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a must-see for every movie fan

Author: KGB-Greece-Patras
15 August 2002

Even though this is neither thriller nor action film, it features elements from both these two genres. And although it all takes part in a videostore, it features suspense that I had many years to feel while watchin a movie. Yet, it is very very funny !!! The film is full of plot twists and constant but smart references to films of all genres. A true film by an independent director that is likely to please every serious film fan.

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Feels like a student film with a budget, but very good.

Author: Lothos from Auckland, New Zealand.
7 February 2001

The tone of 'Tomorrow by Midnight,' which I watched as 'Midnight 5' just gives me a feeling that it was concocted by some film majors as a student film project and someone managed to give them funding beyond natural student film means.

The plot struck a cord for me for MANY reasons. First of all, I'm a film student myself, and secondly, I work in a video store. For those who have seen this movie, you'll be able to tell why I found this ironically relevant. The plot is a brilliant sequence of comedy, rampant discussions on films and life and how the characters are incapable of telling the difference sometimes in how they view reality.

And then the twists start to come in...

Overall, the film is somewhat grimmer than I expected based on the trailer, but well acted and thought out. The script is crisp and fast, as is the pacing. A very well done film, which can best be described as a black comedy with a moral or two thrown in. I approve.

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Hot and then cold, and then somewhere in the middle

Author: Nintendo600 from Australia
24 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As far as independent films go, this is definitely something. For all those movie buffs, this is probably a film that would be found somewhat satisfying as for majority of the film is endless references to films from pre-2000.

Much of the script is absolutely cheesy and feels like some of the dialogue and film references are just there to cram it all in for the sake of it. However, the video store setting as well as the suspense pays off very nicely and keeps the film going as well as preventing a drought of entertainment. While a basic-ish plot is good for this type of film, there are a few plot holes as well as a pretty stupid ending I will add.

If you see this film sitting on the shelf at your local Blockbuster, do rent it and give it a watch, just don't pay more then $5.95 for it.

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Author: sr-ludens from Chile
22 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Generally i don't register to write commentaries but this movie was so bad I was forced to. This is the worst movie I've seen in a long time; it's impossible the director speaks of it as intelligent and funny and that it achieved what he was aiming for. The movie is about 5 teenagers who constantly make references to movies of the same directors and others worsts who go into a video store and humiliate the clerk. The twist? The clerk defends himself and when the police arrives the all get caught in the same boat. The movie is disgusting, the acting is horrible, they try to catch the attention with a sex scene and characters remotely believable on awful actors. I hope every copy is destroyed as the actors, director, scripts, and in fact, every person involved in this project. Thamks god i still have sight to write this since I almost cut my eyes of after seeing it.

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Dreadful, boring and obnoxiously bad

Author: Trappedd
20 July 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't think there's spoilers, but with such a bad film, who cares anyway. Rolfe Kanefsky must be the kind of director full of himself, as he tries - with a lot of smoke, hiding a no story, told with no talent - to bring to screen something that has no meaning to it. With a very awful plot, this movie tries to show a mix of action and comedy with a hint of intellect. It's not funny, there's no action, and the plot is dumb. Who would hijack a video store?? Where's the motive here? An obnoxious clerk? Give me a break. Why the protagonists have to be so dumb? Shot in one location - which is boring as hell - these protagonists waste their time as well as the viewer time talking about nothing. In the process, the director uses them to show his knowledge of B movies, but who cares? Unfortunately, this knowledge is very shallow, as it stops at names and titles only. No depth here. I wonder why people produce such unwatchable garbage.

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Great Movie

Author: SamB410 from Needham, MA
10 September 2003

Tomorrow by Midnight was an unbelievable thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat at all times. Just when I had the whole thing figured out, there would be another curveball. It makes me sick that some horrible movies (I won't reveal names but for example a certain flick involving gigantic spiders) become popular while quality films such as this can barely stay afloat. There is something seriously wrong with that.

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One of the most truly awful films of all time.

Author: (Otsuru) from Melbourne, Australia
20 May 2003

One of the most truly awful films of all time. This film is overburdened with poorly executed experimental editing, and attempts to shock without having anything of value to say. A waste of time for any intellectual viewer.

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Good Future

Author: Culver Bronsan from Seattle, WA
7 March 2002

I saw this film at a film festival and met the filmmaker as well as the actors, all of which were very bright and I think have a good future ahead of them. I'm not much of a teen-movie fan, but I'm a huge independent-film fan and this film was pretty good. The acting was surprisingly really good, all the actors played the characters perfect. The plot was a tad bit cheesy, but it was very entertaining and it could probably be considered a comedy anyway. Compared to all the crap teen movies this one is actually watchable. I think the director and the actors have a good career ahead of them as long as they get their hands on some good material. Excellent effort!

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Painfully awful movie

Author: The Grand Master from Australia
8 July 2004

I can't believe I hired this. It was very clichéd, and very painfully bad. The acting was just woeful. The whole movie itself was worse than torture.

You can tell that it was just a low-budget, cheap load of garbage. It was very similar to an amateur porn movie, but with a crap plot thrown in.

The twists were interesting I have to admit, but the rest of the movie just doesn't save this load of garbage. I was very relieved when this movie finished. I thought I was going to die if this movie went for longer.



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