Presence of Mind (1999) Poster


Governess: What are you doing here?

Flora: I told you. I come here to bury my secrets.

Governess: No more secrets, Flora. Tell me where she is.

Flora: Who, miss?

Governess: Tell me, my pet, where is Miss Jessel?

Flora: Miss Jessel?

Governess: Yes!

[to Mado Remei]

Governess: See? See? There she is! Out on the water!

Mado Remei: I can't see anything.

Governess: [to Mado Remei] Open your eyes for god sake, you stupid woman! Can't you see her?

Mado Remei: Let go of me! I cannot!

Flora: There's nobody there.

Governess: [to Flora] How dare you say that when she is right there in front of you? Look at her! She is right over there and you're lying to me! She is right there!

Flora: [to Mado Remei while possessed by Miss Jessel] Take me away from her! She is evil! Really evil!

[to the Governess while possessed by Miss Jessel]

Flora: You filthy slut! I never want to see you again! Go away! I hate you! I hate you!

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