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I admit a guilty pleasure of mine I never thought this is a terrible film
ivo-cobra824 September 2017
Uber Jason in outer space I don't mind the film and it is a guilty pleasure of mine. I saw this movie in the video store 11 years ago when I was in high school I saw the VHS cover of the film and I saw it on DVD. So finally I got this film on Blu-ray disc just finish it watching it today and I must say it is not a bad film I like it a lot. Like I said it is a guilty pleasure of mine. I know a lot of people hate this film I don't. I think is MILES way better then Jason Goes to Hell and Miles way better movie then Hellraiser: Bloodline that was in outer space this movie is just better.

7.years ago when I become a fan of Supernatural I heard that Jared Padalecki will be in the reboot Friday the 13th movie I rushed to see this movie. I watch Friday the 13th the original, Friday the 13th Part 2, the (2009) reboot and this film Jason X and yes I like it.

I thought this movie will copy Alien and Aliens but it didn't copy any of those films it was solid and it was original it had his own story. I didn't thought this movie was bad I thought it was an interesting story that had a good action and a good slasher kills.

Lexa Doig was an alright as the final girl tough it was a science fiction film it was still good and I will still watching it. Lexa Doig was in The Tracker with Casper Van Dien and I liked that action film I haven't seen in a while.

Jason Voorhees returns with a new look, a new machete, and his same murderous attitude as he is awakened on a spaceship in the 25th century.

Lexa Doig worked in facility Crystal Lake in which they capture Jason Voorhees but he kills everyone and escapes but Rowan Lafontaine (Lexa Doig) freeze him and her self in 2008. The year is now 2455 and a new crew members on a ship unfroze those two only too realize they unfroze Jason Voorhees unstoppable killing machine. Now a new group of soldiers tries to defeat Jason who later becomes Uber Jason.

Lisa Ryder was great, sexy and really hot as Kay-Em 14 I liked her, she really kicked Jason's ass and she shot him to death ha ha.

So it is scary? No. Is it a good movie? No. Is it fun? VERY.

I also forgot this movie is reference to Demolition Man (1993) my all time favorite futuristic action Stallone film. In which they were mention to Lexa Doig's character that she was in Cryo it references to Cryo-prison it is similar to Demolition Man.

Jason X is a 2001 American science fiction slasher film produced and directed by James Isaac. It is the tenth installment in the Friday the 13th film series and stars Kane Hodder in his fourth and final film appearance as the undead mass murderer Jason Voorhees and his futuristic counterpart, Uber Jason.

This movie get's a C+ 6/10 wasn't that bad of a film but wasn't a great Jason slasher film either, but still it is my all time favorite guilty pleasure of mine.

I have enjoyed this movie and I had fun watching it. Honestly I have enjoyed this movie much more then I did Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan but that is just my opinion It is my favorite guilty pleasure of mine.
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Big, dumb and stoopid, but fun
ExpendableMan13 January 2005
Let's face it, if you're going to rent one of the later movies in a slasher movie series, you'd be an idiot to expect high art. The fact that this is the tenth movie in the Friday the 13th franchise, the most knuckle-draggingly, ball-scratchingly cretinous 'horror' series of all time AND it's set in space doesn't exactly suggest that this'll be an all-time classic, but it's a good fun way to kill an hour and thirty minutes nonetheless.

Okay, the plot is so thin even a slight breeze would make it disintegrate and the horror element is practically non-existent but then Jason movies abandoned that long ago in favour of just providing dumb escapism with inventive and bloody death scenes, which this film certainly provides. People are sliced in half, impaled on large spikes, blown up, one poor woman even getting her head dunked in liquid nitrogen and shattered on a desk, but the characters are so one-dimensional and it's so cheesy you're more likely to laugh than scream. And I defy you to watch the scene when Jason gets transformed into 'Uber Jason' for the first time and not have a colossal grin traverse your face. There's even a later scene which pokes fun at the earlier movie's clichés with a hilarious "beating one camper to death with the other" sequence.

