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San Francisco Chronicle
In every kids' picture, there are going to be sections that only kids will enjoy. Fortunately, 102 Dalmatians has enough for the adults, too.
Boston Globe
It is Close's performance that gives the movie its oomph and will leave adults with smiles as wide as the kids'.
New York Daily News
The floating, flailing, flying puppies in the inspired opening credits of 102 Dalmatians set the tone for an adorable sequel to the live-action version of the famously spotted cartoon.
New York Post
The kind of movie that is beyond criticism.
Chicago Sun-Times
Doesn't really seem necessary.
USA Today
Though 102 Dalmatians digs up little new ground and muzzles its villain, it does have a fetching sense of functional fun now and then.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The film, which is amiable, undemanding family holiday entertainment, is more a tribute to the astonishing skills of the dog trainers than anything else.
Baltimore Sun
It should come as no surprise that the dogs are as cute as caninely possible. But is it conceivable that, once you've seen 101 adorable dogs, 102 seems redundant?
Chicago Tribune
How is it possible that actors as expert as Close and Depardieu can wind up together in a mostly brainless big-budget stinker?
Mr. Showbiz
A film without mirth or magic.
Entertainment Weekly
This sequel adds more insults and injuries that could traumatize little ones. Most frightening of all, the ending leaves the door open for ''103 Dalmatians,'' which would certainly constitute Cruella and unusual punishment.
You can't help but feel that Disney has delivered a turkey for Thanksgiving.

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