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Season: 1 | 2 | unknown
Year: 2000 | 2001 | 2007

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: The Vibe

3 March 2000
A photography student and his pals discover the arousing effects of a special stone.
Catalina Larranaga ... Katy
Sandy Wasko ... Sadie

Ken Rush ... Matt (as Jason Ryan)
Avery Ross ... Ron
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 1, Episode 2: In Too Deep

10 March 2000
Mike goes to Passion Cove to delivery a script for his boss, Sid. He finds the place ransacked and Sid girlfriend is there all alone.
Eric Acsell ... Mike
Brandy Davis ... Janet

LoriDawn Messuri ... Mardi

Ron Sarchian ... Sid
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 1, Episode 3: Lights! Camera! Action!

17 March 2000
Passion Cove is being used to shoot a movie. The actors are having a problem making the love scene work until the magic of the house turns a befuddled scene into magic.

Maria Ford ... Donna

George Saunders ... Cameron
Anthony Auriemma ... Jack (as Anthony Rema)
Cynthia Boyd ... Kim
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Nancy O'Brien ... Kim (as Nancy O'Niel)

Season 1, Episode 4: Blind Date

24 March 2000
Jane has been throwing herself a pity party. Her friend Elise set her up on a different kind of "Blind Date". The type of date that only Passion Cove could inspire.
Nenna Quiroz ... Jane (as Alicia Moorland)
Susan Featherly ... Elise (as Michelle Turner)
Vince Vouyer ... Richard / Jogger #2 (as Johnny Angelino)
Ciaran Thompkins ... David / Jogger #1
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 1, Episode 5: Payday

31 March 2000
A pair of blocked screen-writers try to avoid distractions at a beach retreat, but a pair of lovely outdoor girl campers provide diversions, life experiences, and new subject material.

Brian Heidik ... Geoff (as Brian Linton)
Cameron Masters ... Jack
Lori Morrissey ... Melanie (as Ginger Lynn Monroe)
Amber Newman ... Carrie
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha
Wendy Lauren ... Girl #1 (uncredited)

Chuck Martinez ... Ben (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 6: Behind the Scenes

7 April 2000
A dating game TV show shoots an episode at Passion Cove. While the show guest stars are getting to know each other, the producer and her main camera man make a little showbiz magic of their own.

Kim Sill ... Suzanne (as Kim Dawson)
Bobby Johnston ... Ken
Dana Robbins ... Katie
Marcus Newgard ... Ben
Gabriel R. Caggiano Jr. ... Peter
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 1, Episode 7: The Gift

14 April 2000
A couple out for a romantic getaway at Passion Cove receives a series of surprises at their door. Each day a different package arrives with a game or some accessories they must promise to put to good use.
Quantae Love ... Mike
Dee ... Tina
Alanna Kang ... Erin
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 1, Episode 8: The Getaway

21 April 2000
Amy and David are at Passion Cove for a final blow out of carnal pleasures before they get married. They run into another couple, Felicity and Matt, who claim to be renting the house. Now, it's a party!
Keri Windsor ... Amy
Joey Vie ... David

Kira Reed Lorsch ... Felicity (as Kira Reed)

Adoni Maropis ... Matt
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha
Leila Hashemzadeh

Season 1, Episode 9: Lost Cowboy

28 April 2000
A famous country singer spends some time at Passion Cove to get away from the public. When pool girls does not recognize him, he pretends to be the handy man. Now ... the fun begins.
Jason Schnuit ... Jimmy Don (as Jason Stewart)
Stephanee LaFleur ... Angela (as Stephanee Ann)
Suzan Shneider ... Missy
Roy Garcia ... Erwin
Susan Petry ... Driver
Crystal Craft ... Babe
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 1, Episode 10: Music of Lust

5 May 2000
Anna is a beautiful pianist who has a performance coming up. Struggling to finish one sonata without a mistake, she contacts her former teacher Julian. His intimate instructions help her find the spot where the music to flows through her.

Monique Parent ... Anna (as Marnay Miranda)
Bertrand Schafer ... Stefan
Venessa Blair ... Dianne
Julian Stark ... Hans
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 1, Episode 11: Rising Stars

12 May 2000
The rock band, Rising Stars, spends time at Passion Cove to practice for their next gig. Drama between the band members and management ensues.
Vicca ... Patty (as Viktoria Karina)
Lola ... Jade
Steve Curtis ... Peter
Karl Boule ... Stark
Micah Bradshaw ... Ty (as Martin Pike)
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 1, Episode 12: Sorority Reunion

19 May 2000
While playing in bed with husband Adam, Diane teases him about her approaching weekend with the girls and the possibilities of Sapphic relations. After she arrives at the resort cottage, the lovely girls settle, dine, and tease each other. Intimacy progresses and Adam realizes a fantasy when he returns to the resort home for his wife.
Lesley S. Taylor ... Diane
Kimberly Rowe ... Julie (as Veronica Thompson)
Angela Cornell ... Chris
T. Gamaza ... Annie
Christopher John Kapanke ... Adam
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 1, Episode 13: Watching Linda

26 May 2000
Linda is being locked away at Passion Cove by her powerful boyfriend Dominic while he goes off to Europe for business. Driver and bodyguard, Tim stays with her to look out for her and protect her.

