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Billy Brown is a broker. He has lost his fortune and is ruined. He decides to break off his coming marriage to his wealthy sweetheart. She offers him money; he refuses: she returns him his engagement ring. Billy leaves: she is heart-broken. Suddenly she thinks of an idea to make Billy marry her and recuperate his fortune. She sends him the following telegram; Your aunt died out West, leaving you a fortune, providing you are married by 12 o'clock on Wednesday, June 18th. Clay Lambert, Attorney-at-law.'' Billy turns to look at the large clock and finds it is 15 minutes to 12. It is Wednesday, June 18. He has only 15 minutes to marry or lose a fortune. He dashes away after looking at his watch. In the meantime, his sweetheart has gone to a clergymans house and they get into an auto and speed away to Billy's office, only to find, when arriving there, he has left. Billy, in the meantime, meets a lady acquaintance, drops on his knees and starts proposing to her. She runs away. He has five minutes to get married. He rushes down the street, looking for a woman. Billy's sweetheart is shown after coming from his office in her auto jumping up and down urging the chauffeur to speed faster to find Billy. Billy sees a veiled woman on the street and starts to propose. She lifts her veil, showing her to be a Negro. He decides he can't get married by 12 and win the fortune, and so will commit suicide. He gets in the middle of the street, an auto is coming in his path;, he turns his back and waits. The auto stops against him, he turns, and his sweetheart and clergyman are in it. He dashes to the auto, gets in, shows the telegram. They are married, one minute to 12. His sweetheart confesses she sent the telegram. Billy at first is angry, but finally gives in to a happy ending. -- Moving Picture World synopsis


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