A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) Poster

Plot Keywords

boy future
fairy forest
affection fairy tale
robot ice
acronym in title tragic ending
swimming pool laughing
robot human relationship misunderstanding
statue of liberty new york city ice age
global warming pop culture
birthday reference to pinocchio
22nd century brooklyn new york city
oedipus complex irony
end of mankind knife
lion entire title is capitalized acronym
cruelty self referential
allegory nanny
sibling rivalry hologram
rite of passage child flying helicopter
coney island brooklyn new york city fetishism
toilet man hunt
asthma attack spectacle
lock of hair flying machine
child abuse world trade center manhattan new york city
pity cyberpunk
robot as pathos caught in a net
synthetic human armageddon
hat fear
dolphin no opening credits
tragic event perfume
4000s new york city
helicopter moon
public execution self repair
wish fulfillment promise
bigotry coffee
technophobia flooded city
future shock year 2035
2140s child abandonment
pajamas hatred
persecution android
xenophobia dinner
based on short story reference to hansel and gretel
three word title cage
false accusation indifference
teddy bear decapitated child
cannon mother son relationship
neon dystopia
artificially created boy genocide
42nd century pool
tear sex with robot
singing sea
technology gone amok statue
underwater myth
suicide far future
racism memory
waking up in the future patricide
train artificial intelligence
reference to frankenstein child's point of view
prostitution manhattan new york city
snow motorcycle

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