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Intense and heart-rending drama about jealousy that leads to tragic consequences

Author: ma-cortes from Santander Spain
1 December 2014

Solid film dealing with jealousy , passions , treason , sexual intrigues and an extraordinary acting by the main cast . Concerning a deep love story who transformed a pair of hard-working people , an orange factory labourer called Carmen (Aitana Sanchez Gijon) and a truck driver called Antonio (Daniel Jimenez Cacho) , both of whom about to marry themselves . The two were "the inseparables¨ , a happy couple , but spontaneously emerges a demon : ¨jealously¨ . A month before he's to marry Carmen , Antonio encounters a picture of a good-looking young in swimming trunks with his arm on her shoulder . The photograph triggers jealousy : he questions Carmen, Carman's friend Cinta (Maria Botto) , and his friend Luis (Luis Tosar) who introduced him to Carmen . Cinta tells Antonio the man's first name and Antonio subsequently investigates . Carmen tells him that the man meant nothing to her , and that the picture was taken before she met Antonio . She loves Antonio and sets out to wipe the photograph from his mind through lies and kinky sex . Slowly Antonio finds out about the man , and about Carmen's dark past. There takes place the wedding , but jealously goes on . Now a bitter , resentful as well as deceived husband attempts to find a way to resolve the sad truth that consumes their marriage . Furthermore , he proceeds a particular vendetta until a breathtaking ending .

Solid but downbeat drama by Vicente Aranda mostly filmed in city of Valencia and surroundings . It is a peculiar story of love , lies and jealousy with an intrigue behind . This interesting as well as intimate story is a passionate retelling and a touching drama , including strong as well as exuberant sex scenes . Vicente Aranda also writes the script along with Alvaro Del Amo based on their own story and being filmed in his usual formal and stylistic scholarship , without leaving a trace the thought-provoking issues , in terms of dramatic and narrative excitement . The main problem has to face "Jealousy¨, beyond not being able to avoid falling into a claustrophobic drama is precisely derived from the coldness of its staging , which eventually become monotonous and heart-breaking over 100 minutes and some of footage . Very good acting by duo protagonist such as Daniel Jimenez Cacho as Antonio , a man now broke and ill turned into a green-eyed monster ,and Aitana Sanchez Gijon as Carmen who wants to be in love with him , she overcomes with sentimentality and takes Antonio under her reins but her ploy backfires and he remains fixated on jealously . The secondary actors were very intelligent chosen and they all did a marvelous performance . As support cast is frankly magnificent such as María Botto , Alicia Sánchez , Pepo Oliva , Carlos Kaniowsky , Itziar Miranda , Aitor Merino and special mention to Luis Tosar , previously his successful Celda 211 so that became to him a first star . Spotless pictorial though sometimes dark cinematography by Jose Luis Alcaine , Pedro Almodovar's usual, he carries out a photography with juicy atmosphere , being filmed in Valencia and Bilbao , though wastes the scenario of these gorgeous cities . Jose Luis Alcaine is deemed to be one of the best Spanish cameramen with a long and prestigious artistic career and Almodovar's ordinary cameraman , he has photographed successes such as ¨Volver¨ , ¨The bad education¨ , ¨The skin I live in¨ , and ¨Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown¨ . Furthermore , a willingness almost perfect of the elements of each shot , every sequence , every space . Sensitive and rousing musical score by Jose Nieto , Aranda's usual , including an enjoyable leitmotif . The flick had limited success , but is considered to be Aranda's one of the best .

The motion picture was compellingly produced by two great producers , Fernando Bovaira , Jose Luis Escolar ; being professionally directed in his particular style by veteran filmmaker Vicente Aranda . He directed a series of award-winning movies firmly establishing him as one of the best Spanish filmmakers . His usual film editor is own wife , Teresa Font . Vicente is an expert on literary adaptations ,as he has adapted four novels by Juan Marsé (Canciones Amor en Lolita's Club (2007), El Amante Bilingüe (1993), Si Te Dicen Que Caí (1989) and La Muchacha De Las Bragas De Oro (1980). Vicente often shoots strong erotic scenes , being ¨jealousy¨, a customary issue in his films . Vicente has been working from the 60s with ¨Fata Morgana¨ , Las Crueles¨ , ¨Novia Ensangrentada¨ , ¨Clara es el Precio¨ , among others . His greatest successes were intense dramas with plenty of sex such as ¨Amantes¨, ¨Pasion Turca¨ , ¨Si Dicen Que Cai¨ , ¨Intruso¨ , ¨Tiempo De Silencio¨ , ¨Carmen¨ , along with a delinquency tale : ¨El Lute¨ I and II starred by Imanol Arias , his fetish actor along with Victoria Abril (They have worked together 12 times) and specially the historical story titled ¨Juana La Loca¨ also dealing with jealousy . Rating : Better tan average . Well worth watching .

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Jealousy can be deadly.

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
28 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We all have felt jealous. We all know how jealousy can affect a relationship in different levels. It can either hurt it or even end it. Our main male character demonstrates that jealousy can also be deadly.

Everything is going great between a young couple until the male character (played by Jimènez) finds out that her soon to be wife (the hot Sànchez Gijòn) was once engaged with the love of her life. He investigates more and more until he finds out the shocking past of his beloved woman. This is where everything turns ugly and our male lead becomes psycho, unfaithful and aggressive.

The movie enters a non-sense period about past half of the running time, but near the end it recovers and leads the viewer to a shocking ending that demonstrates how jealousy can be deadly!

