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A young man comes to the aid of a strange woman whom he sees stagger in the street. He is just in time to save her from a bad fall as she loses consciousness and for an instant he stands helpless holding her in his arms. Then a passerby chances along and by good fortune proves to be a physician. His rapid examination shows him the gravity of the case, an automobile is summoned and the girl is hurried to her home, her address being discovered from cards in her pocketbook. The young man goes to his home, but the barbed shaft of the arrow of the god of love has sunk deep into his heart and he sits restless in his room until he reads in the evening paper of the serious illness of Miss Parks, the girl. The malady is a baffling one and physicians have decided upon an operation for the transfusion of blood as a last resort. Applicants willing to give their blood are advertised for and the young lover assumes rough dress that will better harmonize with his presence and takes his place in the ...

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