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I want this show!!!

Author: Angel Meiru
8 February 2004

Geez, I love this show. It was actually a family show that was not afraid to tell a story many people these days would find "odd" or "out there".

It is about a civization called Arkadia, a lost world that is alot like Atlantis, Mu, Lemoria or Reh. Long ago, Arkadia got hit with a wave with disasters, sending them into the sub-terranean ocean, thus, their world and our world has came to an end. However, the people of Arkadia, despite their being a museum in their world, have lost memory of where they came from and the Earth around them. But two children talk an ancient machine and two prehistoric beings named "Bik" and "Bak" into going into the museum. The children find out the Planet Earth still has civilization flouishing. It was not destroyed, but however, the su-terranean sun, "Shagma" (core of earth) is failing and the Earth is having problems too. So the Arkadian children create a cloned replica of their ancestors, naming her Arkana.

That is the basic plot, but there is alot more too. Arkana joins two children and a mysterious warrior named Spartakus, whom is looking for his self-identity. There are also neo-pirates who have strange hair styles and wear leotards. Lizardmen who ride giant dinosaur-like creatures, mouse people and ever creatures of ancient mythology and folklore make their appearance too.

Too bad they took this show off. Probably people whined about it having "dark plot moments" or some crap like that; thus, resorting to the dreaded era of "political correctness".

At least in Europe and French speaking have it out on DVD. Mabye I can get my hands on it someday ^_~

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A very good show that will always be remembered.

Author: Chibi Riza from Moon Fortress
2 November 2000

"Les Mondes Engloutis" (aka.Arkadia/Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea) has to be one of the most memorable European animations that was played on TV.

There was once a great cataclysm that made a prosperous civilization live underground for the many years that pasted.They have relied on the sun "Saggy" to nourish their world Arkadia,but now,Saggy is fading.Some children entered a forbidden grotto and created a messenger and named her Arcana.Alongside her journey,Arcana meets up with magical twin aardvarks named Bic and Bac,a mysterious wanderer named Spartakus,a spacecraft with a mind of it's own and two kids,Bob and Rebecca.Alongside their journeys,they travel back in time,travel to other worlds and even to unknown places and run into such advisories such as barbarian herders,persistant soldiers/warriors, strange creatures and animals and pirates whom resemble 80's punk rock singers.

Wonderful storyline,intresting and deep character development,good animation and a memorable soundtrack (for once,these toons can sing!).There is nothing corny about this show."Les Mondes Engloutis", alongside "Mysterious Cities of Gold","Ulysse 31" and "Flower Princess Angel" are some of the most memorable shows that children of the 80's got.They got some of the animated "Deutchland Frankenfurters",while kids now-a-days are getting lame "Balogna"!

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Good show

Author: Catherine_Grace_Zeh from Fairfax, Virginia, USA
4 May 2006

I used to watch this show when I was a little girl. When I think about it, I only remember it vaguely. If you ask me, it was a good show. The opening sequence and theme song are two things I only remember vaguely, too. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. Also, the writing was very strong. The performances were top-grade, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I don't think I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.

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I love it!

Author: Sigrun from Norway
3 August 2006

I give this show full house in my voting, because I was very little when I saw it, and I loved it then, and so I have to think that I still might.

I would very much like to see this show again, or even better: buy it. But how?

It is available on French DVD, but there are no English subtitles - or in any other language, for that matter. Ergo, I can't buy the French DVD-version.

I therefore ask you, guys:

Is there a DVD version out there, with English subtitles???

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A classic series that I miss

Author: action-6 from Froland, Norway
5 July 2000

Les mondes engloutis or Arkadia as it`s also known by is one of the classic series that I would love to see again someday.

The series was broadcasted on television over here in the late 80`s and the re-runs used to be broadcasted in the early 90`s, but now the series seems to have disappeared.

The music is exceptionally memorable and the atmosphere and style is absolutely of the highest class. This is a series with nostalgic value so catch it on tv whenever you can!

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Adventures of a ragtag group looking to save a subterranean lost civilization

Author: mitch074 from France
14 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw it when it came out - I was a kid. I saw it again during one of its very few few re-runs - I was a pre-teen. I got 2 DVD box sets recently. I'm pretty much an adult.

I still love it.

