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goldapple5723 June 2001
Sabrina goes down under and fights pollution in the great reef, meanwhile Salem falls in love with another talking cat! I enjoy watching this movie with my family and I'm glad they brought back Gwen (the clumsy British witch that never gets spells right) from the first movie Sabrina goes to Rome. I give it a 6.7 out of 10 it was good but i prefer the first movie
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Fun for anyone who likes the series.
HagenDas25 April 2011
If you're not a fan or if this is your introduction to the show the movie it'd be a brutal thing to sit through I imagine. The story and plot are copied from much better movies. So it'd play like a bad remake.

I'm a big fan of the series. I'm surprised critics say it's typical Disney Channel garbage. For me, it's Bewitched for the 90s, especially the first three seasons.

This was fun enough to watch if you like the series. I said this about "Sabrina Goes to Rom" movie, and I'll say it about this one. It feels awkward at times to see Sabrina without her Aunts or Harvey.

This TV movie was broadcast on September 26, 1999 right after Season 4's 1st episode (aired on September 24, 1999).

If you're watching the series chronologically according to air date, it's weird.

The 1st episode of Season 4, had the departure of both Valerie and Libby. "Libby has gone to a private school, and Valerie has moved to Alaska with her parents".

Lindsay Sloane's (as Valerie) last episode appearance was the Season 3 finale. So it's strange to have her removed from the show's main cast and then have her as a completely different character in the movie (as Fin). Nevertheless, it works surprisingly well, and it's kind of nice. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask did a similar thing when they used the same character's as Ocarina of Time in different roles.

In fact, it makes you feel more comfortable accepting this as a completely "parallel universe": I had a big problem with this when watching Sabrina Goes to Rome.

It's nice to Tara Strong reprises her role as Gwen (from Sabrina Goes to Rome) . While Sabrina Goes to Rome wasn't that good for familiarity reasons it's comforting to see her again.

The storyline and plot here are a lot more believable even though it's wacky. It's also funny. I laughed quite a few times. It's generally mindless fun for fans of the series. It isn't Shakespeare by any stretch. The story and plot were done much better in the original movies that used them (Free Willy, The Little Mermaid, etc.). Even so, the character interactions don't feel forced or unnatural.

If you're a fan of the series you should enjoy it. Especially when the majority of Season 4 episodes were so bad.

Rating: 6.5/10
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A reasonable film
racheal28 February 2001
This movie was released recently here in Australia, but unfortunately went straight to video. After all the publicity it received here in Queensland (where it was filmed), it would have been nice for it to have hit the big screen.

Definitely a movie for Sabrina lovers, but I felt that "Sabrina goes to Rome" was slightly better. This can probably be contributed to the fact that Aussie's don't talk in slang (as portrayed by one of the characters), and this therefore made the overall feel of the movie very unrealistic.

Despite that, this is a still great family movie.
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Melissa Joan Hart-fest
perl-21 October 1999
This is, indeed, a fluffy TV movie, and I'm not sure I would recommend it to anyone who isn't desperate for something to keep the (very small) kids quiet for a couple of hours. For Melissa Joan Hart fans, however, it's a must-see. Since all of the action revolves around the sea and a nearby beach resort, we get to see Melissa in a series of bikinis and wet suits. And in a move which contributes to the mounting evidence that Disney is cooler than they seem, we get to see Melissa's navel ring.

It was also nice to see Tara Charendoff reprise her role as Sabrina's witch friend from "Sabrina Goes to Rome". (I smiled when she said "Frizzle!") It was also kind of weird seeing Lindsay Sloane as a mermaid, although it wasn't until later that I remembered that she played Valerie in the first season of the show.
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Eminently forgettable
mar929 March 2002
Lame and lazy, this made for TV feature length adventure for the teenage witch shows how much the TV series owes its spark to the talents of Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick - both are absent from this film. There is very little to like here, with flat performances, scant, predictable plot and an intensely annoying soundtrack. This film achieves some kind of distinction by making Australia's Great Barrier Reef appear to be a really, really dull place to visit. Melissa Joan Hart ambles through this film, giving the strong impression that she's actually on holidays and doesn't particularly want to be doing this movie. There's not much to inspire from anyone else in the cast, either.

For hard core fans of STTW only - and uncritical ones at that.
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Absolutely disgusting.
vampyre-162 August 2002
Made Australian's out to be a bunch of hicks. The take they have on Australian society is so far from the truth its ridiculous. Acting is also below par even for a sabrina movie.
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Fluffy TV movie
mermatt26 September 1999
The plot is an imaginative way to present an ecology theme. Sabrina meets a merman who is suffering from the effects of pollution. She must help save him, his mermaid sister, their mer-colony, and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

A typical TV movie stuff aimed at kids, we are offered merfolk who talk as if they are ordinary humans that just happen to have tails, and two talking cats that are quite obviously puppets. The FX are brief and incidental.

The film is well-meaning and has a good message. Too bad that the myth and mystery of merfolk and the sea weren't given more story time here. As it is, it is an amusing, fluffy, typical TV movie.
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I really like the marine life
SnoopyStyle18 January 2015
Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) goes to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia with fellow witch Gwen (Tara Strong). She eagerly learns from local marine biologist Dr. Julian Martin. Salem also comes to vacation by himself as he flirts with another cat Hilary. Sabrina discovers a rare fish. There is a rash spreading among the fish population possibly due to illegal toxic dumping. Sabrina and Gwen encounter merman Barnaby who is sick from the toxins. They give him legs for 48 hours. His mermaid sister Fin (Lindsay Sloane) is disgusted with his new legs.

There isn't much to recommend as a movie other than for fans of the TV show. Even they may be confused by Lindsay Sloane playing a completely different character. I do really like the underwater marine life. I can tolerate the rest like Gwen's squeaky voice, the ridiculous CG fish, the bland story, the weak acting or the annoying cat romance. The production is like a cheap Australian TV show. I wish it has more underwater stuff because the rest isn't very worthwhile.
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help me please
altarrl13 September 2006
i'd like you to help, i want to know the name of the song which appears in the disco scene, i think is tom Jones but i can't find it, i'll appreciate your help, i like this movie but i want to know the name and the artist of that song, remember appears in the discotheque scene , write me to altarrl@hotmail.com, my name is Ricardo thanks, i also like to tell you that Melissa Joan hart is one of my favorite actress, and i saw a mermaid once in my life, I'm from Peru but i live in Spain now, it was like a fishtailed woman who cries at night, i saw her once, but i kept hearing her lament for many nights, the people who lives near that river told me that is one of the several demons of the night who catch men and disappear with them, that's why the wives makes rituals to keep that creatures away from the shore.
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What the???
band_plays_on28 March 2002
Typical corny American teen movie. If you can suffer through the butchering and overuse of Aussie slang, good on ya. As usual the Americans have proven how much they are fish out of water when it comes to writing dialogue for any other culture but their own.
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