This is not The Exorcist, it's not The Omen, it's even a very long way away from the original Friday The 13th, but as director James Isaac has said, "it's just fun." Get your mates round, pop open a beer, disengage brain and you've got a very entertaining ninety minutes.
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Jason in Space!
preppy-330 April 2002
Basic plot: It's 2455 and Jason is loose on a spaceship killing a bunch of brainless, annoying 20 somethings.

Critics have been merciless on attacking this. Why? It's the 9th sequel to "Friday the 13th". What were they expecting? "Gone With the Wind"? For what it is, this is very good.

The plot is old, no characterizations, and the killings aren't really all that interesting (except for one at the beginning which was GREAT). Also it has an annoying tendancy to have characters say some really stupid jokes WHILE they're dying!!! The acting is totally horrendous--the worst I've ever seen in a "Friday..." film. I realize that's saying alot but it's true! All the cliches are squarely in place including the dialogue ("Get your people out of there!" "We're all safe here." "He's finally dead."). Basically this is so bad it's funny! Also, surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. It had it's dull moments but the characters, acting and lines were so funny...

So is is scary? No. Is it a good movie? No. Is it fun? VERY. So far the best bad/good movie of 2002.

Extra bonus--Some of the WORST jokes I've ever heard in a movie.
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Entertaining, if nothing else
Jason X is an entertaining blend of horror, sci-fi and comedy, though the film doesn't go very far in any of the three categories alone. The best way to view this film is to simply not expect it to deliver anything and just sit back and enjoy it for what it is: a slasher flick! And for being that, it is quite amusing. The comedy in the film does succeed considerably more than other slasher flicks which try to incorporate comedy into the mix. At least I thought so. Really, I just enjoyed this film cuz I had nothing better to do when I watched it and was in the mood for something... well, stupid. That's what it is, and for being stupid, it's fun. Sometimes it's fun to be dumb. 6/10
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Fun, entertaining and highly enjoyable
GL8423 August 2012
Retrieving a relic of Jason Voorhees frozen in time, a group of students studying in the future find themselves stalked through their space-station home by the reawakened killer and must use the technology of the time to stop him.

This was an absolutely fantastic entry which was one of the more enjoyable and exciting entries in the series. The best part of this is the extremely high-impact action scenes, which generate the best times here, starting with the opening attack on the guards in the facility in rather fun fashion before the big chase that gets him frozen with her, while the retrieval and stowing him on-board gives this one some really good times along with the initial rampage through the ship resulting in a lot of cheesy goodness to come from having these scenes set in the futuristic landscape. The initial resurrection on the heating bed alongside the oblivious worker while the screwing couple signaling the true rebirth which spawns a brilliant, original death scene with the infamous face first into ice, then shattered on a counter-top along with the two soldiers playing a virtual reality game and don't know Jason isn't part of the game, then they allow Jason to kill them quite easily. The action is non-stop, and there are many impressive scenes with this one, as the inclusion of the soldiers allows for some incredibly fun times with a spectacular stalking scene in a cargo-bay that generates some fine deaths and great suspense as Jason uses a ton of creativity to his kills which allows the great shoot-outs with the soldiers as well to generate even more good times with this one. There are more, from the battle in the engineer's room to the numerous stalking in the lab where it gets some fun action and classic stalking scenes involved in here as well as getting the action requirements out very nicely. The gunfight in the corridor getting the cyborg into the proceedings on Jason is a standout, and Jason's continual sit-ups after being hit by the shotgun really makes the scene impressive. Also, the humor is here with a bit of subtle comedy here and there and a total tongue-in-cheek attitude, not just from the jokes but the goofy tone here with the look of Jason and Uber-Jason and his dealings throughout here. As well, the shift to outer space was a refreshing change of pace and a source of much needed originality here with all these changes giving this a rather unique change in appearance that suits the film's more Sci-Fi leanings perfectly. Coupled with a Jason that is absolutely menacing and scary and looks like he's having too much fun in the role and a few nice odes to the others in the series, there's not a lot wrong here. The biggest issue here comes from the apparent lack of logic here, most of which comes from the behavior of the characters. It's really hard to believe that Jason is fooled by a holographic representation of Crystal Lake that's not even a full-on trick with the edges exposed, yet he still takes time to destroy holographs of two women who look like they belonged in the first movie and allow the good guys to escape, which is the biggest example here. The plot line involving the idiotic professor who only wants to profit from Jason and his continuous assurance that Jason will get taken care of is quite lame, as well as the finale of Jason gets ridden like a surfboard as he's falling back to Earth. However, here the action tends to hide a lot of these issues and it's really not all that noticeable when they occur. All in all, it really only comes down to personal tolerance of the cheese to find any flaws here, since it's a lot of fun regardless.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity, and a short sex scene.
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Afraid I'm gonna have to hurt you now.
Ben Larson10 October 2011
OK, I have been warned that the bloom is off the rose and this is nothing more than "a porn movie ... with gruesome murders instead of gratuitous sex." Still, I venture in.

