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Rachel Crosby [Rachel Sheppard] from Newark, New Jersey is on vacation (looks like the Spanish Riveria) alone and with little to do except lie on the beach. Occasionally, she nods off and has strange dreams of a vampire woman with bloody teeth. One afternoon as Rachel is browsing the shops, she sees a t-shirt with a photo of the vampire woman on it. When the shopkeeper tells her that the shirt was made for her, Rachel buys it and returns to the beach to tan herself a bit more. When she wakes up, the picture has mysteriously disappeared from the t-shirt.

Rachel finds herself drawn to a house on the hill and wanders over to it, where she meets the vampire Countess Irina von Murnau [Analia Ivars] who, unknown to Rachel, has been stalking her. Irina seduces Rachel and winds up drinking her blood. Later that evening, Rachel stops at a nightclub where she watches a performance by Marga the gypsy fortune-teller [Lina Romay]. Marga "sees" that Rachel is being drained by a vampire and offers to help because, as she puts it, Rachel is an "innocent." The next time Irina seduces Rachel, Marga "stakes" Irina with (prepare yourself for this) a big, black, magical dildo, which destroys the vampire.

Later, as Rachel wakes from a nap on the beach, she sees that the t-shirt has HER picture on it, in the same pose as the vampire woman. In usual Franco style, was this all a dream?


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