horrible.. and the major turning point "save the day" scene in the movie is completely unexplained and doesn't make sense. who is the freaking mystery sniper in the tower??? this movie is so bad that it is great and hilarious to watch! check it out!

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lets just say that the plot of this movie is oddly similar to an early wilson flick

Author: dave (daviec3) from australia
28 November 2000

My brother convinced me to sit and watch moving target and in the end i was pleased i did.It wasn't the god awful acting or the laughable dialogue that brought a smile to my face it was the fact that this movie was basically a remake of an earlier film of wilsons.By changing a few names,filming in a new location (uk) and mixing around a few scenarios they tried to pass this one off as a fresh idea.If you have seen bloodfist4-die trying there is no need to waste 90 minutes on this movie because if you've seen die trying your watching the same story...same ending... same man...just on a different continent,the only reason i kept watching was the constant laughter prevented me from being able to reach for the remote

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Worst movie ever.

Author: Gunnar Ragnarsson from Reykjavik, Iceland
21 April 2002

It´s no good point in this movie. The worst movie ever. I don´t want to say more. If you like boring movies, watch this.

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Not UK, Ireland

Author: gate_angel_2001 from Ireland
28 March 2006

It's a disastrous movie and wouldn't dream of watching it - in fact, as a karate enthusiast I'm insulted that they used Karate magazine comments in the trailer (I can only hope they were totally out of context!) - but I just want to clarify that the film was filmed in IRELAND, not the UK. In my hometown. *proud*

If you're going to watch this at all, just fast forward through all the bits with people in them and just admire the scenery (interiors don't count because they're not real). Ross Abbey is one of the best preserved 14th century Friarys in the country and it's beautiful, as is most of the countryside you see.

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Stupid actors in a stupid story in a beautiful country!

Author: Mikew3001 ( from Hamburg, Germany
23 May 2006

If you've ever been to Ireland you will never forget it. The wide and green landscapes, the beautiful coasts and mountains, the friendly people, the traditional pubs and places... and there have been many good film coming from or being located in Ireland. So one might wonder why this stupid action movies has been filmed and produced in Ireland? No word about the story, but as martial arts b-movie fighter Don "The Dragon" Wilson - not the youngest actor anymore - gets into a stupid plot with mafia clans, FBI agents, martial arts gangsters and hostages, you really wonder why it didn't take place in L.A. or other well-known American action movie settings.

The locations are the only outstanding facts about this film. Whenever one of the stupidly acting muscle fighters appears, you just wish them away and would like to see more of the lovely harbors and landscapes and sheep... and when the film is over, you wonder why they haven't shown more of the beautiful sites of Ireland and just haven't erased the whole plot and actors from the film... the whole film could have been a really nice holiday documentary.

My suggestion - skip this movie and get a more interesting documentary about Ireland from your video store. You won't regret it.

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