Earth has become uninhabitable. Voyagers from space dropping in after 400 years just happen to stumble upon Jason, who has been cyrogenicly frozen. They take him as a souvenir. Ha, are they in for a surprise.

Of course, Jason is indestructible, both on Earth and in space with weapons 400 years in the future,

Lisa Ryder as Kay-Em 14 stole the show. She was one hot mama that smokes Jason after everyone else fails - or so they think. Now, we have Super Jason.

Yes, it's cliché and silly, but it's Jason and we watch to see decapitations, and smashed faces along with that big machete in action. Just fun folks.
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Jason returns in fine form.
Spanner-229 April 2002
Alrighty now.. the long awaited 10th film in the legendary "Friday the 13th" movie series hits theatres and what is the result? If you liked the previous nine you will like this one, if the hockey masked machete wielding Jason Voorhees isnt your cup of tea then you should probably avoid the latest installment in the franchise. In this film, Jason (once more played by stuntman Kane Hodder) is placed in suspended animation and winds up getting thawed out on a spaceship some 400 or so years later to wreck havoc on a hapless group of hollywood newbies who decided to audition for this film. Actualy the cast is pretty good as this sort of thing goes and the producers decided to have some fun with the concept, throwing in everything from an obvious "Alien" inspired storyline to a "Terminatrix" babe (played by Lisa Ryder, who like co-star Lexa Doig hails from the "Andromida" TV Series). Some funny bits with Jason and a pointed parody of the original film due to a virtual reality simulation (!) make this one a step above most of the efforts in this series. So, until Jason rises again, this one is a keeper for fans of slasher movies worldwide. GRADE: B+
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The idiotic serial travels to space and the future.
Fedor Petrovic (fedor8)11 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Not Jason & his Argonauts seeking for the golden fleece: that would be too intellectual for the year 2000. The 10th or 11th "Friday" movie, and it was time for the crap to move into space. Plus, it was time for the franchise to sink to new lows, much lower even than was promised at the outset, back in the 80s.

This film is TYPICAL of the 90s and 00s: the brand new level of idiocy that has engulfed Hollywood movies. So much here is cretinous that it would be pointless to list all these things. But since I happily indulge in pointless things I'll mention a few: 1) Jason V. (not X) actually stabs a women with a machete THROUGH A HALF-A-METER-THICK MILITARY METAL DOOR, 2) why does Jason V. get an automatic run-over by the medicinal worms (bugs) (whereas they seems to ignore the other piles of bodies)? 3) we are never given Jason's full bio, including his 20th-century studies of 25th-century space ships and how to move about them without getting noticed and without getting all-too confused, etc. Jason V. is one smart cookie, both omniscient and omnipotent.

