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Chicago Sun-Times
The movie uses the materials of melodrama, but is gentle with them; it's oriented more in the real world, and doesn't jack up every conflict and love story into an overwrought crisis.
Chicago Tribune
Although the film's ending is a little too neat and happy to be realistic, it does leave you with the feeling of young girls taking charge of their lives.
Christian Science Monitor
Rarely has a dance movie done so many cinematic pirouettes with such a graceful sense of audience-pleasing fun.
New York Post
The best dance movie since "Flashdance."
Philadelphia Inquirer
Modestly entertaining when it is engaged in such a celebration onstage, but it trips up when the action moves backstage, where bad dialogue ... lurks in the shadows.
San Francisco Examiner
Aiming to keep it real, the cast of the new dance casserole Center Stage sweats spunk.
Entertainment Weekly
As a Balanchine-like martinet, Peter Gallagher is a hoot, whispering to his minions about good and bad feet.
Rolling Stone
The cliched script by Carol Heikkinen plays like "Dawson's Creek" in toeshoes.
San Francisco Chronicle
The strained romantic plot is a slow fizzle.
USA Today
It's so predictable, you can set your watch to when the bulimic will sneak away to the bathroom.
New York Daily News
Don't like archetypes? Wait till you meet the cliches.

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