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"Oh Bertha, lovely Bertha"
Who can forget this 'claymation' TV show, with it's catchy theme tune? Everyone, it looks like. Bertha, the machine that can make anything....the little robot that moved up and down with a bizarre flatulent-esque sound....the charming ambience of a factory machine that could make anything? Somebody must remember this! I sure do. Shame on you people that haven't posted here. This was a mini-classic of the eighties and early nineties, with an animation style similar to its successor, the inferior Charlie Chalk. It's time this got a little recognition: it certainly stuck in my mind as an impressionable youngster...
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One of the greatest programs in the universe
greenbank20 December 2004
This was brilliant - a machine with a face that could make just about anything just in time to satisfy the needs of the people who worked with her - especially good old Panjit, the warehouse guy, whose odd Indo-Welsh accent sticks in my mind to this day. Sorted. With her wavy arm things and numerous bells and whistles a small child could actually believe that this big green machine was alive - Bertha kicks Charlie Chalk's ass any day, and is up there with Jimbo and the Jet Set as one of the top programs of my childhood. (Plus Bertha had the advantage that, when laughing, the characters did not actually say the word "chortle" as Jimbo and his cohorts were prone to).
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So stupid its great!
The Central Scrutiniser2 November 2001
This is such a wonderfully stupid program it really is a gem. The basic idea is that this factory somewhere in England has a machine called Bertha (eyes and everything), which will make anything you want it to, according to what Mr. Sprot (the 'mad scientist' figure) designes and the factory comission. This ranges from mousetraps to differant coloured building blocks. during te course of the episode something invariably goes wrong, and its up to the characters which include Roy (the foreman and Berthas best friend), Panjit (the Pakistani immigrant forklift truck driver), and all the others to sort out. This usually involves Bertha making something else to combat whatever went wrong before. There is so much adult humour in it thought, that it really is a joy to watch for all ages. Its probably difficult to get hold of now, but if you ever get the chance its well worth a go. Enjoy!
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ah memories
adam jackson12 December 2004
i love this series and as it only did 13 episodes it will be one cartoon series that was very short but still one of the best ever made. forget your new cartoons this is what the kids of today should be watching. i just wish that they would release them all on one DVD as they only sell on DVD that has 4 episodes on it which really is not good enough. i know that they will not carry on the series as roy kinnear died in 1989 while filming the return of the Musketeers, if they did it would not be the same as the original. more people need to write to the bbc to get them released on DVD and get it into the kids of todays TV and stop them watching cheap rubbish that is made so quickly it just doesn't make good viewing.
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Bertha! some times i think you're a dream!
jessie-montgomery6 August 2006
Totlay one of the best TV shows around, I have this on VHS and I watch it today! It's songs, Music, characters were the best! Go Ted! Go T.O.M! who remembers the song for T.O.M? :Talk. Opirated. Machine! It ruled! hope you love it to.

Cumon people bring back Bertha!

Thank's for reading,

rate Bertha high!

Bertha, lovely Bertha! Sometimes i think you're a dream! When we work out what you have to do, we can always get the goods out, always get the goods out, We can depend upon you! (^-')
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