Then, of course, there are the obligatory really, really bad, dumb gags, people cracking wise even when being pierced, decapitated - or close to getting there. And talk about political correctness: there are almost more women aboard than men - of whom the greedy captain is white (well, of course, we can't have a greedy black captain because - as we all know - only white men can exhibit greed; Michael Moore's best-selling garbage "Stupid White Men" tells us all about it). Towards the end we practically only have women and black guys as survivors (even the android is a a woman). Alright, alright, we GET IT. Equality of the sexes and between races and all that… And what better place to hammer that boring old point than in a SILLY HORROR film?

A movie that represents 100% the sadly retarded times we live in. Call it the AGE OF Paris HILTON, if you will…
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It just doesn't get any worse than this!
Frustrator13 April 2003
This movie is incredible... incredibly BAD, that is. I can't believe that any screenwriter and/or director is willing to put their name on this--it simply has to be an attempt on professional suicide in the business.

The script is so full of cliches that belong in slasher-films of the '80s, not the new millennium. Good old Jason Voorhees gets cryogenically frozen and is thawed up several hundred years into the future, and guess what... NOTHING has changed at all. There are still tons of beautiful model-like teenagers showing their belly-buttons and having casual sex, and they all still get slaughtered by the monster in the hockeymask. This time around, however, he gets and upgrade in the last 15-20 minutes of the film, and is turned into some kind of hybrid man/monster/machine killing apparatus.

The dialogue is below even the worst standards, the plot far from new, the acting is just above kindergarten ability... frankly, I don't know why any studio would jump onto a script like this.

For God's sake, I know it's just another teen slasher movie based on an ancient franchise, but for crying out loud: Who ever said that innovative writing is forbidden in films like this one? I was very tempted to watch the entire movie on fast forward, but didn't.

In the end, though, there is one positive thing about my Jason X experience: Luckily, I wasn't the one who paid for the rental.
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What would the kids that drowned Jason Vorhees say now?
Kristine29 November 2004
Th... th... th... I'm sorry, I have to say this. I'M DONE!!! Oh, my God!!! I am so done with the series!!! This was like a freakin' "Fear Factor" challenge. Man, 10 movies!!! My God, I did it! I don't know wither to laugh or cry or get drunk or... never mind.

The 10th installment to the Friday the 13th series wasn't so bad. They put all the right kinks into it. It had bad acting, an unrealistic(even if it is a horror movie)plot, nudity, stupid teenager, sex, drugs, and horrible computer effects. That's one thing I have to say: Just because we have computer effects, doesn't mean we have to use them. But, so far, hoping there will be no more sequels, this was a good ending. I think. I'm kinda still processing from this incredible journey. And all I can get is "Fire bad, tree pretty".

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New idea... but rest is crap.
shanfloyd10 May 2005
To put it simply enough, 'JasonX' is a spicy mixture of all the cheapest entertaining aspects of cinema. It's got space, mindless sci-fi, androids, borg sex, sensuality, action, gore and finally, Jason Voorhees. The basic plot is really dumb, but works in a way to give a new touch to this 10th installment of "Friday the 13th" series. Because at least it is well-known that no director would take a risk of making a Jason movie again at Camp Crystal Lake, after "Jason Goes to Hell" literally murdered the famous slasher franchise. So we needed something new. Okay, "JasonX" IS something new. But it should have been way better.

