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Minnie Driver And Joey Lauren Adams Become Firm Friends

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Minnie Driver And Joey Lauren Adams Become Firm Friends
Minnie Driver and Joey Lauren Adams have had the cast of their new movie in hysterics - because of the difference in their size. The two stars of Beautiful (2000) play best friends in their new film and have managed to turn their film roles into reality. Adams admits the funniest thing about her new pal is their differences in appearance - a comparison which makes people laugh out loud when they see them together. Speaking at the glitzy premiere of the movie in Los Angeles Monday night Adams explained, "We've become really good friends. I love Minnie so much. It was one of those really easy great shoots. The funniest thing was us next to each other because she's a very tall girl and I'm short and she had on like four inch heels and I was in my flats and we would just stand next to each other and laugh, everyone would, it was pretty funny." And she revealed Driver's recovering well from her appendicitis scare a few weeks ago, "She's good, she's doing really well. I've spoken to her on the phone, she's feeling much better."

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