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Oh yeah, she's still got it!
mingo-221 April 2000
After years of trying to be an actress, Ginger goes back to what she does better than most...sex. In my opinion the years have been kind to her, while she has gained a few pounds, they appear to be in the right places. Ginger has also not lost her enthusiasm for a good hard schtup.
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She's Back!
arturopanduro28 November 2001
After 13 years away from the adult film industry, 36-year-old Ginger Lynn returns to the small screen in her long-awaited comeback. "Torn" is her first feature of a new "comeback" deal with VCA Pictures. Ginger plays a soap opera diva who is "torn" between her two loves (Devin Wolf and Chloe). Director Veronica Hart does a great job and has a cameo in the beginning of the movie. Sharon Mitchell has a non-sexual cameo, as well. The most entertaining scene (besides the opening Ginger gang-bang scene) takes place in an airplane during one of Ginger's daydreams, featuring Juli Ashton and Sean Michaels on a flight full of passengers who seem oblivious to what is going on right in front of them. I give this one a 9 out of 10.
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Ginger's best comeback film
Madison-815 January 2006
Since her comeback, Ginger Lynn has been absolutely scorching in her porn films. This one may just be the best, and she's surrounded by a fantastic cast. With some of my favorites like Chloe, Tina Tyler, Kylie Ireland and even Miss Sharon Mitchell involved, there's a lot of great action abounding. The best scene has Ginger imagining a tryst with Juli Ashton, who plays a stewardess. The meeting of these two blonde bombshells, with the always-handsome Sean Michaels looking on and occasionally lending a hand (and other body parts), is worth the price of admission alone. Ashton is at her best here, and the humor of the scene is genuinely hilarious.
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Ginger is still sugar and spice
garry19522 February 2005
Ginger Lynn's long awaited return to the film genre that made her the eternal star that she is. While she will also be remembered as a sexy B starlet in some of those memorable and not so memorable Saturday Night Drive-in films, she will be remembered more fondly as the Queen of 80s Erotica. This is a super adult fare that brings together a number of older that is to say Mature as in wine gets better with age starlets from the 80s who join with our blonde bombshell in doing their best to each other. Joined in part by 80s lovely, Veronica Hart, who also directed this flick. Check this one out for a hard day's night of memories.
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Well, Yes, But ...
cricharddavies28 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This was, of course, Ginger Lynn's big comeback to adult videos after more than a decade of legitimate movie-making. And it contains some very erotic scenes, and some rather good humor. (Ginger's character, Clarisse Bijou, is clearly supposed to be a parody of Susan Lucci in the way that she's supposedly a big soap star who has never won a Daytime Emmy.) The fact that she's co-starring with the sexual bundle of energy known as Chloe helps quite a bit. And Ginger has lost very little of her hotness, as she demonstrates in her first scene, where she does three guys at once.

So what's the problem? The problem is the plot. It has no conflict. In the film, Chloe, Ginger and Devin Wolf were apparently involved in a love triangle (each of them loved Ginger and she apparently couldn't or wouldn't choose) and so as they attend a reunion, the old flames start to burn once more. So what happens? Does Ginger make a choice between these two lovers after she's had carnal congress with each of them?

No. She marries them both.

What the hell? What kind of pie in the sky resolution to the storyline is that? If there's no problem with her being with both of them, then why didn't she just do that in the first place? What sort of anything-goes sexual utopia are these people living in?
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