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A "complete" film

Author: b-prainsack from Klagenfurt, Austria
5 May 2003

"Last Ball" is a beautifully told story about a guy struggling with life in a small town after most of his friends have moved away to more exciting places. A passionate affair with a married woman initially appears as a way out of affliction but turns out to be a dead end.

I found the film moving in an un-sniveling way. Main character Jim conveys a kind of ease that is limited to those who have no great expectations. Jim is no caricature of misery. The supposed hopelessness of his situation is contrasted by the beauties of the "little things" in life and by the intensity of his actions. Ultimately, the "dead end" is just another beginning.

The film is as colorful and as complex, as funny and as sad as life really is. It tells a story worthy of being listened to. Most of us would not only want to see and listen, but to embrace.

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a touching, funny, altogether wonderful film about a boy growing to manhood

Author: mdavidson from Mountain View, CA
3 December 2002

This is a great film! I recommend it highly to anyone who likes a good story line, an unsappy romance, solid character development, great acting, beautiful photography, and a poignant ending.

The films captivates right from the start. I was drawn into the small town world of the main character and his sidekicks as they went about their daily quirky, yet very real lives.

The humor is p-e-r-f-e-c-t! The love story -- quite lovely. All in all a terrific film.

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loved it!

Author: domstead from Fairbanks, Alaska
25 July 2006

I saw this at the Anchorage Film Festival years ago and loved it. The director told us it was loosely based on his own life growing up in Hastings-on-Hudson. I've never been there but the movie made it an appealing destination for future travels. Last Ball was solid with great characters. There are lots of those "nameless/faceless" actors in it that you've seen in so many movies but never caught their name. Leo Fitzpatrick (Kids) is great as the sidekick. Anyone who grew up privileged in small town America can definitely relate to it. There are characters we have all "known" from our rebellious teen years... the over-demanding father, the motherly bartender, a concerned sheriff, the goof ball friend you can't quite shake and maybe don't want to. I have checked for it on DVD but doubt it will ever be available. It's a treat and if you're able to see it at a festival then do it. I would love to see it again.

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A beautifully realized story of a young man stuck in a small town

Author: Ann Golliday from Chicago
29 October 2001

I saw this movie at the Los Angeles film festival in April, and I really must say it's probably the best movie I've seen in the last year or two. I couldn't stop thinking about it for days afterwards. The characters are so distinctive and memorable, the cinematography is lovely, and the music is really fine. If you come across this film, definitely check it out. If you've ever lived a small town, you can really relate to the film's themes, and even though it's a drama, it's really hilarious at times too. I definitely recommend it.

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Welcome to Westchester...

Author: plushsnail from United States
29 December 2010

The writer/director of this film is from Hastings-on-Hudson, New York; I'm from there, too, and I think that this film captures some of the essence of that particular place. Hastings is a small town in Westchester county; it's only about a 20-minute train ride from New York City - that's both good and bad. You see, many of the people who live in Hastings work in the city - because the town is so close to such a big metropolitan center, it means there's not much of an indigenous/local culture in the town itself. Hastings is essentially one big hill - wealthy people tend to live in big houses higher up on the hill; the tiny downtown, the train and the river are all at the bottom, as is a smallish, working-class population, many of whom hold service jobs in town. Hastings can be a very nice place, but if you're stuck there - if you can't afford train fare into the city, if you don't have a car to get to other towns, if you don't even have a ride up the hill - well, it can suck.

So, this film concerns a young man from an upper-middle-class (up on the hill) family, who finds himself living in an apartment down by the water, working as a cab driver. It's a powerful picture of the geographic and class divide of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York; the question is - is this film interesting for people who are not from Hastings-on-Hudson, New York? Well, it's a pretty good movie: there are compelling characters, strong performances and some lovely, low-key cinematography, but the script is lacking - the film suffers due to its forced, exposition-heavy dialog and from its fairly predictable narrative. That said, it also has an appealingly earth-y, personal feel to it; it's too bad that this film never seems to have gotten a proper DVD release - Lord knows there are many, many worse movies that find their way into video stores...

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Author: sarafbi86 from Maryland
9 June 2004

My friend and I saw LAST BALL at the Annapolis Reel Film Festival back in February 2004...we fell in love with it. Whoever is reading this: PLEASE MAKE THIS MOVIE AVAILABLE ON DVD! I must have a copy! I've only seen it once and I feel like I've seen it a thousand times...but really, I want to be ABLE to see it a thousand times. It was such a great story, and I hope that more people have the chance to see it! I would STRONGLY recommend this movie to anyone, it's great...and I hope the movie "gets signed" or whatever it's called to become known! It was awesome! Peter did a great job! As did all of the actors and actresses! EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE.

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Lovely film about being at one of life's crossroads, as told with humor and grace.

Author: kerry dunne ( from New York State
24 October 2002

I loved this film about a young man at an emotional crossroads after graduating from High School. The performances by all the actors were great and I thought the love story was so true, and so gentle. The setting was beautifully filmed in the Hudson river valley, with New York City just down river. This is what is a real independent film should be. You just have to watch carefully and listen well, because there is a lot of subtle, sweet moments.

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The whole package, and then some.

Author: audreybud from New Jersey
23 October 2002

So many independent films would be great, if only the acting were better. Or the script tighter. Or if it was lighter, or heavier. Last Ball somehow brings it all together.

The acting is notably good; the emotion of so many scenes lingers with you long after the credits roll. It's beautiful to look at. It's well-directed, well-written. And most notable of all: it's a well-rounded story that is character driven and funny. It does not pander, but it sure does make you laugh.

It's so rare to get the whole deal in one film, but there it is. Last Ball delivers.

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Remember that time we . . .

Author: sarahwadelton
1 April 2002

Watching "Last Ball" I was transported right back into my hometown. I loved this movie so much, I saw it twice! So have most of my friends, and we all agree that this film is something special. Not only does it look beautiful, but the characters are drawn so vividly that I felt like I knew every one of them personally. The pacing of the movie is particularly unique, and delightful: it's languid, like the camera is as reluctant as the characters to leave a familiar but enchanting place. There is so much love, loss, humor, and hope in this film, that you are guaranteed to fall in love, have your heart broken, and make an embarrassing snort sound when you laugh before it's over!

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This is a truly excellent film in every way.

Author: MrAnflick from Boston
28 March 2002

I saw Last Ball at the Director's View Film Festival a couple of weeks ago, where it justifiably won the grand prize for best film. This movie is really good. I so rarely see films where everything comes together perfectly, but it really did in this one. It was subtle, powerful, and funny. The nasty comments posted by "CorrGirl1027" don't ring true at all; she sounds like a disgruntled local actress who didn't get cast in the film, or she saw some other movie. "Last Ball" is fantastic, and I hope it gets distributed someday soon, since it's ten times better than most of the "indie" movies I've seen.

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