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Chicago Sun-Times
The movie crosses two formulas -- Fish Out of Water and Coming of Age -- fairly effectively. Because it isn't wall-to-wall action but actually bothers to develop its characters and take an interest in them, it was not at first considered commercial by its distributor, New Line, and languished on the shelf for two years.
Entertainment Weekly
It has no twistiness or intrigue, and none of the juicy anthro-underworld detail that Koppelman and Levien brought to their screenplay for the tricky, enjoyable ''Rounders.''
Likable performances are critically wounded by implausible scenarios and derivative-minded direction referencing everything from ''Reservoir Dogs'' to ''Fargo.''
Philadelphia Inquirer
It has its moments of swaggering camaraderie, but more often just feels generic, derivative and done to death.
New York Daily News
Nothing you haven't already seen elsewhere, except for Vin Diesel looking even then like a box-office champ.
Miami Herald
Not as bad a movie as it sounds, just mediocre.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A layabout movie -- not risibly bad, just relentlessly sub-par.
There's nothing original about the father-son conflict that forms the core of the film, nor is there enough suspense and drama.
New York Post
Any one episode of "The Sopranos" would send this ill-conceived folly to sleep with the fishes.
Off the shelf after two years to capitalize on the popularity of Vin Diesel, Seth Green and Barry Pepper. It should have stayed there.
San Francisco Chronicle
Lackluster mob picture.

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