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FOX announced that this program would air its final (151st) episode on May 14, 2006.
The family's last name was in fact revealed in the pilot as "Wilkerson." It is on Francis' name tag when he calls home about his allowance.
Aaron Paul auditioned for the role of Francis but lost. He would later be cast in Breaking Bad (2008-2013), which also starred Bryan Cranston.
After the show ended, Bryan Cranston went on to be in the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad (2008-2013). On the last season DVD of Breaking Bad (2008-2013), there is an alternate ending that involves Cranston playing as Hal waking up from a nightmare, which happened to be the events of Breaking Bad (2008-2013).
Although the family's surname was revealed as Wilkerson in the pilot episode, it was decided afterwards that the family should not have a last name. A running joke on set was that the family's last name was "Nolastname." This is officially confirmed in the final episode, "Graduation," when Francis drops his work pass and his surname is briefly seen. Further confirmation can be seen when Malcolm is introduced to the stage for his speech. His last name is not heard as the microphone screeches at the crucial moment, but you can read the announcer's lips clearly saying "Malcolm Nolastname."
Justin Berfield, Bryan Cranston, and Erik Per Sullivan are the only cast members to appear in every single episode.
The character of Francis would all but disappear from the show entirely starting with Season 6. For the final two seasons, Francis appeared in less than 10 out of the 44 aired episodes, despite the fact that Christopher Masterson remained in the opening credits. The character itself was changed significantly, going from the significant strides he had made to land a great job and become a responsible young adult, to once more returning to delinquent, manipulative and two-timing behavior. Christopher Masterson during this time took more of an interest in the production of the show, as he directed and wrote for much of Seasons 6 and 7 rather than starring as his character.
On the show, Reese is the second oldest brother of Malcolm, but in real life, Justin Berfield (Reese) is less than three months younger than Frankie Muniz (Malcolm).
"Krelboyne," the name of the class of gifted students to which Malcolm belongs, is taken from the name of the nerdy hero of The Little Shop of Horrors (1960).
The monster seen rising from the water in the opening credits is the monster from Clash of the Titans (1981).
Cloris Leachman (Grandma Ida) and Kenneth Mars (Otto Mannkusser) both use the same German accents they used in Young Frankenstein (1974).
The hamster that Dewey releases in an earlier episode of the series can be seen in various episodes after, rolling past the screen (in its exercise ball) on the ground in the background.
Merrin Dungey (who plays Stevie's Mom, Kitty Kenarben) appeared in the first episode as Malcolm's teacher.
The animation clips shown briefly during the opening credits are from the Japanese anime Nazca (1998).
When Francis was given a more diminished role in Seasons 6 and 7, the show changed focus entirely. Rather than splitting episodes between a Malcolm story with Francis side story, Hal and Lois instead became the primary focus of the show, with side-stories being reserved for Malcolm, Reese and Dewey. Francis no longer appeared in his own stories and instead became only an occasional recurring character.
Jane Kaczmarek in real life has given birth by way of Caesarian section three times. When it came time to simulate giving birth without a C-section in the episode "Baby Part Two," Kaczmarek just imitated every other birth she had seen on television.
In the opening credits, the couple kissing that is being attacked by a monster is actually a scene from Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961).
The character of Reese was ranked #9 in TV Guide's list of "TV's 10 Biggest Brats" (27 March 2005 issue).
Two of the Krelboynes, Dabney and Lloyd, are named after student houses at Caltech.
In the episode where Hal takes the boys to the race track, it is revealed that Malcolm was named after Hal's favorite NASCAR driver, Rusty Malcolm.
In the episode where Hal and the boys go to the race track, they come home to discover that Lois had gone through all of their stuff, in that pile was a pack of Morley cigarettes, the same fake brand the Cigarette Smoking Man prefers to use on The X-Files (1993).
In the opening credits, the boxer who inadvertently knocks out the referee is Pedro Cardenas, fighting Willie deWit. He accidentally KO'ed referee Bert Lowes during the 1982 North American Championships in Las Vegas.