I think it's useless to point out keyholes in this disgusting story. But one thing must be said about the 'uber-Jason' -- it is totally crap. the old Jason with the hockey mask was way much cooler. Please, if any one of you plan another "Friday the 13th" movie, don't bring this uber-Jason. And cast Kane Hodder. He's the best Jason ever.
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rollingthunder_35719 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a hardcore horror/slasher enthusiast, so I enjoyed this movie, thought it should belong in the comedy/horror section (if there was one). A movie I could enjoy watching again. This is sort of a 'Jason meets Star Trek' blend, certainly not a typical horror film, no doubt hardcore horror/slasher fans are the ones giving it a rating of 1. I thought 'Uber Jason' was great, Lexa Doig is hot hot hot, the scene where Jason beats one topless camping chick with the other topless camping chick in their own sleeping bags in the VR room was hilarious! Some funny tongue in cheek one liners as well. More nude babes would have been nice, though :)
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"I think he's gone." "Why don't you stick your head out there and find out??"
lemon_magic3 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I don't quite understand the 'hate' for this tenth installment of the Friday/Jason series. It's "Friday the 13th", for crying out loud! ANY change in the direction of the series is welcome at this point. It seems as if the fans have forgotten how 'winded' the Jason series had become - after the absolute dregs of the series in "Jason Goes To Hell", "Jason Takes Manhattan" and "The New Breed", the series' creators were not just beating a dead horse, they were dragging it around the track behind a tractor. "Jason X" at least tries to give the horse a jolt with the defibrillator.

In spite of the 2nd rate effects, and general silliness, the 10th film in the series has visual energy and freshness that has been missing for at least a decade. The characters are all stereotypes, but they are GOOD stereotypes in new, snazzy 'futuristic' costumes, and they get to use snazzy new assault rifles and hologram projectors and stuff to fight back. It doesn't work of course, and Jason still kicks everybody's butt, but the change in atmosphere and sets does rescue the film from the tedious dread of previous installments. There is some actual levity and some winking tribute to some of the classic conventions of earlier films (such as when Jason beats one camper to death with another one, but it's OK because they are holograms). And Jason gets a 'new look' in the middle of the film. It doesn't really add that much to the character, but again, at least it is different enough to help you 'see' the character again after decades of over-familiarity.

I rented this DVD fully expecting it to suck, but to my surprise, the opening scenes and the way the premise was set up caught my bemused interest, and the SFX of the future were JUST good enough to entertain my eyes. And eventually I ended up enjoying the proceedings quite a bit. Not nearly as much as a 'real' movie, of course, but much more than I ever expected from "Friday the 13th" ever again. I'd say it is the only really watchable entry in the series in several years, and if there are no more after this (and I hope not), "Jason X" is not a bad way for FXIII to end.
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Probably the best since the first Friday the 13th
timmy10611 October 2002
I thought that this was probably one of the better Friday the 13th movies in it's franchise. Granted it takes place in space but it was still pretty excellent for a B horror film. I mean did you see "Jason Goes To Hell" thats all i have to say. Kane Hodder comes back to play Jason Voorheis again and did a very good job. Lexa Doig who played Rowan was hot and played the authority female very well. Lisa Ryder as Kay-Em 14 Her scenes were hilarious.

I just thought that this was a very great film and i reecommend it too anyone who enjoys horror films. Todd Farmer who worte this did a very good job. Especially after that disater of a film "Jason Goes To Hell". The actors were great, the movie had suspense , GORE, and comedy- Especially the scene with Jonathon Potts and Melyssa Ade, you all know what i'm talking about, that was hilarious. Let's just hope that if they do make another Friday 13th film hopefully it will be good as this one and that they bring Kane Hodder back as Jason Voorheis
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A spoof on its own franchise?...
Paul Magne Haakonsen16 December 2015
This movie sent a large following away from the franchise in utter disbelief. And I will say that "Jason X" is a very different "Friday the 13th" experience. It actually seems like it is meant as a spoof and a farce on its own franchise. You take Jason Voorhees and put him in a cryo-freeze, then thaw him up in the distant future and put him into space...

It is, of course, a matter of taste and personal preference whether or not you like the tenth movie and its deviant turn away from its usual formula. I enjoyed it, seeing it as a fun approach to the franchise.

There were some interesting things throughout the movie, especially with what happens to Jason, which spurred the 'evil gets an upgrade' catchphrase of the movie.

The effects were fun and good, as you have been witnessing all throughout the series of the movies. There were a good amount of killings in "Jason X" of course, as in all these movies. And there were some good laughs here as well.

