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I think it was a good show

Author: curareinque from Irving, Texas
24 September 2000

I think it was a great show. I have been a big fan of Sean Patrick Flanery since I saw Simply Irresistible in February of 1999. I think everyone's character was played out fantastic. I do wish, however, that Stacey Dash's character would have played in more episodes and that the show would have lasted longer. Thanx for reading.

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Great Cop Show !

Author: Pat1973 ( from Frankfort Illinois
9 June 2000

Well where do I begin. It stars Sean Patrick Flannery and Guy Torry & Joe V. As ex cops Elvis and Jess find a friend and employer by the boss Cameron Greene. He is a boss with a protection of his casino. He treats all his guest as family. Elvis and Jess help Cameron Greene every week with guest that need a little help now and then. It's a great show as well as entertaining. It's fun humorous and a great buddy cop series. I only hope that this show gets a chance to stay on UPN. It's smart as well as great viewing for people who like cop shows! Out of 4 stars I give it 3 1/2 stars. Watch this show!

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The Strip Rocked HARD!!!!!!!

Author: vegasr0x from Chicago, IL, United States
8 October 2002

The Strip was essentially a huge nod of acknowledgement to all "formula" films/tv shows (i.e. Lethal Weapon-same exec producer by the way, Miami Vice, etc.). This trend continues in all of the most popular films of our time. I feel that The Strip brought something back to tv that was(and still is)needed. It was probably never going to get an Emmy nod anyway, but who cares ? TV is meant to entertain and what better place to illustrate this than Beautiful Las Vegas, NV. Sure the show wasn't too heavy on plot, but since when has LV been the center of significant social issues anyway ? So if you are one of those people fortunate enough to have taped episodes of this TRULY, EXCITING, THRILL-RIDE DISGUISED AS A TELEVISION ACTION SERIES kick back, get your popcorn and buckle up for the ORIGINAL "FASTLANE". VIVA LAS VEGAS !!!!!!!!!

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Another Flashy Vegas Show?

Author: Sarah Jowett ( from Merced, CA
14 October 1999

With everything, there are always kinks to be worn out. I hope they do that with this show.

I know Sean Patrick Flanery is strong actor, I just wish his character had better development in the first episode rather than leaving everything in mysterious darkness.

The first episodes scenes were done for glamour, and it's nice to see the Vegas skylines, but if the character development doesn't get better, this show may became a casuality of mid-season cancellations.

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premise fell flat

Author: UNISOM
2 November 2001

THE STRIP was the tale of two former cops crusing vegas and battling crime. Instead of rushing this out the series could have been different. The african american sidekick character should have been played straight and the one liners come from the flannery character with a mock arrogance and youth exuberance as if to say "nothign can touch me" The series also needed the presence of a heavy like ERNIE HUDSON and more hard hitting episodes and perhaps a few light ones. I liked the premise of them teaming up with the mob from time to time.

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A fine prime time action show, yet it's so terribly cliched!

Author: coverme6 from Allentown, PA
10 July 2000

After a brief departure from the world of television and

undergoing several movies, Sean Patrick Flanery is back on the

tube. His career as a TV star was a starring role in the

hour-long action series "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," on

who Flanery portrayed the whip-cracking hero as a young man.

Flanery's newest stint in television is the hour-long crime

drama known as "The Strip," named for the famed casino-based

area. Here, Flanery is an ex-cop named Elvis, who, along with

his smooth operator partner Jesse (played by Guy Torry, Joe

Torry's brother), go to work for casino owner Cameron Green (Joe

Viterelli) after losing their jobs in the Las Vegas PD. Elvis

and Jesse now work as safecrackers for Green, providing security

for his casino patrons and also working as private investigators

for the most part.

You might think that this show is practically a mix between

"Miami Vice" and "Vegas," because both the elements of a

buddy-cop combination and the steamy, greed-ridden backdrop of

Sin City is being used here. Those borrowed elements might annoy

a discriminating viewer, because with the use of too many

cliches in a show might be considered to be too unoriginal and

worst of all uncreative. Sean Patrick Flanery's brooding, macho

performance piece as Elvis might remind you of Don Johnson's

macho character from "Miami Vice," and Guy Torry's role as the

smoothie Jesse almost reflects of Phillip Michael Thomas' role

from "MV."

Though the cliches can bring a real fly to the windscreen for

"The Strip," the show's flashy backdrops, plus the rapid fire

pacing and action can make up for the over recycled material

used over and over and over again, for about the

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Author: LONE SOLO from Floyd Montana
28 December 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show was about two Vegas PI guys. One guy was white (SHAWN PATRICK FLANNERY) never combed his hair and had a "gee I crack myself up" smirk on his face at all times. The other guy was an annoying black guy who couldn't act and kept spouting off pop culture references at all the wrong times. This show was so formula, as I watched a episode, I timed out on my watch when the female love interest would get taken hostage, when the car chase would occur, when the mean police detective would show up and give them the "this is a real cops case" speech, etc. etc. You get the idea. This show was nothing more than recycled plots from ADAM 12 and BARNABY JONES...just without Buddy Ebsen. The show substituted story content for forced hipness and gunfights where the two heroes would engage in jokes while battling 72 guys with UZI's. Had they kept the white guy, hired ERNIE HUDSON and got a better creative staff, this show might have done well. Instead of a hour of well written production values I got a hour of slop that made my brain cells scream in agony. Avoid this show like the plague.

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