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Thanks to strong performances from all, particularly Mount and Nicholson, we're with this story all the way.
Chicago Reader
Birmingham and coscreenwriter Matt Drake adapted a short story by Tom McNeal, elaborating on its plot but beautifully capturing its low-key poeticism.
Chicago Sun-Times
We might quarrel with the crucial decision at the end of Tully, but we have to honor it because we know it comes from a good place. So does the whole movie.
Tully is at turns heartbreaking and heart-stirring. And it's from the heartland, so I guess that makes perfect sense.
Dallas Observer
Hilary Birmingham -- makes an impressive feature directorial debut with this rural drama. She gets first-rate performances.
Burrus has a face that does all the talking for him -- deep creases, sad eyes, and a gray hue that hangs over him like a rain cloud. It's a remarkable performance.
Miami Herald
An uncommonly perceptive and finely shaded character drama.
A few scenes are a bit coy and the "big secrets" threaten to pitch into melodrama, but Birmingham keeps bringing the film back to the delicate dynamics of the relationships at its heart.
The A.V. Club
In its strongest moments, Tully has the quality of a good short story, in the way it details the underlying affection and resentment that creeps into the lives of its four main characters, played with great sensitivity by a cast of mostly unknowns.
New York Post
A yawn-provoking little farm melodrama.

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