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Rolling Stone
McTeer and the transporting music hold you in thrall.
Chicago Sun-Times
Perhaps too laden with messages for its own good, but it has many moments of musical beauty, and it's interesting to watch Janet McTeer.
Greenwald is fine at creating the texture of early mountain life but loses her footing by embracing several plot points at once.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Greenwald's film is filled with an infectious love for the region's songs. It could hardly be otherwise, given the level of musical talent she recruited for Songcatcher.
Any film about the folk tradition is required to have a stellar soundtrack, and Songcatcher does not disappoint.
Miami Herald
It may not get top billing, but glorious music is the star of Songcatcher, an intriguing and often lovely film.
New York Post
Essential viewing for anyone who cares about American popular music and its roots.
Entertainment Weekly
There are mountain tunes as powerful as moonshine to be enjoyed in Songcatcher -- but there's also a mighty mushy heap of corn pone to be swallowed.
With a half-dozen characters sorting out life's woes, the pacing is a couple of beats faster than languorous - just enough to sustain one's interest.
New York Daily News
For a film expressly about an underappreciated culture, there are some boulder-size cliches rolling down these hills.
Wall Street Journal
A good subject has been ill-served by Ms. Greenwald's cliched script and clumsy direction.

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