And "Jason X" has Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees, which is more than enough of a reason to watch the movie. And a special appearance by none other than David Cronenberg.

If you like the "Friday the 13th" movies and want a break away from the usual setting of the Voorhees movies then sit down and Watch "Jason X". It is fun for what it is.
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Jason in all his glory. Dedicated only to fans.
Insomniac_moviefan1 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Let the bodies hit the floor!

Jason is back and there's no possible way that he's returning to hell. "JASON X" is a great sequel. I'm a die hard fan of the Friday the 13th movies, and other fans have to agree that this movie rocks because it's all about Jason. And now way he's a sell out unlike other villians... Jason Voorhees returns and now the devil has something to fear.

For example, pretend it's your birthday and you are 8 years old. It's your day, and everything it's only for you : the clown, presents, the cake, everything. Your parents pay for a birthday party with the purpose that you will have more fun that the others. JASON X is the same case. The fans pay to see JASON doing his favorite thing : slashing dumb teens and anyone that gets on his way. Fans complained in JASON GOES TO HELL because there wasn't enough Jason, and in JASON X we get Jason all the time! Besides we get PLENTY of gore, creative death scenes, a very very PI**ED off Jason, hot chicks, a cool setting, even a good score.

THE OLD DAYS... In some moments, the feeling inside the previous Friday the 13th movies was present. The creepy atmosphere, the "ki ki ki" and Jason looking mean brought some old memories. *MINOR SPOILERS* All of the death scenes show that Jason hates any living thing, and this time around he has no compassion for anyone unlike in previous films. Oh no, Jason shows no mercy. His machete had a lot of work in this one. The VR Camp Crystal lake setting is pure gold! It shows Jason in all of his glory. Those were the days where Jason would slash anyone around his territory. The death scenes, the score, the direction (which I must say is pretty good) and of course Jason brought the Friday the 13th style back. -END OF SPOILERS-

THE NEW FRIDAY THE 13th Ok, maybe the plot is kind of (!) cheesy but the series needed a new story. The film has lots of black humor and this is why some people think that it's a cheesy film in general. Sometimes the humor is necessary to break tension.

Overall, this is a good slasher and it's because there's Jason Voorhees. This is a movie to add proudly to the Friday series, and that's it. It won't change future plots, and it won't change Jason's fate. This is a reward for all the die hard fans that waited to see Jason lifting his machette again.

