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Mr. Showbiz
Dares to substitute wit and warmth for the standard gay indie tropes in tackling its tale of an unconventional couple.
Boston Globe
It's a refreshing alternative to hipper-than-thou moviemaking.
New York Post
But it's more than a crowd-pleaser shot at spectacular Rocky mountain locations -- it's almost revolutionary.
It's unlikely that the whole cowboy town would really applaud all the queer goings-on, but it's a lovely sentiment in a lovely movie.
Portland Oregonian
Entertaining, well-acted and hopeful about a world in which sexual orientation isn't a big deal, Big Eden is a pretty picture -- it just tends to be a little too perfect and cute for its own good.
New York Daily News
Director Bezucha's eyes are as starry as Montana's sky, but it's pretty hard to resist such a determinedly utopian vision of love.
Chicago Sun-Times
Until the plot becomes intolerably cornball, there's charm in the story.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Too cute by half (or maybe three-quarters).
Chicago Tribune
By creating a kind of politically correct version of Andy Griffith's "Mayberry," director Bezucha has drained the movie not only of bigotry but also of dramatic conflict.
Austin Chronicle
Yet as wonderful as it is to see a breezy, earnest romantic comedy that is so matter-of-factly gay-themed, Big Eden suffers somewhat, unsurprisingly, from some of the usual perils of a breezy, earnest romantic comedy.

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