Gina-Raye Carter ... Linda (as Gina-Raye Swensson)
Darren Wayne ... Tim
Todd Swenson ... Joey (as Todd Swensson)
Lea Marr ... Sandy
Daniel Anderson ... Dominic
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha
Paul Rawson ... Lester Katt

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Ten Years Later

2 February 2001
A man keeps his promise to meet a woman at a special spot on the beach exactly ten years after they were separated.
Lauren Hays ... Grace (as Lauren Hayes)
Steven Ginsburg ... David
Nancy Vee ... Sharon (as Nancy Lynn Vaughn)
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 2, Episode 2: Enchanted Weekend

9 February 2001
Kate and Ellie wanted to spend a nice peaceful weekend away from the world, men, and the problems that come with them. When two ship wrecked sailor show up everything changes.
Trevor Dean ... Antonio
Scott Duc ... Ron
Amanda Prentice ... Kate
Mark Ritter ... Hawkeye (as Mike Johnson)

Cheyenne Silver ... Ellie (as Cara Ballou)

Season 2, Episode 3: The Bet

16 February 2001
Three female friends sharing a vacation rental make a bet on who can seduce the sexy handyman in the least amount of time.
Gabriella Hall ... Cassidy
Jarod Carey ... Tony
Tina New ... Dusty
Judy Moulton ... Mona
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 2, Episode 4: Practice What You Preach

23 February 2001
Dr Henning, a writer of relationship help books, needs to relax before her next tour. Elizabeth knows what to tell everyone else, but she has no relationship of her own. A weekend at Passion Cove changes all of that.
Keri Windsor ... Dr. Elizabeth Henning
Melina Hanson ... Ruth

Brad Bartram ... Win (as Brad Bartrum)
Anthony DeVilla ... Nick
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 2, Episode 5: House Call

2 March 2001
Rock star Petra needs to recuperate from her tour and Passion Cove is the perfect place. Lucky for her that there was a doctor on call to make house calls when she needed special attention.
Oscar Bullock ... Dr. Calloway
Jessica Lee ... Angie
Scott Riffe ... Buzz
Shelly Rose ... Petra

Season 2, Episode 6: Over by Sunday

9 March 2001
Linda and Frank spend a weekend at Passion Cove in an effort to save their marriage. As the passion continued to fade, a young couple shows up hoping to see the place where they spent there wedding night. Suddenly, everything changes.
Maggie Duncan ... Mindy

Samantha Phillips ... Linda
Mark Ritter ... Frank (as Mike Johnson)
Joshua Tripp ... John (as Josh Tripp)

Season 2, Episode 7: Where Have You Been All My Life?

16 March 2001
A secretary with a huge crush on her boss tries to help him close an important corporate business deal.
Nenna Quiroz ... Heidi (as Alicia Moorland)

Kim Sill ... Barbara (as Kim Dawson)

Brian Heidik ... Roger (as Brian Linton)
Andre T. Silva ... Stan
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 2, Episode 8: The Surrogate

23 March 2001
Ruby is a drifter who comes across Passion Cove. While squatting she pretends to be the relationship therapist Dr. Andrea Blake. When two of Dr Blake's patients arrive, Ruby has to improvise.

Kira Reed Lorsch ... Ruby (as Kira Reed)
Lea Marr ... Jessie
Micah Bradshaw ... Andy (as Martin Pike)
Samm Croft ... Andrea (as Yvette Faulkner)
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 2, Episode 9: Silent Night

30 March 2001
Larry's immaturity with woman causes all of his relationships to end prematurely and badly. In homage to Dickens, Larry is visited by four ghosts that help him learn a lesson.
Sandy Wasko ... Tina
Brandy Davis ... Marla
Joey Vie ... Larry
Cherry Lee ... Ghost of Christmas Future
Julie Meadows ... Punkette
Larry Chang ... Delivery Man
Lance Moseley ... Hunk (as Lance Mosely)

Joe Childs ... Wrestler #1

Marco Khan ... Wrestler #2 (as Marco Kahn)
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 2, Episode 10: Best Friends

6 April 2001
A man and woman ponder becoming more than just best friends when their current relationships fall apart on a vacation weekend.
Amanda Prentice ... Margoe
Eric Acsell ... Drew (as Eric R. Acsell)
Caroline Key Johnson ... Linda (as Diane Wiley)
Frank Mercuri ... Tony
Celeste Sheeley ... Kitty
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 2, Episode 11: Ghostly Passion

13 April 2001
Two ghost chasers investigate a vacation house reported to be haunted and encounter a pair of sexy ghosts.
Christopher Sheffer ... Jason
Susan Featherly ... Grace (as Michelle Turner)
Jason Stark ... Thomas

Nancy O'Brien ... Miranda (as Cynthia Boyd)
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 2, Episode 12: Discreet Affair

20 April 2001
A man and a woman meet one weekend each year for a very discreet affair from whomever they're currently dating.
Anthony Auriemma ... Baker (as Anthony Rema)

Janet Tracy Keijser ... Trisha (as Tracy Keijser)

Angela Nicholas ... Alicia
Stephen Francis ... Conrad
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Season 2, Episode 13: The Best Revenge

27 April 2001
A young woman hires an actor to pretend to be her boyfriend for the weekend in order to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.
Sarah Cooper ... Joelle
Jason Stark ... Brian
Anthony DeVilla ... Travis

Regina Russell Banali ... Mary Ann (as Regina Russell)
Caroline Ambrose ... Samantha

Unknown Season

Sin and Skin

13 December 2007

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