The acting is excellent. Veteran Spanish actors who deserve more acting chances shine through the movie. The sex is quite graphic but it's justified. Aytana Sánchez Gijón delivers a marvelous performance because she can truly demonstrate how she is affected about her boyfriend's jealousy and obsession for José (her ex lover). She plays perfectly a woman that is DEEPLY in love and that would do ANYTHING in order to convince her man that he's the love of her life.

Giménez steals the show with a performance that starts as high quality in dramatic aspects and ends up in some kind of psycho. A great, underrated actor. My respects for his excellent performance.

This is a must see for those who have gone mad after feeling jealousy. I learned a lot after watching this movie.

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Interesting theme that cops out at the end

Author: Julio Luzardo ( from Bogota, Colombia
4 October 2001

This Spanish film is basically well carried out by director Vicente Aranda and his leading actors, Aitana Sanchez-Gijón and Daniel Gimenez, but the ending is absolutely senseless because it doesn't confront the dramatic situation that is being set up during its long 110-minutes of running time. It leaves the audience with a feeling of having been cheated out of a more interesting denoument, without having to take what to us is the "easy" way out. For such a let-down of an ending, the film should have been shorter.

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Deeply drama about jealousy

Author: Andres Rais from Buenos Aires, Argentina
25 November 2003

Jealousy has driven Antonio (Daniel Gimenez Cacho) mad. A photograph of his future wife (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon) with a man. Suddenly he loses control.

This erotic drama is very important. How the man in this case is affected. Terrible. Superb performance by Daniel Gimenez Cacho. His manners, gestures describe perfectly this film. Wonderful Aitana. In general, very good movie. Be careful, trust no one... 9 out of 10.

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Vague and pointless

Author: pifas from Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
24 October 2003

I've always liked Giménez Cacho's work. He's usually a solid actor but, in this one, he looks like a zombie; and it's not because his part demanded so but for the weakness of the screenplay. If we are talking about jealous (a thing this movie is based on), it should be reflected almost in an animal way; it's about instinct and reactions right from the guts, blind rage and a mad love one step shy of hurting the one you care about. In Aranda's film, this is treated just as a matter of personality, like an accident in life or even in the way you may perceive things. My guess is that since the film doesn't go far beyond the words on paper --to a place where it should actually reach, considering the complexity of the main plot--, this was a no win chance for Cacho as well as Gijón; and everyone else involved too.

The main problem of Celos (Jealous) is that you don't buy the story right from the start because it's impossible to. No matter how willing you are to get INTO the movie, you cant; it´s a fact. Mainly because if you have been a witness on how somebody's extreme jealous makes his life a living hell, then you'll realize how hollow the subject is taken here. And besides being a terrible state of mind it's also a common one, so I think it's not that strange to have known somebody like that. But in the film there's no passion, it lacks real visceral reactions and wiser ways to show a conflicted mind (at least one better than just a man talking to himself). The only way they let us know how really obsessed is this guy (Cacho) with one of his fiancee past relationship, is by showing him traveling long distances and talking to weird persons to get to find the ex boyfriend, which would lead to an answer and then to a cure for his torture; that's the way he sees it.

I believe the message here is that a real deep love may hurt the other person if you don't keep your mouth shut to not let go out your worst doubts from the past, and then inflict an unnecessary pain on your partner. Just give and take love as it is. Realize that, if you're not a teen, then all of your relationships got to be second hand. Just take a look over your shoulder and take a count on yours. But, as I said before, if Celos doesn't make an impact on us is because it suffers from a severe lack of real human factor: serious reactions, flesh and blood bodies and lots of pain, something that cannot be felt without depth in dialogues and believable stages of grief. In it's whole atmosphere it sure fails, but is not an awful movie; nevertheless, in terms of depth, tension, twists and intensity, it's vague and pointless, so you may find it kind of boring every now and then through the experience.

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Love hurts

Author: jotix100 from New York
24 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Vicente Aranda, not exactly one of our favorite movie directors, tries to explore what tricks jealousy can play in the mind of one man who is madly in love with a young woman with a past.

Antonio finds a old picture in which his fiancée, Carmen, is seen with another man. When he confronts her, Carmen does everything possible to convince it's pointless to be jealous of a man she hasn't had any contact in so many years. Yet, like Othello in his throes about Desdemona's treason, he displays an uncommon case of jealousy that is eating him alive because he can't conceive that Carmen could have loved another man before they found one another.

Instead of listening to reason, Antonio keeps his pursuit of the elusive Jose, who proves to be hard to track down. When he thinks he is nearing his enemy, he realizes how far he is from him. When he finally learns where Jose is now working, he undertakes a trip to confront him, but before getting there he gets to hear from Carmen's lips what really happened to her.

Aitana Sanchez Gijon plays Carmen, the beautiful woman who is the object of Antonio's passion. Unfortunately, Ms. Sanchez Gijon is miscast in the role that claims for a stronger actress. Daniel Gimenez Cacho, plays the obsessed Antonio in sleep walking fashion. He doesn't convince either. Maria Boto shows some spunk as Cinta, who is Carmen's best friend and confidant. Luis Tosar is seen briefly also.

"Celos" doesn't satisfy because its botched conclusion. Mr. Aranda appears as though he had no idea about how to end the film and went for the cheap shot that doesn't convince the viewer.

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How jealousy affects a relationship

Author: filfy-2 from Pasadena, CA
2 March 2000

Vicente Aranda's "Celos" illustrates how jealousy in a relationship can tear a couple apart as well as bring them together.

This drama-thriller is mainly psychological and it features a good performance from Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (best known in the US for "A Walk in the Clouds"). Although the film does dwell a little too long on the jealousy issue, it is nonetheless absorbing and it presents a good look at contemporary working-class Spanish life.

Kudos to the cinematographer for making the best use of the Spanish light!

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