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24 Sep. 1999
Michael Wiseman, a middle-aged insurance seller with a family, dies in a subway accident. But in a twist of fate, a secret branch of the U.S. government rescues his brain and offers him a new life, in a new body. Michael wakes up and finds himself in a trim and new genetically engineered and enhanced body. But the only condition is that he can never have any contact with his family and friends from his previous life.
1 Oct. 1999
On the Town
After escaping from his bodyguards/captors, Michael heads to his old office to see his co-worker, Roger Bender, to try to explain what has happened and convince him that he is physically a new person. Michael wants to see his wife and teenage daughter again, so he forces Roger to drive him to his house where he watches Lisa and Heather, and sees his wife leave on a date. Meanwhile, Dr. Morris is angry about his creation escaping and has all his hit men to set out to look for Michael to bring him back, or eliminate him. Elsewhere, the Eggman arrives in New York and ...
8 Oct. 1999
Over Easy
The Eggman is interrupted while preparing his weapons, and wipes out two entire floors of a hotel. He then sends a message to the Mayor, threatening to release more nerve gas unless he receives 10 million dollars in bearer bonds. Michael is sent to deliver the payment. Roger convinces Lisa to help him seek out Michael.
15 Oct. 1999
One for the Money
Michael is teamed up with an agent, named Murphy, for his first real mission, an assassination in Hong Kong. Dr. Morris tells Murphy that this is to be treated as a training mission, and that Michael is to do the actual wet-work regardless of his objections. The target is a former agent named JJ Lucik, who is suspected of selling classified information to foreign powers, getting other covert field agents killed. Meanwhile, Lisa searches for a job.
22 Oct. 1999
The Insurance Man Always Rings Twice
Michael sneaks a newspaper out of the janitor's cleaning basket, and finds out that Lisa has put his house up for sale. He breaks out again to confront Roger and find out why his million dollar life insurance policy hadn't been paid. Turns out that Grand Empire Insurance Company (and especially Craig Spence) holds a grudge against the Wiseman family because Michael's integrity had cost the company $400 million in an earlier case. Because of this grudge, they're calling his death a suicide and refusing to pay. Michael makes arrangements to deal with Spence his own way.
5 Nov. 1999
Nothing to Fear, But Nothing to Fear
A chemist has developed a compound that causes people and other animals to lose all inhibition and fear. He experiments with it by spiking the punch at a singles dance, and at least one person dies, while one is put into a coma as a result. Michael and Dr. Morris embark on a search for the source of this "fear vaccine". After some prodding from Heather, Lisa shows up at Michael's townhouse to ask him out to dinner and extends the invitation to Dr. Morris as well. Dr. Morris accepts on behalf of them both with the intention of standing her up, hoping it will make her ...
12 Nov. 1999
A Girl's Life
Dr. Morris has equipped Michael with a high-tech jumpsuit that lights up and is visible from 50 miles away at an altitude of 30,000 feet. When Michael questions what he would be doing at 30,000 feet, Dr. Morris tells him he'll be jumping out of an airplane to test a new zero-gravity super barrier. Heather is struck by lightning while watching the strange light in the sky, lapsing into a coma. Michael insists on seeing her at the hospital, and accidentally activates the light suit from outside her 4th floor hospital window just as Heather awakens. Heather thinks she's ...
19 Nov. 1999
Pulp Turkey
It's Thanksgiving, and while Lisa and Heather are having their first holiday without Michael, Michael is "invited" by Dr. Morris to his sister's house for dinner. Roger inadvertently brings uninvited guests to Lisa's house.
26 Nov. 1999
By the Light of the Moon
Lisa gives in to Gerald's pleas for a date. Physiologist Dr. Taylor is brought in to make Michael a more effective "warrior."
7 Jan. 2000
Fire and Ice
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14 Jan. 2000
Disco Inferno
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28 Jan. 2000
I am the Greatest
Morris reveals to Michael that there was another man like him who was the early version of the technology used on him. The man would escape and disappear. Morris suspects that an undefeated boxer could be him. So he sends Michael to go undercover as a sparring partner to find out.
11 Feb. 2000
Film at Eleven
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18 Feb. 2000
Deep in My Heart Is a Song
Hours before a General Irving is scheduled to arrive to check up on the project for a funding review, the 'New & Improved' version of Michael Wiseman inexplicably goes into a catatonic state. Dr. Morris tries in vain to diagnose and revive him, but nothing in Micheal's original medical records provides any clue. The General is impatient and considering pulling the plug on the program unless Dr. Morris will agree to put a new brain in his body. Flashbacks to Micheal's old life, where he experiences the same kind of temporary unconsciousness. To avoid worrying Lisa, he ...
25 Feb. 2000
Everybody Who's Anybody
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10 Mar. 2000
Boy Wonder
A mentally impaired young man, named Jimmy, accidentally stumbles upon a terrorist cell's weapons cache in an abandoned building while he is playing superhero. In the process, he witnesses Michael capturing some terrorists by pulling down part of a building and flipping over their car by hand. As Michael is leaving the scene, Jimmy overhears where Michael lives. Being convinced that he has seen a real-life superhero in action, he tracks Michael down. When he tells Dr. Morris and Michael about seeing a crate of missiles, they think it is just another example of his ...
31 Mar. 2000
Lizzard's Tale
Michael and Morris are having dinner with an old friend of Morris named Lizzard. They were schoolmates, but Morris discovers that he's out for himself while Morris wants to share his discoveries with everyone. What he doesn't know is that he is into among other things black market organ dealings and he gets his organs from unwilling donors. At the dinner he discovers Nichael's secret and captures him so that he figure out how he works and how he could profit from it.
14 Apr. 2000
There Are No Words
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21 Apr. 2000
The Bugmeister
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28 Apr. 2000
The Bugmeister, Part Bee
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5 May 2000
The Eggman Cometh
Lisa is called by a man who claims that Michael was alive after he was struck by the train. But she thinks that he died instantly. So things--that Michael is alive. begin to unravel. And the Eggman, who wants to get back at Michael, is planning his escape.

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