Yes, we waited 9 years for this movie to happen, and I'm proud to say that the wait was worth. JASON X will be followed by FREDDY V.S. JASON next summer. Movie in which Jason Voorhees will kick some seriously Freddy's ass! Come on, we all know that our loved hockey masked killer is the best out there. Just wait to see. Long live to the Friday the 13th movies!
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The best Jason movie ever!!!
Toronto2sec-16 August 2002
This was a great ride from begining to end, I remember wanting to hear the Bodies song or The Original Jason theme, but none. Even so, the movie had some great effects, the Jason player (Kane Hodder) was so excellent. The actors were, well, good enough. David Cronenberg, (Scanners, Existenz and Nightbreed) makes a cameo as a Scientist. I expected the usual machete slashing, but got random killings and decapitiations. Out of 10, 6 or 7.
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Stupid is as stupid does
llenkow31 July 2002
How can I give this movie a 10 and still say it's stupid? Easy; what would you expect of a movie franchise like this to be? All along we have Jason surviving bullets and knives and being electrocuted by some means, but there was never any suggestion that his "powers" were alien in nature(like "Jason Goes to Hell suggests). Not that electricity would bring him back to life after his body was decayed for awhile(like "Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives" suggested). All of these horror movies can easily have had better plots. Why don't the writers see to it that they do? Because people like me will continue to see such movies simply because it deals with Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, etc. Since these movies are meant to be ridiculous and silly and incoherent, then I must say that the producer and director have reached their goal. Bravo! Reaching one's goal is what it's all about, so any rating less than a 10 would be unjust.
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Jason's back!
binerybass26 July 2002
I have missed good old Mr Voorhees over the past few years and i wasnt dissapointed with his return. This film, in my mind is one of the greatest to be released in a few years and is a very worthy addition to the series. the idea of setting it in the future was a good one and the new technologies used to blast Jason with are great. IF YOU DONT WANT ANYTHING SPOILED, PLEASE DONT READ ON. The idea of upgrading Jason, though slightly tacky, was a good idea to finish of the film with. The cyborg women was a bit too much like Lara Croft in the amount she defies the laws of physics for my taste but i'm sure i will get over it.
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Loved It!!
I left the theaters back in April in complete amazement in how good Jason X was. I know I know Jason X is not an oscar worthy film nor is it part of the top 250 but it was still entertaining as hell. Being a big fan of the "Friday" franchise I found Jason X to be a great entry into the long running series. The film is not really scary at all but it is action packed and very entertaining. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD!!! OVERALL: 8/10
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Everything a Friday fan could possibly want!
GRoont7 July 2002
Well, I'm sure that you're probably not going to read this since everybody said that it sucked so bad, but if you enjoy Friday movies in any way...there is no way that you won't like this one. Yeah, he's in space, but who cares?! It's just another reason to kill off 18 more stupid kids. As always, they think of many new ways to butcher anything that moves, and the movie is seriously hilarious (like I said, if you like Friday movies) and yes, it is intentional. If you want to see a good scary movie, what the hell are you watching Friday the 13th Part 10 for? It's just a bunch of moronic fun, don't look for anything past that. Of course I am a die hard Friday fan, so if they make Friday 27 I'll be there opening day!
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Kane Hodder still has what it takes as Jason.
hagg8 July 2002
Wow! A Friday film that is made for the fans! Jason is thawed out in the future and wrecks havoic on a spaceship! There are plenty of twists and turns and some truly horrific kills! Kane Hodder still has what it takes as Jason and this film must boast what i consider to be one of the most attractive Friday female casts ever! There is a great homage to Camp Crystal Lake and an upgrade to Jason that has to be seen to be believed! Anyways a great time at the movies! Hey Jason, glad to see you back!
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a good slasher but a cheesy end
dan pemberton21 January 2005
i think this a thoroughly good horror films which obviously will not match up to the shocks of the first in the series still does what is supposed to and in a fun way. the only problem i have with the film is the cheesy ending in which Jason is ridden into the atmosphere which just looks so cheap it is unbelievable, apart from that i would recommend it to fans of the series and of the genre. there are clever parts in the film and i particularly like the way Jason freezes a woman's head in ice before smashing it on the table, the way he falls back onto the regeneration table is kind of convenient yet this still does not ruin the film, obviously it could do better but it could also do a hell of a lot worse
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There is No Where Else to Go!
caspian197820 October 2004
Where else is Jason going to go? He's been to New York City....where else is there? Even though Jason returns to face Freddy, this should be the last we see of Jason. Unless Jason decided to attack martians on Mars, Jason has been there and done that. A nice science fiction / horror movie that fails on all levels, the gore hardly keeps the audience interested in seeing what happens. A typical horror cast that does nothing for the film. The human race has not evolved much since Jason began killing horny teenagers on Crystal Lake. In the future, teenagers are still horny and are vulnerable to psycho's named Jason. One of the worst of the 10, many felt Tom Savini should have directed this one. Instead, we hopefully close the book on Jason after an impressive 21 year run. Jason is due to retire. Thank God!
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This is the single greatest masterpiece of our generation.
jodeson066 October 2002
This is a marvel of modern film making. The plot was believable and it really puts you in the mind of a serial killer. The acting was on par with some of the finest masterpieces ever. It was expected that this movie was not nominated for an Oscar because there was no black people in the film. Not even Shakespeare himself could deny the awesome force that is Jason X.

P.S. If Freddie and Mike Myers teamed up against Jason, it wouldn't even be close. Jason would anhilate them. Word to ya motha.
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