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Lauren returns to BHC after Michelle's murderer confesses. JD tries to make Lauren feel welcome, but she struggles to readjust to life on campus. Someone from Georgia's past reappears unexpectedly; Anthony misses Dylan;...

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After Party

The Beacon breaks the news of the rape hearing to the student body, calling the Women's Listening Circle to action and prompting Dixon to threaten Georgia. Dylan confronts his feelings and gives Heather and Anthony the ...


Beers and Fears
One year after his arrest, Adrian is released from prison and returns to BHC to find that his past relationships have crumbled. Jacob regains his position as a bartender at BHC's pub, to Genny's dismay. Genny's time working at an art gallery finds her competing with an unfriendly co-worker. Nik struggles to choose between Marisa and his new freshman girlfriend, Lauren. Lauren, Michelle, Dylan, and Callie all navigate the BHC landscape as incoming freshmen, but they're not the only ones who plan on starting over at BHC, as Adrian discovers when an old friend comes ...
Nothing to Hide
Callie digs herself a deeper hole by spending more time around Marisa, who can't get her mind off of Nik. Lauren attempts to get closer to Nik by inviting herself to his NA meetings, but in doing so only strains their relationship-and her friendship with Michelle. Declan and Adrian hit the freshman party scene, where Declan finds a potential connection that could keep him back at BHC for good. Jacob and Genny attempt to overcome their differences so as to save the Patriots Pub from bankruptcy, but when Genny receives an ominous letter in the mail, everything that ...
The One at the Bar
The BHC campus comes together for the Patriots' Pub Open Mic Night, which stands as Jacob's last chance to save the bar from bankruptcy. When confronted with a shocking turn events at the art gallery, Genny makes a drastic decision that puts Jacob's entire operation in serious jeopardy. Adrian regains faith in his pursuit of Genny. Declan resorts to his old ways to get what he needs from Dylan, who is having problems of his own holding onto Michelle. Callie struggles to keep the truth about her sexuality from Marisa. After a falling out with Lauren and a shady ...
Just Desserts
Several weeks after Open Mic Night, Marisa and Adrian find themselves rebuilding friendships, while Declan is busy exploiting his. Meanwhile, tension among the freshmen builds as Lauren and Michelle continue to feud, and Genny tries to resist charity from someone close.
A Bone to Pick
Conflict around BHC's art scene explodes to new levels as one artist takes things too far, while Dylan exercises him family's influence over Dixon. Lauren regrets some decisions while Michelle begins to face the consequences of hers.
A Very Bay State Christmas
Michelle receives some helpful advice while seeking direction, and Declan learns that his friends are few and far between. Callie makes a new friend at the Christmas party and Adrian helps Genny make a decision.

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