The animation quality isn't that great (it wasn't made in Japan by a professional studio like the Mysterious Cities of Gold, but in France in a created just for the occasion studio) but there are a few interesting things to mention: lots of hidden treasures in it (watch the pirates closely!) and it gets much better in later episodes, where you can feel the animators letting go of the reins on their creativity and honing their style. Backgrounds are usually beautifully painted, character motions can be very complicated and innovative... This cartoon would definitely benefit from a remastering, the original films having suffered from time... The music - it's plain beautiful, with some moody pieces, a few very catchy tunes, and an opening theme that can give you goosebumps of pleasure. Dubbing was sometimes a bit approximative, but usually very taking. The characters (both main, bad-asses, and occasional) usually had an historical origin, or a legend: here a Chinese emperor, there an alien King Kong, or even a Renaissance scientist - or a gladiator leading a slave revolt. If they didn't, then they pretty often had enough depth - or comic value - to be remembered. Those pirates had a bit of Tex Avery in them... The main story: read other users' comments, you'll get a good start. Suffice to say, the first season initially concluded the series with a good ending, but left enough questions in the air to allow for a second one - which comprised even more intricate per episode plots! Such plots as: what happened to those Arkadians refusing to forget their past? What are Spartakus' origins and what happened to his family? Is Arkana really human? Why was Thot all alone in his ruins? What was the purpose of the ghost ship? Who leads the Mogohks? All of these are connected somehow, and this connection might well prove to be the way to save Arkadia... The final ending took 2 episodes of 25 mins each (not counting credits) and was creative enough to rate the series amongst the pieces of arts of animation. It contained humour, angst, romance, some epic battles, intricate storytelling, a healthy dose of mystery... It probes domains of space, time continuum, philosophy, mathematics, iconography... Enough to keep most people hanging until the end, where the second Orichalque is completely unexpectedly found and the Shagma restored to lead the whole people of Arkadia to its future.

Amongst derived products, one could find a few plastic dolls of the characters, some novels retelling some specific episodes, but - and I liked those best - a few episodes redrawn in comics format around 1988 in the recently resurrected Pif Gadget. Those included 'Of Mice and Children', 'The Court of Miracles' and 'Thot'. Find them. Read them. Compare to actual European productions. Yup, out 15 years before their time.

Shoo, I wanna watch it again.

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I remember this now!

Author: Poona Kan Ng from Hong Kong
9 July 2002

I remember whenever I was visiting relatives in Japan, I would always turn on this show "&Acirckadia Monogatari" (Les Mondes Engloutis' Japanese title) on every morning on NHK and I instantly fell in love with it and started my fascination with European animation as well as Asian!

It follows the adventures of two surface children (Bab and Rebekka), mysterious wanderer Spartakus, magical being Akana and two twin ardvark type creatures called Bik and Bak. The end of the world happened long ago, making the floating mystical continent of Arkadia fall beneath the oceans of planet earth. The Arkadian civilization mutate into legless people whom look part human, part jelly-bean and wear strange headdresses and lost memories of the surface world after the creation of their sun, the Shaguma. However, this sun, after many years, is fading away and something must be done, so the children of the Arkadian clan and their organic living spaceship go into the forbidden grottos of this civilization, research their ancestors and create a magical woman from the life force of the ancient Arkadians and named her "Akana".

That is the basic plot, but it gets deeper and deeper with every episode you watch of it, combining original storytelling, with time travel, paradoxes, some comedy, mythological elements and of course, a big cast of colourful characters.

I reccomend this animated series to you. It was a long time since it aired in Japan (have not seen the French version yet, want to though), but it maybe airing in other places, since LME seems to have a cult following in Europe.

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Wow I miss this show

Author: heweaver from USA
2 October 2003

I watched this show as much as I did the Mysterious Cities of Gold...apparantly MCOG was much more can buy VCD's from ebay (I have a set myself and they are wonderful quality) but I have yet to find ANY episodes of this series anywhere... I would love to find them again! If you have any idea where I might look, I would greatly appreciate it!


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eerie and unforgettable

Author: melancholicmoon
10 May 2012

French speakers will be pleased to watch the original version of these two seasons again, because cartoon series are not what they used to be ! The language used in the dialogue is brilliant, literary yet not pompous; so, parents who want their children to learn correct French should make them watch such series instead of today's superficial material.

And despite the very basic effects (it does look old, with faded colors and glitches), the atmosphere here is just lovely ! Every tableau, every place these guys visit aboard Shashag is eerie and beautifully made.

And to avoid taking itself too seriously (the main synopsis isn't exactly a walk on the beach), there are comic relief characters, like Bik and Bak, and those pirates with 80's rockers haircuts ! So cool !

The main theme is haunting and the other songs, even though they're repeated in almost every episode, are always fun to watch.

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