The show was originally pitched to U.P.N. (United Paramount Network) but was turned down. Fox eventually picked up the series.
In the original version of the show, Otto Mannkusser and his wife are Germans. In the German-dubbed version, they are Danes.
Scenes from One Million Years B.C. (1966) can be seen during the opening credits. In one of them, Raquel Welch is shown in the claws of a monster bird. The other scene shows the fight against a giant turtle.
In Malcolm's family, each sibling except for Francis has a special gift: Reese being an amazing cook, Malcolm being a genius and Dewey being a musical prodigy.
When Comedy Central (UK and Ireland) started their 2015-2016 run of the entire series, the trailer was based on the fan theory that Hal and Breaking Bad's Walter White are the same person.
The two wrestlers briefly featured in the opening credits are Bret Hart and Chris Benoit.
Actor Patrick Bristow first appears in the Episode "Ida's Boyfriend" as Phillip, the head of the Acting troupe hired to hold a Murder Mystery at the Grotto. Later, Patrick Bristow returns to the show as Lloyd, Chad's Father in the episode "Chad Sleeps Over."
The signs in Dewey's Busey classroom read, "Put ups--not put downs," "Be polite, don't ignite" and "Words, not hands."
Scenes from The Brain from Planet Arous (1957) can be seen during the opening credits.
The motto of Lucky Aide is "The 'L' Stands for Value."
Many of the side characters played "double roles". For example in season 1 the epidode therapy Ms Gilbert the school therapist is also the administrator in the episode church later on in the series in season 4.
Season 1 was the only season to have been released on DVD in the US. Season 2 was set to be released in Fall 2003, but was canceled due to high costs of music clearances.
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None of Malcolm's family have a last name. While in military school, Francis was referred to only as "Francis" and never by his last name. Reese joins the army and we learn the last name of his fake ID is "Jetson". There are no indications that the family has a last name, except in the pilot when Francis is talking on the phone to his family, you can see his name tag on his Marlin Academy uniform is "Wilkerson", but people often joked and called the family "Nolastname".
Whenever Malcolm breaks the fourth wall, no one in the scene looks at him or acknowledges that they can hear him.
Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) is actually older than Justin Berfield (Reese) in real life.
The theme song for the show, "Boss of Me," was written and performed by the band They Might Be Giants.
Episode Reese's Party season 4 While the Hal and Lois are out of town. A meth lab is set up in the garage against the will of kids, Bryan Cranston goes on to become the Meth kingpin in Breaking Bad.
Jason Alexander appears in a season 4 episode about chess as a man who claims to sell toner. He also appears in Friends. He is the man that Phoebe tries to sell toner to only to find out he wants to commit suicide.
In the two part episodes "Company Picnic" there are several big name guest stars. One of them being Jane Kaczmarek's then-husband Bradley Whitford, who starred as Joshua Lyman in the series The West Wing.
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In the episode "The Red Dress" when Dewey runs down the hall, you can see a man holding a bucket when Lois has the dress in her hands. Clearly she had to pick the out of the bucket while Dewy was calling for her and he couldn't get out of the shot in time.
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In the very last scene of S3:E21 "Cliques", when the dominoes are falling you can see a hand pushing over the dominoes that make the American flag on the coffee table.
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Two ABBA songs have been featured in two episodes: "Fernando," in the episode "Water Park," and "Take a Chance on Me," in the episode "Pearl Harbor."
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In episode 137, you can see a sticker of a tree on the fridge. The sticker belongs to the snowboard and skateboard brand "Arbor".
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Jessica who plays as the babysitter in season 3 was Hayden Panettiere, who later went on to play in major tv shows Heroes and Nashville.
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The episode Family Reunion involves Brenda Strong, who plays Mary Alice Young on Desperate Housewives. In Malcolm defends Reese Katheryn Joosten costars. She plays Karen McCluskey in Desperate Housewives.
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